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Looking for line rp friends


Litterally up for anything. Add me: pinkerest is my id. I do straight and gay rp. Not really comfortable with lesbian rps tho. Add me to groups too!

Do you guys have any friends that look like Max24:7?

posted Max 24:7 are a Malaysian boy band. Do any Malay users off aff have any friends that look like them? Could you in

Top combine Cotton Candy

posted Any TC fans here?

Does Anyone Know Of A User Who Can Make Cinematic Style Posters And Trailers For Stories?


I'm looking desperately for a graphic artist who can make a cinematic style poster and trailer for my upcoming Psychological Thriller story. They don't have to be from the same shop, but I really woul

Discouraged? Yeah... pretty badly discouraged


So... for the past few days i gad been working on posting a roleplay.. and now that its up and getting views... i. Not too happy and i kinda want to just delete it already.. the whole concept of it re

Do you think Korean music award shows are all attendance based?


I'm curious to know what everyone thinks on this topic.

do you like singing or rapping? if not, are you a graphic designer or video editor or mixer?


Are you a singer or a rapper? or both? if not, then are you a graphic designer or mixer or video maker? whichever you are, we need you! - WannaBe Entertainment - is a new company to give everyone a c

Calling all Shawols


There's a Shawol named Julianne who has created a collection of Jonghyun's quotes made on Blue Night Radio. Due to copyright issues, she wasn't able to sell hard copies, so she has uploaded the soft



I am a new member to Asian fanfics. If anyone can guide me as to how this app works I would truly appreciate it.



Its about sehun remembering his past life. In his past life, he was in love with a women who only loves him for money. Sehun gave her necklace/bracelet as a sign of his love. In present time, sehun is

Drawing Tablet


Hi, Anyone have a drawing tablet or had use one? I would like to buy my first drawing tablet. So, I hope I could hear some advice or opinion about it. Thank you :)

chat layout anyone?


does anyone have a chat layout? instagram private chatting or whatsapp chat or anything really that is a chat layout lol. i can pay if you want. i tried making it by myself but failed lol T.T

Birthday request!


Hi guys so next week is my birthday and I'm really excited!!! I have had a very difficult couple of years, as some of my friends and subs might know...I was hoping that someone could write me a BTS sm

feel troublesome


So, recently i held GA for DMUT CB. My intention is to help those who unable to purchase the album get the luck to have the album. But, i feel a bit resentful after knowing one of the winner already m

Does anyone have any friends that look like Kattun?


Can you introduce me to them?

S4 boyband


How come I can't see anyone's subscriptions anymore?


Title basically says it. A few months ago i could go my favourite authors and see what they are subscribed to and most of the time I also enjoy them but now I have to manually search for stories again



How it is possible when people found their 'Love' virtually and I admit it that I'm kinda jealous of it.. I used to say to myself that I'm fine without that special someone but now, since i enter coll

Help finding a fic


Technically its two fics. The first was an exo fic. It was a wolf au and I don't remember too much about it other than the fact that it was ot12 and by the end of it they all had kids they were taking

Help Finding a Song and a Fic


Okay, so I need help with two things; finding a song and a fic. The fic is TaoRis... and Tao is a ballerina and he has wrist piercings.... And then the song I believe it's a kpop song or of Asian. B

I need help making an MBC account...


(Hey, I have no idea whether I'm posting this in the right place, sorry... ^^') Hello all :) I've tried looking up step-by-step guides for making an MBC account, but the process seems to be slightly

A stupid fight


Me and this girl are really good friends, and recently we have this fall service coming up so I asked her if she's going. She went on a long paragraph(not really) about how she needs to ask her parent

How to write a romantic mature content


I really having a hard time to do it because I don't know where to start. Somehow when I tried, I feel like it less romantic so I back off. Maybe you could give me any suggestion. Especially from the

i'm having problems with the site


So I search the SeulRene tag when I'm logged out and it works fine, but when I log in no stories show up. I've tried everything and nothing is working, can anyone help me out?

S.I.N.G. Mv out. Song is so catchy

posted I don't know what to think of this group. Their style is so awesome. I definitely think they can help make Cpop popu

A little chat.


I don't know. I haven't been social on here in a hella while, so anyone want to just talk about anything...?



I need twitter friends. Share your id, I'll follow u.

Zero9 are so funny

posted If the link doesn't work just type in Zero9 click boom special season why tap 2. Which I'm assuming means episode 2.

BTS Love Yourself Concert in Singapore


So, BTS is having a one night concert here in Singapore and I think I don't have someone to go with. Anyone attending the concert on 19 of January next year? :D What seats are you taking? Standing or

How do you normally separate scenes in your stories?


I've been writing for awhile, but until now, I haven't written too many stories with many scenes in the chapters. How do you normally split the scenes so there is not confusion? :D