Younger Brother & Older Brother


Bottling up emotions - do you know how much it hurts?

How many times I wanted to tell you - I have lost count.


"Luhan, meet your brother - Sehun."


"Mum? Who is he?"

"He's gonna be your brother from today onwards, okay honey?"

"Okay! Hi there, I'm Sehun! What's your name?"


"We're gonna be the best of friends right? Oops, I mean brothers!"

"Eh..? I guess.."

One was the younger brother and the other was the older brother.

They shook hands. 

Writing it now, be patient lovelies ♥

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Sehun is younger brother, isn't he?
jamyung #2
the foreward is wonderful
update soon
mudkipera #3
It's just the foreword I'm already so anticipating what's gonna happen :3 aw hope they get along