Series (886 series)

A series groups related stories to make them easier for readers to find together.
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Were We Meant To Be Together?

Kyungsoo had no idea that filling some random form would lead him to an arranged marriage with none other than Prince Chanyeol.

Seulgi and Kai (2)

A love story(?) between Seulgi and Jongin told in a series of one shots

Twice Chronicles Series (5)

The Twice Chronicles Series of Twice member's Chronicles. A story about Twice member's life's, but each have a unique mental or physical illness.

Discontinued (16)

Continuing (6)

The Pet Collection (2)

A spin-off collection of "Baekhyun's Pet"

The break up (1)

A series of stories having to do with breaking up.

Vermilliom (2)

4 A.M (2)

Company (2)

The One with the One-shots (2)

Just a collection of One-shots I've tried.

EXO (1)

All of my EXO stories

NCT (3)

All of my NCT Stories

Personal Favourites (4)

A blatent show of favouritism

Short Stories (9)

A collection of my shorter stories

First Love (2)

Luwoo (2)

'The' Love (1)

The Sunday Series (2)

A series of one-shots centered around the mafia successor Oh Sehun and his ever-growing family.

A Chuisle Mo Chroi (pulse of my heart ) (3)

A Chuisle Mo Chroi - Irish for pulse of my heart . A term used as a endearment to someone you love , but what is love ? Love is often put into a very sugarcoated light that throws it off . Love isn't perfect . it isn't always two people dating , and it certainly isn't always innocent . but what love is not is hurtful , if that person you love hurts you and they know it they don't love you . Love may come with a bit of a struggle but it is never meant to hurt . Of curse there will be downs and d

Tearoom Trilogy (1)

Three stories in a softer style (hints of angst), focusing on characters and character relations. 1. Sunset Cafe - 1970s - Baekxing 2. Mintcream Tearoom - 2010s - Changki 3. Lilac Diner - 1920s - Hogyu Bonus: Seaglass Tavern - AU - Ansyung