"Aren't you too old for me?" you finally responded after keeping quiet for 5 minutes.


"I'm too young for you. Our age gap...", you paused.


His cute smile that once melted your heart soon faded.


He grabbed you by the shoulder and look at you in the eyes.


You tried to avoid making eye-contact with him because you knew you'd feel more guilty then you already are.


You heard a huge gulp from his throat.


He started to breathe heavily.


"_____-ah...," he called your name as his voice started to sound shaky.


You felt like a huge boulder landed on you as you knelt on the ground.


He continued to look at you, waiting for an appropriate explanation.


"_____-ah, I..I...I...", he started to stammer. Clearly he was dumbfounded by what you had said.


He threw his pride away, held back his tears and still managed to look at you.


You continued to remain silent eventhough he kept calling you.


The was an eerie silence between both of you but you knew his heart was shattered into million pieces.


His eyes started to water and so were you.


You mustered every ounce of confidence you had left and look at him.


As you were about to speak, tears were coming down from his cheeks.


You wiped it away with your tiny hands.


"Ahjusshi.." you murmured.


"What should i do.." you thought to yourself as you bit your bottom lip, thinking of ways to fix this mess.



my first attempt!!! :D i have always wanted to create something of my own but i never had the guts to do so. but here i am!! i'm so proud of myself, hehe *pats back*


okay, so the idea came to me when i was getting out of my bed. there were so many things going on in my little head that i just had to write it down with paper and pen, just in case it'll disappear or something x)


i had truckloads of ideas in my head that i feel like my head was about to explode ._____."


this story is dedicated to X-5 who just made their comeback last week with Dangerous!! *applause*


im so happy to see the 5 handsome & talented men back on stage doing what they do best!! :D X-5 jjang!!






  • Just an average student at Paramount High
  • Small body frame
  • It was your final year at Paramount High so you wanted to make the best out of it.
  • You don't actually have much experience in relationships since you had your heart broken once and did not wanted to go through all the pain again.



HIM (Ghun [X-5])

  • Runs Little Xenos, a toy / gift store
  • Close friends with Jung Haewon, Taefung @ Typhoon, Zin and Sulhu
  • The eldest among the 5 but despite his age, he tends to act childish at times.
  • Charismatic (not all the time :p) , affectionate and goofy which makes him charming :)
  • Has a soft spot for little kids and loves to spend time with them at Xenos Orphanage
  • Only son of the Son Dong Hyun, the CEO of the Xenos Empire



Juliane (Chocolat)

  • Seatmate
  • Bestfriends since forever!
  • Comes from a background with mix heritage thus explains her astounding features.
  • Major sweettooth (likes cake, chocolates etc)
  • Slightly sarcastic



HyunA (4Minute)

  • Queenka
  • Has an angelic personality hence people adores her
  • Has mad dancing skills!
  • The oldest in the bunch
  • Likes to spoil you with love
  • 'Bubbly' best describes her ;)




Thank you for viewing this!! Feel free to subscribe or comment!! I'd like to hear your thoughts / feedbacks!! :)


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