Kiss the Rain


Ever since Eunmi met Eunhyuk in the rain, rain has been good luck for her. But will it bring let her see Eunhyuk again?


Anyonghasaeyo! New story...sort of...been around for a while but it hasn't been edited I thought if I posted it, I would get around to editing it...hopefully...

So the chapters will be short to keep you on edge ^^ I'm so evil..muhahaha...Kyu will be proud...

Anyways...enjoy! Tell your chinguus also!

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animeotakupooh #1
Chapter 4: This was amazing! I love the saying - Sometimes you need to stop looking and let the thing find you. I read it for the first time here and it seems inspiring. :-) And the quote at the end. I loved that too. And I'm gonna look through your stories and find the fic about Zhoumi. He's my second favourite in Suju. :-) (First being Henry)
NitsaSue #2
OMG!!!! I LOVE YOUR FIC!!! AMAZING!! AWESOME!!! I LOVE IT!!!! xDD Hope you'll write moree~~ xDD
chohaneul #3
Awwwwwww.<br />
This is awesome. :))
sacjiyeon #4
awww sooooo cute! :)<br />
im glad i read one of ur stories.<br />
well i read all of them cuz they're nice and short. LOL
hyukieme #5
actually my name is eunhmie lol<br />
i love the story but is to short T_______T<br />
pls write another one..thanks
PinkSilver #6
OMG!!<br />
Can't stop smiling nowww<br />
jappyfishy #7
awwwee. :"> the ending was sweet. i am always dreaming that someday that moment would happen to me. kkk :DD
Hyukmin1305 #8
Omg!!! I LOVE the ending!!!! >.< I want a sequel!!! xP
MySujuFan #9
Omg 
LizzieKyu #10
i really love this story it's so cute ^^ nice job :)<br />
i wish i was that girl kyaaaaaa~~ EUNHYUK <3