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A series groups related stories to make them easier for readers to find together.
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Food critic Kyung is confronted with a past he had always tried to forget when his assistant mistranslates a document for his upcoming research trip in Japan. 

Jiho and Arin (3)

all the jyorins

All I need is you (1)

OneShots (1)

itaewon's finest (1)

gangs, poverty, violence, broken homes, angst and the criminal empire. let's not forgot darker, grittier bad boys !! coming soon are kyungsoo's story with seol (king) and baekhyun's story with joohyun (saint)

kingmakers (1)

tatted and pierced bad boys galore !!

Acts of Secrecy (1)

Double Trouble (21+) (2)

Aka Nisa loses her mind and writes a bunch of ty stories because it's summertime :')

Wendy's Overture Obsession (1)

Red Velvet Wendy in an AU 1890's France.

Brainless (5)

NCT (3)

SKZ (4)



to anyone who has ever loved and lost, this story is for you.

A Fic From The Past (3)

Stories written years ago, before I became a fan of Mamamoo. All types of situations and feelings now given their proper place. All that's changed are the names and a bit of the plot.

Behind the scene: You are, Am I? (1)

Exo-ParentsAu (2)

Exo + parentsAu

BAD Series (2)

Set in a world of crime, manipulation and ual discovery, the BAD series tells the story of Mafia men finding love.

Of The Wolves: Masked (1)

For aeons, they have remained unnoticed, driven into hiding after the great war between humans and supernaturals. Now they live hidden amongst us, undiscovered, overlooked, masked. But when an invisible enemy threatens to expose their closely guarded secrets, it is up to a few werewolves and their mates to solve this problem. It is a race against the clock as they try to save those they love against an enemy that could destroy their entire race, well, unless the humans don't step in to eradicate

The Bad Apple Series (2)

Lee Donghae, Chief Inspector, Seoul Division. Lee Hyukjae, Police Officer, Seoul Division. A pair of star-crossed lovers solving the toughest violent crimes in the country as they find their way back together every time.

Series of: Am I, You Are? (4)