we were never really friends : a mikhaiah au

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Aiah and Mikha, best friends and members of the popular girl group BINI, share a bond that captivates fans and fellow members alike. Their undeniable chemistry, both on and off stage, is impossible to ignore. However, beneath their playful interactions lies a simmering tension neither girl dares to acknowledge.

Aiah and Mikha gradually uncover and come to terms with their deeper feelings for each other. As their friendship blossoms into love, they take the brave step of confessing their emotions and embark on a secret relationship, known only to them. Navigating the delicate balance of keeping their romance hidden, they are acutely aware of the severe consequences if their fellow members, fans, or management were to discover their secret. Will their love withstand the pressures of fame and secrecy, or will the weight of their hidden relationship become too much to bear?


a slowburn au between the members of bini, aiah arceta and mikha lim.


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