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A series groups related stories to make them easier for readers to find together.
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The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life- a peace symbol for all three kingdoms- is destroyed. Lee Hyerim, the Princess of Ex'ACT, and her EXO gaurdians are destined to save the world from the evil Demon Lord, Sorgarak. As evil seems to prevail, Hyerim clings to her faith.

The Souls Series (4)

Countless stories, interconnected, full of infinite emotions and existence itself.

Hunger Games (2)

can you be my sleeping pill? (1)

late-night (G)I-DLE drabbles from a sleepless owl. Pairings include (by order): – MiShu ✔ – MinQi – SoyeJin **These stories don't follow a specific timeline, and may/may not be (loosely) connected to one another.

with you (2)

The Holy Quatrinity (1)

A series centered around the GOT7 members Mark, Jackson, Jinyoung, and Youngjae. I just think they are very interesting as a group. Of course, Youngjae, the certified "" of the group, is the one that came up with the misspelled title of their little clique. Finding it amusing, the other boys decided to stick with it and label themselves as "The Holy Quatrinity," a play on the (Un)Holy Trinity. The name has often mislead people into thinking the group is made up of twelve people, but it wa

Song (5)

A Red Velvet future fic series

Heaven and Hell (2)

Contest Entries (4)

Going Crazy (1)

The members of Treasure are looking for love. Will they find it or go crazy trying?


Two part one-shot story

twin au (4)

completed: 1. Of Blood and Silver (GOT7) 2. Of Blood and Desire (BTS) 3. euphoria (BTS) ongoing: 1. The Angel is a Demon (BTS) [hiatus] upcoming: 1. The Forge of the Sea (BTS) 2. untitled demon AU (BTS) 3. Of Blood and Desire pt2 (BTS)

The Immortals (2)

KKB Series (3)

The action revolves around an entertainment agency called KKB Ent, involving EXO, NCT, Blackpink, possibly other groups too. Each episode involves another couple. Some episodes might be One-Shots, other might be longer.

NCT (10)

Mamamoo (3)

When Worlds Collide (2)

Four tribes coexist in one world, living in isolation due to rising tensions. Four girls from each tribe stumble upon each other in pure fate. Together, they break free of the conformity settled by centuries of bad blood.

The Otherworld (4)

Seeing Doubles (5)

Because the best triangle is Joohyun/Irene/Seulgi! and sometimes a quad with Rowoon too. Twinning, different people, different themes, if you're looking for some interesting concepts featuring my four all stars, this is the place for you.

Seikkailu Hawaijilla-sarja (2)

Vuonna 2012 kolme tyttöä matkustivat Hawaijille elämänsä seikkailulle. Kymmenen vuoden jälkeen he palaavat saarelle jolta kaikki alkoi...

Spinoffs (2)

A spinoff to my main WolfAU Series!