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Who would be the next BTS Member to be featured in 'Wanted Boyfriend' Mini-series?

By twentythrxx posted

Exo is/are

By Namlunasoo posted

For LBAHWS (Lust Blood and A Heart-Warming Sensation), should I do a year or two time jump or continue with what happens next?

By kanakali94 posted

What do you think of my story?

By sonexol727 posted

If we're about to make new contest without prize this time, are you still willing to join?

By LuminousMusicEnt posted

Jordan is a depressed meatball who is sorry he doesn't update more often.

By JordiePi posted

Tattoo for Vivian?

By Phoenix_Tears posted

Next Ship For My Next Fanfiction?

By neotaehyung posted

What genre do you want to see next

By Knight_arrow posted

Based on the story ,which pair did you all ship until the latest chapter , i will create a poll again in the future to compare it. ^^

By Batman1234 posted

Do you like pizza?

By Armyster posted

Who is your bias in ikon out of these members?

By Realpcy_lover44 posted

What Team Are You On? (a.k.a Who Do You Ship Reader/You With?)

By vanillerose posted

Should I arrange the chapter based on fan chant?

By Shy_Ly_Mina posted

Chapter 9: Is Jimin a piece of cookie?

By ShinRiYeon posted

Chapter 8: Why do you think Hoseok was so weird?

By ShinRiYeon posted

Chapter 7: Who's move convinced you?

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Chapter 6: What do you think made Yoongi smile in the end?

By ShinRiYeon posted

Chapter 5: What would you do about Hayoon?

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Chapter 4: How far would have you go with Yoongi?

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Chapter 3: Who would have you kissed?

By ShinRiYeon posted

Chapter 1: Who do you think was chasing Taehyung?

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Chapter 12: Do you think Hoseok is cheating?

By ShinRiYeon posted

Who do you think Jina should end up with?

By ShinRiYeon posted

what genre should i write next for my showki/dopil story?

By kkyungiesoo posted