Frozen Life



Pairing: Park Hyunjae x Lee Taemin

Genre: Angst, Romance

Summary: Park Hyunjae has predicted already her life without him. Without him, it will be frozen as ice; hard and cold . . . It will take time to melt by itself and go back to its original form. But there’s gonna be more to that than she predicted it to be.

Warnings: Harsh scenes

Written based on Park Hyunjae's POV



When I was writing this, I wanted to bring out all the sadness I feel. And this was created.

So first-off, this is an angst fic. Sorry for the harsh scenes. XD And . . . I primarily made this for myself. If anyone would like to take my position as the lead, just feel free to do so. :) I'm just hoping you'd all appreciate the angst-ness of the story I made. I kinda based some scenes from one of the fictions I've read . . . But not as a whole. Well, that can't be helped, right? English is not my major language, sorry for the errors.

Hyunjae here is a year older than Taemin. XD

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guys really, thank you so much for reading it.. ;)<br />
i love you all!! muah~~ thanks for giving me the inspiration to finish it... :D
wwdwyf #2
i love this ^^<br />
it's very very nice and enjoyable.<br />
Minho must be totally twisted..<br />
great job!
sendohime #3
Ahha, thank you! Ah, I have no idea whether to call Minho a saint or Lucifer for doing all the things he has done. But you did a fabulous job with your story! I'll forever remember this :D
weee don't worry, it won't turn out that way. :D
sendohime #5
Minhooooo, why! Ah, poor Taemin and Hyunjae :(
oh goshhhhh thank you so much for reading it~~ i bet it made you tired XDD<br />
i just wanna apologize about this thing.. it should be "fierceness" not "fearfulness" haha XD i wasn't thinking normal enough XD
sendohime #7
It's very goodddddddddd~ trust me, you're an awesome writer! What a long chapter, kyaa~ so happy.
awww did you just say good??<br />
well thank you so much!!! *cries*
sendohime #9
no problem~ well, all good stories have to come to an end, hehe
hihi taemin always runs away because he has a reason.. XD<br />
i swear this is coming to an end *sobs*<br />
thank you so much for reading~~~