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A series groups related stories to make them easier for readers to find together.
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Murder, Guns & High Heels

Between a murder case and her new and highly attractive partner, detective Son Seungwan knows one thing: a danger's kiss has never tasted so good.

love mark. (1)


Destined - Soulmate Series (3)

Set in a world where finding your soulmate is a fundamental step in society, Destined is about challenging the norms of soulmates. Destined To Love You Forever - a three part Park Jinyoung x reader mini-series Chosen - a Jackson Wang oneshot set in the same world Touch - a Im Jaebum oneshot set in the same world

Dear Santa (3)

Santa is real, and Christmas is the most magical time of the year.

Parents Au (5)

Exo + Parenthood! ⚠️ Mpreg!

The Mop Collection (1)

The Custodian’s Calling is part 1 of the Mop Collection.

Their Days (1)

DAY6 is all about MyDay. Ever wonder how they spent their days, not as the DAY6 you used to know.

GOT7 Stories to Read (2)

Seven different stories about GOT7 members but not as GOT7.

KoKoBop Collection (1)

A whole group and a girl, you, stories!

Growl (1)

A Twelve-shot short story collection featuring all of EXO's members which ispublished on every full moon of the year 2020.

Never Alone Series (2)

magic in the air (4)

homin hogwarts au; focus on changmin and his crush on yunho, as well as the struggles in his own life (ft kyuhyun, boa, donghae, victoria, jessica, amongst others) crossposted on ao3; five-parter, most likely with two bonus stories to bring the count up to seven

Come What May (3)

The Come What May Series 💞

Contest Entries (2)

700 (1)

In chronological order: 1) 700 Days (Sehun/OC) To be continued...

Embers (2)

In chronological order: 1) My Clarity (Jongin/OC/Chanyeol) 2) Incalescence (Chanyeol/OC and Yifan/OC)

Survivors (3)

In chronological order: 1) Venom (Junmyeon/OC) 2) Cuts Deeper Than Love (Luhan/OC/Sehun) 3) Us Against The World (Baekhyun/OC)

The Guiding Light (2)

In chronological order: 1) Interns (Yixing/OC/Baekhyun) 2) Pieces Of Me (碎•悅) (Sehun/OC/Baekhyun and Junmyeon/OC)

Between My Heartstrings (3)

In chronological order: 1) Where I Belong (Baekhyun/OC/Minseok) 2) Lay Down Beside Me (Yifan/Yixing and Baekhyun/OC) 3) We Got Time On Our Hands (Zitao/OC)

The Devil Wears Gucci (2)

Kyungsoo considers everything over 50 bucks haute couture. Everyone at his new job seems to disagree.

SF9 (1)