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100 Strawberry Frappuccinos

Donghae runs into someone in a coffee shop and can't remember how they know each other. Hyukjae can, and he throws his drink in Donghae's face. Having had a few wild weekends recently, Donghae now has to backtrack to find out what happened between them.

安眠药保质期七十六天 (1)

Christmas fics (2)

SHINee Collections (2)

닝젤 (2)

Ang series na 'to ay hindi magkakadugtong, ginawa ko lang para madaling mahanap, puro ningselle one shots.

Easthae's recent broadcasts (2)

Sticks and Stones (3)

The reason I made my account — I’ve been working on this series forever. Though it’s a bit dark, I hope you enjoy it!!

Ocean's Wonders (1)

The story of Hongjoong Kim, a strange pirate with copious amounts of secrets and an insatiable thirst for rum(which is always gone), and his adventures with friend and foe alike.

A to Z Of Love (1)

Four stories of love and acceptance amid struggles, hatred, and discrimination



obsession (4)

exo and their ual obsessions (reader inserts) my bias list is sehun, chanyeol, xiumin, chen, and suho so i will write about them only. i like chen as well but he’s married and i don’t feel comfortable writing about him like that. and as for xiumin, i have yet to think of a plot for his story. i was just thinking generally and thinking of making one shots but then i decided to participate in fantasyqueen’s graphic contest and well.. these stories came to life based off of her prompts a

Night Children (2)

Creatures of the Night (2)

yechul one-shots (8)

a collection of unrelated yechul stories

Seulrene Fics (3)

Find all my Seulrene fics here!

my best writing (2)

honestly, these are my best fics i could deliver to you lol

oneshots (3)

garbage dump, a lot of garbage especially pre-2020 lmao.

sorry that i wrote this (4)

these stories are kept for clown purposes OTL

Memoir: Jung Jaehyun (1)

I cannot put the memories of a muse I held so dear down with a gun, instead I've decided to give it the form of stories, each with happy endings they deserve.

Winrina (3)

University Romance (4)

Closer to Binrin (2)

The 9lory Trilogy (1)

A series based on SF9's MVs (Good Guy, Summer Breeze and Tear Drop)

Supernatural (3)

90s Era (6)

SJ Series (5)

Switch Series (5)

Dreamcatcher oneshots () (1)

Dreamcatcher's onehsot in the same au, same time or plot-linked to each other

Kaisoo Inktober 2021: drabbles and short fics (3)

if this was a movie (2)

my favorite films, but it's written in the context of spartace. 1 - if he's a ghost, then i can be a phantom (a mr and mrs smith au one-shot) 2 - time, curious time (gave me no compasses, gave me no signs).

Mafia Series (2)

All the stories can be read as a stand-alone but still, they are part of the same universe and in case you want to read them in chronological order, here it is: The Butcher - Daddy is home - Back to you, Fool me once, fool me twice - Before you go.

The Cupid Reaper (8)

the jawbreakers (4)

series of stories between highschool sweethearts yujin and wonyoung plus they’re chaotic group of friends who always involve the two of them in their personal problems.

EXO X OC (11)

Tempo (4)

Tempo Series: Allegro: Baekhyun Moderato: Suho Vivace: Lay Andante: ???

Matters Of The Heart In The Mafia (1)

In which you are arranged to marry the Bangtan's Elites under various questionable circumstances. Each installment will focus on you and a member.

'RE' Series ft. EXO (2)

A series of one-shots for my friends...

When Worlds Collide (2)

A day in the lives of Hyukjae and Donghae (4)

Mamaverse (2)

Trigger (2)