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A series groups related stories to make them easier for readers to find together.
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Ocalis: The Lost Legend

An assignment leads journalist Chanyeol to an island where things he's never imagined could be real become a reality. There, he meets an alluring innkeeper who claims he is the missing ruler of a magical land; and that he is Chanyeol's long-lost lover.

Breathe (1)

a series of stories set in the same universe as its beginning's (Take My Hand and Take A Breath). different stories for each pairings, with a snippet of previous, out-in-the-open pairings.

Good Enough Series (5)

Sehun and Rina met over a pair of glasses. Without even knowing it, the debt she thought would last but a shipment date, turned out to make or break her transformation from a tomboy to the woman she could be without worry towards her appearance. Each story follows Rina through her make or break days.. But she also has perfect DJ ohorat (Sehun) renting and living in her personal space for the time being.

Finger Me Series (3)

Inferna Chronicles (7)

Wooyoung is a strange immortal with a unique heritage and history. Although unsure of his actual origins, along his adventures with his companions he comes to understand that his life is not what it seems.

Maknae Knights (2)

seventeen fics. ❀ (1)

nct fics. ☼ (2)

exo fics. ☆ (3)

bangtan fics. ♡ (4)

Submissive Jongin Series (1)

This is one of my favorite things, so stay tuned! I will definitely have a lot of works in this series.

Bottom Boyfriend Series (2)

Assplay series (2)

Series where the girls rim the guys

Based on Random Words Given By My Friends (1)

I'm not going to write every fanfic that I made.

wannaone (2)

Galaxy Books (2)

Get all oneshot of Exo pairing here. Genre: mpreg, , fluff, angst, wolf, etc. Pairing: ChanBaek, SuLay, XiuHan, KaiSoo, KrisTao, HunHan, KiaSe, ChenMin. Just tell me the pairing you want and I will surly write it.

Destiny Series (2)

Hyungwonho Collection (2)

World Suicide Prevention One-Shots (6)

Beginnings and Ends (2)

The story of two best friends, Sana & Tzuyu and how they grow apart, only to come back together.

Marooned (2)