Beastly Idols: One-Shot Series {OPEN for REQUESTS}


Collection of one-shots featuring the beastly-idols: 2PM {the original beast idols} and BEAST {the idols that are sooo beast!}. Newly opened, taking requests!


Hi guys! It's Pinkzilla here! Missing AFF so I decided to do the one-shot request thing. I've always found that cool. :)

Alright, so here goes...I would just like to ask you guys to follow a few rules/remember a few reminders.
I trust that you all have eyes to read this if you have eyes to read the the oneshot you plan to request.
{whichever one you prefer}

Excuse me if your oneshot takes long. I may have a couple of reasons.
Them being: I'm probably busy/preoccupied with something else, I'm having trouble thinking of how or what to write. apologies in advance for that.
Please don't rush me! I write best at my own pace and when I think I've got a brilliant idea.
Please don't bash, or troll.
Send in your requests on my wall or on the comments ^^
Please comment and subscribe!
Also! I can't and I don't write . :( sorry, I at writing it.

Yep, I think that's about it for my reminders!

Here's the form you need to fill out :)
(remove the ones inside the parenthesis, they're just reminders)
Name in the story:
Song: (to go along with the genre or feel if you story//it helps me write better//english please XD meaning not a kpop song
, okay?)
Type of Relationship: (type of relationship you and your partner have, brother-sister; best friend; always bickering, extremely cheesy, etc.)

And there you have it!


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eatxlistenxlove #1
Name in the story:Jung Jae Hyun<br />
Partner:Junhyung<br />
Genre/Feel:romantic, cute<br />
Song: Into your arms by The Maine<br />
Type of Relationship: love hate relationship(mostly love)<br />
<br />
thank you! <3
sarrizky #2
AAAAAA I COULD DIE SMILING!!! hahahahahaha i like when Chansung said that he has been liking her for 4 years! >< THANK YOUUUUU :*
zenlover #3
Name in the story: Yoon Jinri<br />
Partner: Lee Junho<br />
Genre/Feel: romance, comedy, cute, & drama<br />
Song: Chris Brown- Takes Time To Love<br />
Type of Relationship: at first master and slave but since she knew Junho is so cheesy she begin fallin in lvoe with him<br />
<br />
thank you and fighting^^
sarrizky #4
Please make me a one-shot of...<br />
<br />
<br />
Name in the story: Min Kina (OC)<br />
Partner: Chansung (2PM)<br />
Genre/Feel: Comedy, romance<br />
Song: Girl's Day Cupid<br />
Type of Relationship: a lover :D with Chansung as the cold guy like they have at the K-drama series... you know what i mean right? kekekeke Looking forward for it :D