Letting You Go


You and Junhyung have been best friends since forever. The both of you even moved to Seoul together to pursue your dreams. Junhyung had big dreams of becoming a famous rapper while you just wanted to graduate and be successful in life. As to be expected, their paths lead them down totally different routes. Will their friendship be able to withstand the challenges that lie ahead? Will your feelings or other parties get in the way of the friendship? Or will someone change? 


You (Lee ------), 16-

Very intelligent. Sweet, kind, gentle, and forgiving. Sees the best in others no matter how bad they might seem. Comes from a poor family background. Has a mom who works on a farm. Childhood friends with Junhyung and has a secret crush on him.


Junhyung, 18-

Seems cold and unapproachable on the outside and doesn’t talk much to everyone but you have the ability to make him talk when he’s around you. Childhood friends with you and is 2 years older than you.


In later chapters,

Kibum (Key)-

Protrays a sassy diva image but has a gentlemanly side too. Confident, independent and doesn’t bother about what people thinks of him. Tends to nag and mother the people who are close to him. Can get slightly overprotective over his friends too. Met you on a cultural exchange trip.


Other characters and OCs will come out where relevant :)

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Chapter 108: Awwww kibum xD my feels for taemin ><
Chapter 108: Haha I just read this fic again. XD well, starting from when Kibum comes in.

It's just so good.
Chapter 106: This is the last chapter? Noooooo~~

I mean, it was great, but I wanted them to reunite.

Just so you know, if you write a sequel, I would definitely read it. XD
Demilee_16 #4
Chapter 34: If key really did have an appartment like that I would be like "can I pwease~ stay with you??"
Chapter 106: I honestly read this story over 8 times
ChoiSeunghyunVIP #6
Thank you for writing such an amazing fic. I loved the ending with so many things popsicle. <3
I can't believe it ended already. It seems like a few days since I first read this fic, but in reality it has been a year. I also can't believe that I waited for your updates all through out my last year of high school. I've been a ghost reader then a nice one who leaves flattering comments then a ghost reader again. Do you still remember me? Haha. It's okay if you don't, considering the many other not-so-silent readers/subscribers you have. Anyway, I don't have much to say about the final chapter, other than it's still the same ol' awesome writing style, so I want to take this opportunity to thank you. :) for being a selfless author and not abandoning this lovely fic. Now I'm not gonna ask you for a sequel, because I don't to sound so whiny and stuff, and also I think equels ruin a piece of work. :) that's all.
Chapter 106: Awww, it ended already :(( Oh gawd, I really love your story author-nim~! I want a sequel author~!! Jebaaaaaal :)) This was one of the most daebak story here. It was worth the wait, author-nim~! ^^ ♡
[deactivated] #9
Chapter 106: aww, it finished...:/
bittersweet but i like open ending n this is sort of open-ending for me. i like seeing endings with so many possibilities laid ahead. n i'm glad she went ahead to finish her studies.
anyway, haven't gotten much time to comment eversince the chaps got really long...xD...but but...love it of course...longer chaps=more great stuffs to read...just...lost on how n where to start commenting...xD
aww, and a bit bittersweet for Junhyung too...well at least he got to spend some time n be a father to Minhyuk even with limitations and all...lucky kid to have so many idols fanboying him...lol.
nothing to say on cupcake...since it'd be just repetition of my old comments on him so yeah...xD
Congrats for completing the fic^^ and thanks for the awesome journey!
Chapter 106: Yay~ Updated and Completed! :D Im gonna finish this now! Thanks AUTHOR NIM