Series (836 series)

A series groups related stories to make them easier for readers to find together.

The Arrangement (2)

Drizzle (1)

Little Miss Sherlock (1)

SuGen Love Stories (1)

A series of love stories of 6 cousins called Super Junior. Some of them have their childhood love. Some of them are just unlucky when it comes to love. Some of them are being played by fate. But, they do love with all their heart.

Werewolf fantasy (2)

This series contains the two stories of werewolf romance "Unwanted" and "Epitome of love"..Each story can be read as a stand alone..Though the later one is the sequel to the former one!

chanyeol & baekhyun: a series of oneshots (5)

A collection of Chanyeol x Baekhyun oneshots.


all of my satzu drabbles will be found here so enjoy !!

Four Seasons (1)


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Feel The Summer Heat (1)

Fun (3)

A collection of s I wrote for fun and laughs only. Never take these seriously because I don't at all lol

Sin Here and Extras (2)

Comfort in the Pain (2)

Two halves of a heart brought back together.

Spark Trilogy (3)

An EXO fantasy adventure of painful love and sacrifices.

Short Stories (11)

A collection of Yoonhyun Short Stories

The Love of a Vampyre series (7)

The Darkest of Sin series (6)

Legacy (2)

An intimate look into the personal lives of superheroes.

Under the table Series (4)

Ever wonder what's happening under the table ?

Love's a game (2)

Two series of ours that turned into a big project with a nice end! Since we love it when our boys Jongin and Sehun are playing nasty games, they will start from a simply one on one game, and then things will escalate to the sequell with Johnny and Ten, Mark and Taeyong. This sequell will include a fictional famous game where boys challenge themselves into various of things and there is only one way out - play and win or say 'No' and lose. Enjoy