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painter!Sera falls in love with the obnoxious businessman!Kai in a not-so-compromising situation. "Our hearts are like firestones; And when they strike, we feel the love"

Black Diamond

By prettygurlsapphire Updated
Tags  ambw   taeyong   ambwromance   nct   taeyongxoc 
Characters Taeyong, Diamond (OC)
With 2 chapters, 1 votes, 9 subscribers, 120 views, 6011 words
Status Comment Bonus

From the outside, the karaoke bar, called the House of Cards, was just an upscale norebang with an expensive entrance fee and an even pricier menu. But, those who carried the Red Ace card knew better. With a special, personalized Red Ace, the richest customers were given special perks at the House of Cards.


By jennieisperfect07 Updated
Characters Lisa Jennie GDragon Seungri Chaeyoung Jisoo YG
With 1 chapters, 10 views, 10622 words
Status Subscribers Only, Comment Bonus

Another JenLisa, I guess..


By Mysiswontreadtfibbh Updated
Characters Baekhyun Sehun Chanyeol Kyungsoo Chen Suho Kai Xiumin
With 6 chapters, 21 subscribers, 210 views, 10700 words
Status [M], Subscribers Only, Comment Bonus


By Deokkaebbi Updated
Characters Rapmon Jin Suga Jhope Jimin V Jungkook You
With 4 chapters, 3 subscribers, 50 views, 8648 words
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only, Comment Bonus

This is a fanfic about you as the character in all 7 different stories.  There's 7 person with a 7 sad love stories. How will it end.  LY : A DIARY (KIM NAMJOON) A girl who get married to her beloved person but something tragic happened to her and she had died when she was giving birth to their first daughter. You as the radio announcer reading a love story from a fans. The love story was a story from Namjoon wife Diary that been send to you by his daughter.  LY : THE


By Killedby3XO Updated
With 3 chapters, 11669 words
Status Completed, Comment Bonus

22 Century . That's where Doraemon came from and that's where you live too . In this society of advanced science and gizmos , people have the right to choose their other half ........ Well , your boyfriend happened to be a limited edition robot .

Beginning To Ending (Book 5)

By shineedoll546 Updated
Tags  occharacters   bts 
Characters BTS, OCCharacters
With 12 chapters, 60 views, 13582 words
Status Completed, Comment Bonus

So this is sorta a series in the same universe as the 'and life' series, where we start off where the final book ended. Yoongi waking up from his dream and using his dream to his advantage. of course in this reality not all couples will be the same. some will change and change more as the story continues. some characters won't be in the story and new ones will come. let's follow Yoongi and our beloved characters as they finally live their lives for real.

Project 86

By Reindeerhurdurr Updated
Tags  drama   fantasy   hyoyeon   jessica   scifi   seohyun   snsd   sooyoung   sunny   taeyeon   tiffany   yoona   yuri   modernfantasy 
Characters Oldskool SNSD crew (that means the 9 of them), and some other KPopsters
With 4 chapters, 9 subscribers, 160 views, 18057 words
Status Comment Bonus

A modern day fantasy story. What would you do if your dreams started to become a reality? Could you tell them apart?   PROJECT 86

True Love

By ItsyBitsy_Orchid Updated
Tags  krystal   exo   kai   suho   sustal   suhoxkrystal 
Characters SUHO(Kim Jun Myun) | Krystal (Jung Soo Jung) | Kai
With 1 chapters, 8331 words
Status Completed, Comment Bonus

Helllllllllllllloooooooo :) This has been a while that I wrote MF fic. I am so caught up in MM OTP related but I am always low-key shipping my favorite idols.    Do you remember April 1 2016? yep! Dispatch dropped the bomb. Now to celebrate 2 years of that #kaistal I'm writing this short fic to bring back my SuStal feels

Be With Me

By KPanda Updated
Tags  shinee   taemin   exo   kai   jimin   bts   parkjimin   taehyung   jiminbts   btsjimin   btsv   jiminxoc   sungwoon   wannaone 
Characters (BTS) Park Jimin, (OC) Choi Areum, BTS, (SHINEE) Taemin & Minho, (WANNA ONE) Sungwoon
With 9 chapters, 1 subscribers, 440 views, 10740 words
Status Comment Bonus

A chapter story about Jimin's love for a girl he's liked for many years thats made it felt like he will never be hers. It'll be written from his POV 90% of the time with other POVs being thrown in there. Jimin's way of expressing his love for Areum and hopefully initiating that first step for Areum to be with him. The beginning of the story will be mainly Jimin wanting to express himself in taki

The Tangled Red String

By mirakise Updated
Tags  jun   mingyu   dino   seventeen   wonwoo   seungkwan   joshua   vernon   the8   jeonghan   scoups   woozi   hoshi   svt   dokyeom 
Characters Reader and SVT Members
With 7 chapters, 180 views, 6492 words
Status Members Only, Comment Bonus

Kwon Soonyoung x Reader x Lee Jihoon Hoshi x Reader x Woozi The Red String of Fate "An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break."

Starry Starry Sky (Lonely Lonely Heart)

By 17jeongcheol Updated
Characters S.Coups/Seungcheol | Jeonghan
With 1 chapters, 7 votes, 57 subscribers, 280 views, 5668 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only, Comment Bonus

    One starry night, Jeonghan contemplates whether he made the right decision to give up his love for Seungcheol or not.    

i love you

By omjojosshhnn Updated
Tags  jisoo   seventeen   joshua   jihan   jeonghan   hongyoon 
Characters Jisoo jeonghan joshua
With 10 chapters, 20 views, 8950 words
Status Completed, Comment Bonus

apakah takdir tak pernah mengizinkan kita tuk saling menyatakan cinta ?

How Should Twice sing ________ with Kseniya Sitnik (Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2005)?

By SuperShannon Updated
Tags  jihyo   jpop   kpop   lyrics   mina   nayeon   dahyun   chaeyoung   momo   sana   twice   jeongyeon 
Characters TWICE & Kseniya Sitnik (Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2005 Belarus)
With 44 chapters, 270 views, 13258 words
Status Comment Bonus

That is the question!


By sinmunia Updated
Characters Sehun,Suho,Baekhyun,Chanyeol
With 2 chapters, 1 subscribers, 10 views, 10269 words
Status [M], [TW], Members Only, Subscribers Only, Comment Bonus

Devil's Skin || BTS x Male Reader

By is99_butlooks2 Updated
Tags  bigbang   jyp   sment   ygent   ygfamily   smtown   exo   jin   cube   jypent   jypnation   yoongi   jimin   bts   parkjimin   rapmonster   jhope   jungkook   suga   bighit   taehyung   namjoon   hoseok   seokjin   btsv   jeonjungkook   rapmon   junghoseok   btsxreader   xmalereader   agustd   btsxmalereader 
Characters Kim Taehyung ; Jeon Jungkook ; Kim Namjoon ; Kim Seokjin ; Min Yoongi ; Park Jimin ; Jung Hoseok ; Y/N
With 9 chapters, 2 subscribers, 280 views, 8380 words
Status Comment Bonus

❝Eventually, this building will crumble and the tree will be the last one standing in its fight❞ ❝And one day he will hang from the very tree you're looking at. I promised him that long ago❞   BTS x Male reader cr. is99_butlooks2 || 2018  

The Hunter's Story

By akirasanogame Updated
Tags  24k   wolfau   wannaone 
Characters Wanna One, 24k, various other Kpop idols
With 5 chapters, 80 views, 6012 words
Status Comment Bonus

Being the top team in the world was harder than it looked for Woojin and Hongseob. When they weren't busy hunting they were spending time with new teams or with Hongseob's pack. As a pure blood werewolf Woojin has only found one of his two mates while Hongseob was a turned werewolf and didn't have much of a care in the world as long as Woojin and his pack were okay. As tensions rise between the vampire hunters and the vampires in Italy there's only one thing

We’re We Ever Friend’s?

By Darklin Updated
Tags  fluff   friendship   originalcharacter   jin   humor   yoongi   bts   jhope   suga 
Characters Yoongi (Suga) | Idina (OC) | Hoseok (J-Hope), Mona (OC) and Seokjin (Jin)
With 12 chapters, 210 views, 18283 words
Status Members Only, Comment Bonus

Yoongi and Idina was close best friends. Until he left without telling her. 3 years later he return with a bad attitude. And now he’s starting to act different. But whatever his problem is, Idina will find out. 

Fix You

By Crys_Marie2oo5 Updated
Tags  jinki   jonghyun   key   minho   romance   shinee   taemin   originalcharacter   american   unitedstates 
Characters Jonghyun Minho Jinki Key Taemin
With 3 chapters, 1 votes, 19 subscribers, 320 views, 20414 words
Status [M], [TW], Members Only, Subscribers Only, Comment Bonus

The Romance of the Unfortunate Girl

By harmonyrose_1294 Updated
Tags  drama   lovestory   romance   teen 
With 17 chapters, 70 views, 11298 words
Status Comment Bonus

Gabriella Pereira is a sixteen-year-old girl who has moved back to her birthplace, Paris "The City of Love". She moves back with her mother Ghita. She bumps into a handsome guy. To find out it was a Prince! Gabriella is ridiculed given the nice name "Unfortunate Girl".  Will this start her romance in "The City of Love"?

The Hunger Games

By Chanbeakshipper Updated
Tags  jimin00bts 
Characters Jimin
With 9 chapters, 380 views, 39843 words
Status Comment Bonus

When Sixteen Year Old Park Jimin steps forward to take his sister's place in the games, he sees it as a death sentance. But Jimin has been close to death before. For him, survival is a second nature.