Love Me for who I am


Love Me for who I am


Main Characters:

Gerald Anderson: Son of the Owner of Anderson Industries. Came back to the Philippines and worked as a mere employee in their company to learn the ins and outs of the business. Fell in love with Kim but needs to work hard to penetrate the wall that she built around her heart.

Kim Chiu: Orphaned and became independent at a young age, an employee at Anderson Industries. Very allergic sa word na love after she got hurt before, very deep and guarded ang feelings especially when it comes to boys esp. rich ones. Has decided not to love again but for how long can she resist the call of love?


Melissa Ricks- Kim's friend
Erich Gonzales- Kim's friend
Matt Evans- Gerald's friend

Hello again! Thank you sa mga nice comments about my previous story, so happy na you appreciated it. There are times na walang idea na pumapasok so please bear with me. I'm trying my best na mapasaya kayo lalo ngayon madalang ang news about our love, ang Kimerald. Keep KG love burning.


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please update, please.... thank you