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A series groups related stories to make them easier for readers to find together.
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In the year 1981, the daughter of South Korea's military general is forced to live in a discreet countryside. The last thing Sanghee expects is to be challenged by Kim Jongin, a handsome farm boy living in a stable across the cottage she's staying at

___ Talk (2)

Talks (3)

Talks is a series of stories between college friends Jisoo and Lisa. The main story is Tepi, which is the first story in this timeline. Hey (2nd) and NGL (3rd), which I have posted and declared as completed works, will still be edited accordingly once I find time.

BTS Fantasy (2)

The Choi family (1)

This series focuses on Woosan and how they came together, and the adventures they have with the newest member of their family.

New Years Stories (2)


'Oh Daddy' (1)

A series of Johnjae teacherxstudent one-shots. Spicy? Well, I couldn't be too sure, why don't you read for yourself and find out.

lynenspray requests series (8)

fulfilled prompts requested for via my tumblr

The Vampire's Human (2)

darabts (4)

daraexo (7)

spARTace: Art of spartace (2)

Real life SPARTACE inspired moments from Running Man episode based fiction

Privilege (1)

Scholarship hopeful, Do Kyungsoo, secures a position at one of South Korea's most prestigious boarding schools; Seoul International Prep. Determined to make something of himself, he sets his eyes towards, SKY; the Ivies of South Korea. However, it doesn’t take long for him to get entangled with a troublesome group of highly admired and incredibly feared, elite boys. Whilst trying to fit in with the rich and powerful Kyungsoo now must worry about the safety of his friends and himself aft

XuWenWangWang AU (2)

My very own agenda, the crackship of SVTxCQL starring: -Xu Minghao/The 8 (Seventeen) -Wen Junhui/Jun (Seventeen) -Wang Yibo (UNIQ) -Wang Zhoucheng

Fallen Wood Izone (3)

Series of book taking place in Fallen woods. From One-shots to full books, they all tell us snippets and memories of our favorite girls in their daily lives.

universes (2)

yonsei's finest (1)

frat boys galore !!

leaving suburbia universe (3)

gangs, poverty, underprivileged youth, broken homes, teen angst and pining let's not forgot secretly soft bad boys !!

愛情魔藥 (4)

GTAE Tales (3)

Longer and worse