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NotABatGirl #1
Chapter 1: Aw, I really wanted to see examples of your trailers! /:
MissScarlett #2
wow, from what ive seen your trailer was sooo amazing >.< therefore i shall subscribe and in the future if i need a trailer i will come to you for sure :) thank you for just...being am amazing trailer-maker :D haha
Vietnamese #3
Chapter 1: Take your time! ^-^
commovente #4
Chapter 1: I think it's good with the cut off. Not saying this because I'm part of the list already, but with the cut off you'll feel less burdened and more organized. JS. :) Oh and hwaiting. ^^
DaraHaelover03 #5
I requested another trailer for my story "Just Friends." Thank you:D
DaraHaelover03 #6
I requested for a trailer to my story "One More Chance.". Can't wait <3 Thank youuu
[deactivated] #7
I requested for a trailer. Thanks. :))
AdorableTokki #8
I requested ~
LadyofReincarnation #9
I requested^^
anaberrr #10
I requested a trailer. hwaiting! :)