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A series groups related stories to make them easier for readers to find together.
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Romantic Cliche

In a world where Taeyong is experiencing all things cliché when it comes to his love life. It’s just too good to be true but it’s actually happening.

My Little Sonic:The other world (1)

This isn't my 1st my little sonic. this is a Human AU where everyone is at school. 15 year olds. Love and heartbreak. The 1st story is inspired by my dream (LITERALY THE DREAM I HAD THE NIGHT BEFORE I MADE THE 1ST STORY AND THIS)

Taleian series (1)

You're Mine Daddy Film/Reality AU (2)

The Sin (2)

Tenebrae Series (4)

Three unsuspecting humans have stumbled into contracts with three devilish creatures. Often times it’s like babysitting children, but there are definitely perks. Follow Minhyun, Baekho, and Jason as they live their lives in Los Angeles, with their demons, Aron, Ren and JR.

The Bells (1)

Skydragon (3)

Domestic Fairytales (2)

PMO (1)

Second Fanfic! I was so overwhelmed with the feedback and response I received from my first fanfic that I was able to continue writing again.  This will be the first story for this "Series" that I am planning. Hopefull will be able to update once every month. (fingers-crosssed).   Hope you will enjoy this as well!!!! Aja!

V is For Violent Valentine (2)

This includes A Sul Hae's volatile adventures together. Experience the trials that they face as people and as a mafia. Feel the love of the members and cry over the betrayals. This fanfic series includes EXID, BTS, and more idols.

Missing You (2)

SinB and Umji are separated for years, missing each other deeply and when they reunite in high school, their feelings explode and all of the love they were holding in all of those years was finally let out

Love & Obsession (3)

Imperial Scandals (2)

The GANGSTA and the BADASS (2)

Hunted, Claimed, & Owned (2)

Love by Error (2)

The Dark Fey (2)

Bad Boy Chronicles (2)

Seized, Relished, & Ruined (6)

My Collectives (4)