Golden Quill - The Leaders (GQ3)

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Sehun - DO - BBH - focus story - Sung-kyung wants Kai back but he's engaged to model Lilly Kim. Sehun must decide to support Kai or step up as a true leader for EXO. Arran tries desperately to find the man who attacked her, DO's mom wants to arrange his marriage, Chanyeol is in love with DO's older sister, and Minah and Chen are heading for divorce. They must fight their own demons before they can win against an enemy that wants to destroy them. Join EXO and OCs in the 3rd instalment of the Golden Quill. 



  • This is not a short story (but most chaps average at 1000 words) 
  • Ages and names of some idols have been changed to fit with the plot. 
  • GQ1 was about the parents, 
  • GQ2 focused on Kai and Sung-kyung and,
  • GQ3 is a Sehun, Kyungsoo and BBH story with ensemble cast - I hope you will find your favourite characters and pairings.
  • Jackson Wang and Choi Siwon have minor roles after chapter 87. 
  • All comments, suggestions and thoughts are welcome and appreciated.
  • There is reference to GQ1 and GQ2 - I have tried to put links to these chapters for easy access.

Please read 'The Golden Quill' and 'GQ-The Legacy' first before reading this sequel at least you must read second part to catch the story. Click the banners to visit the stories.




Author's Note - Hi Everyone so Golden Quill - The Leaders is the third part of a family saga (this is a re-write from an older published version). The first part told the story of five presidents and how they battled an evil from within their family to come up victorious. In the second part (Golden Quill - The Legacy) we meet the five presidents children and now in Golden Quill - The Leaders their stories continue as they fight for each other and their own happiness and survival. 

I hope you will enjoy and support me in this story cause it really does mean a lot!





Thanks go out to Moon-Walker who did all the artwork for the characters. Thanks so much for sticking with me on this story. I could not have done it without you. 

Also to the readers of Golden Quill and Golden Quill - The Legacy - your comments and advice really helped me and I hope I won't let you down here.





GQ3 has finally come to an end - Ah!
Thanks for companionship along the way.
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