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Should I post my Woocas fic that i've been working on? It's still not finished, though XD

By exoxnct_trash posted

Who's your Uni5 bias (or at least which do you think so far)?

By pockytaemin posted

Favorite EXO OTP?

By Peripatetic posted

Should Amber and Jongin hug? (FF Born Hater)

By exonerd22 posted

Should I continue to update "Taking Care of Moon & Sun Stories?"

By wrthlss posted

How fast would you like to see Wontaek happening?

By Panacea_Reverie posted

Do you want this to be a taeny centric fic with yulsic?

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By Imalover posted

Which one is the most antecipated or most loved pair of I.O.I Dorm?

By lecherous posted

would you like to read about kris x ive more?

By Yeoltomyloey posted

How am I doing on The Magic Stone so far (chap2)

By SejeongMyWife posted

What should the present/surprise be?

By SejeongMyWife posted

Who do you want in the last chapter

By SejeongMyWife posted

Genre for last chapter

By SejeongMyWife posted

Whom you ship for Jin?

By cxhxmxbxxty posted

Do you like the way the fanfic is going??

By Jillicorn posted

2 Should Be...

By Mochimchim_00 posted

¿Cuándo desean el final de Ceaseless?

By Vanne-Hwang posted

TSO: Which couple you think will do it first... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Yeah, I'm talking about the S word! XD

By NamHyora posted

Should I add more gay/bi characters?

By WoodlandSparrow posted

Do you want this to be a JungkookxReader only or would you prefer a BTSxReader with a Jungkook focus?

By BummieBaby posted

I need some help, but I don't know what to start off with

By A-random-fan-girl posted

Favorite EXO album?

By Min_Yuri_Ah posted

NEW STORY IDEA! (which idea is better?)

By BlackDragonLanceTR16 posted