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A series groups related stories to make them easier for readers to find together.

Straykids (One Shot Collection)


Her Choice (1)

Follow along the slow-burn romance of Princess Wendy and Princess Irene, two omega princesses that are attending a month-long festival where princess Wendy has to choose her future partner that will shape her future. As Wendy navigates the challenges of courtly politics, her heart finds happiness in unexpected places. The genuine connection between Princess Irene and Wendy blossoms, each interaction carrying an undercurrent of warmth and playfulness. Their love, however, faces unexpected thr

我的明星女友 (1)


Tagalog Series (3)

Dream Series (2)

These are stories inspired by my dreams.

画说我爱你 (3)

Super Junior (4)

Forelsket Series (4)

Forelsket - The euphoria one experiences when first falling in love.

Monsta X One Shots (4)

A series of my Monsta X oneshots.

坤才 (1)


The Concept of 無間道 (3)

無間道 (Lit. translation: "No interval/space road") 'The Unceasing Path' - A Buddhist concept of the Avīci; the Unceasing Path is second-to-the-lowest [17th] level of hell, where one suffers endlessly.

The River (2)

Two stories revolving around the lives of some university students and working adults, who find themselves tangled in a mess that involves fighting off strange creatures and barriers, putting their powers and their wills to the test, all the while protecting each other from the danger ahead. Main fandom: Tomorrow X Together (TXT) Other fandoms: ATEEZ, Stray Kids, BTS, LOONA, (G)-IDLE, ITZY

∀ me, ∃ you (2)

For every me, there exists you

离婚危机 (1)

Stay Strong Seventeen (2)

Say the name ... Seventeen

In Another Universe (2)

In another universe, I also met you. In another universe, I also loved you.

Locke & Keyes (1)

Stories featuring (my OCs) Renault & Lochlan.

幸福来敲门 (9)


a lukewarm can of soda (2)

an incurable case of love series about how much sakura nanase loves food

{ Original Series }[R] (2)

All original {+explicit} multi-chaptered stories.

{ Original Shorts } [R] (2)

All {+explicit} fanfiction one-shots converted into original shorts.

saida (3)

Yoohyeon's Creed (1)

Stories of Assassin-turned-Templar Yoohyeon alongside her former Assassin allies and her current Templar comrades.

Fanfics On Hold (19)

List of my stories that I have not yet written or the firstchapter has not yet been posted in a collection together. and/or Straight. Nonrated, Mature, & Trigger Warned.

Gihunia (8)

All my stories where Gi-hunie is xed up (by xed up, I mean ) usually by the mob (by mob, this means it involves people who are not Sang-woo, and usually more than one, so yes, gang or ). Not romanticised, usually impassive, and just for the sake of dark or crack ism.

Office Love (3)

An Office AU where you're finding love in the most unusual places with a bunch of quirky and fun-loving men.

No Control (2)

After escaping from your old life, you awake in a strange house, surrounded by strange men who claim that they're just like you.

The Firsts (3)

It's a compilation of little works, following our favorite boys, plus 1 through their lives (for the most part) as the just try to survive school while making friends, finding love and dealing with heartbreak.

Morbid ty Shorts {What Ifs} (2)

Just as it says on the tin. "What If"s. . . Death. Dead Doves Everywhere.

West!SanGi Originals (2)

What if? Cho Sang-woo & Seong Gi-hun were born in the west instead of East Asia… They would have different names and slightly different personalities; but they would still be madly in love.

If This Isn't Love… (2)

They were just best friends. That's all. Just best friends secretly madly in love.

oneshot (7)

idol-fan appreciation (8)

this is just dedicated to my fangirl side to convey something.

Jealous Karina (1)

Where Karina gets jealous every time.

The Sleeping With Series (2)

In which love is worth every risk they take.

My Furry Destiny Series (2)

Or how love changes the lives of two cousins and their furry companions.

The Dome Series (3)

In a world that demands uniformity, one person dares to stand out.

Moonlight Series (2)

Follow along as Jongin and Kyungsoo's lives unfold, from their fated first encounter all the way to their last goodnight.

포스타입 (6)

translated series :)

Wenrene One-Shots (12)

All of my Wenrene one-shots collection. Angst and fluff included

𝓟 (4)

Dream Realm (1)

this is just anything related to stories written in a dream world sense

Plot Focus (4)

1on1 (2)

Doing (Too) Best in an Isekai World (1)

Isekai (Japanese; different world) - a genre that revolves around a displaced person or people who are transported to and have to survive in another world, such as a fantasy world, virtual world, or parallel universe. (source: Wikipedia) Basically Isekai kyusung au

幻想曲系列 (11)


未完结 (8)


已完结 (23)


索香/zosan (10)

Zoro×Sanji,拆逆死创作,thank you.

All This and Heaven Too (3)

A slice of life au with only rare pairs: gahsing, jiyoodong and potentially yura

conceal, disdain--do all things but (2)

a super junior fanfic series about falling in love and getting back up // theme song available:

kyuwook month 2021 (2)

Oneshots :3 (6)

Long Stories :D (3)

It Takes Three (3)

It takes three to know. It takes three to do it right. But even in threes, it can never be perfect. And to be perfect is to be final; to be perfect is to cease in completion. But wouldn't love be better if it never ceases to be? If it remains imperfect but constant; imperfect but continuous– imperfectly ever-changing and beautifully theirs?

Peaches and Blossoms (2)

Island Adventures (4)

Idols visit St Marius Island where only gorgeous females and hung black studs are allowed to visit and have fun together.

bd8d94's future plans (5)

A series of mini versions of Taekai stories I would like to write out fully some day! Check out the condensed versions (see: basically my planning notes written up nicely) to see if anything has your interest~

瑞山阵雨 (4)

露华浓 (14)