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Who is the couple you want to see often after the main

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My favorite Movie/Serie?

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Who is the best couple to write a fanfic? (Please correct my, if this sentence is wrong)

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Who do you pair Serri with ?

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Do you want a Sequel?

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Choose your preferred final couple

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what pov do you prefer in a story?

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Which is suprising?

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Favored genre?

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Who do you like more with Sehun?

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Ok so I just got this crazy idea of doing a trilogy with the characters of whatching stars. First with baekhyun and Mina (kai's sister) and after with another

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Which theme would you prefer?

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What about Chanyeol's character?

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Which two pairings do you want to see in my new story ?

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which member that suited to be reina's partner?

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Would you like Minho and Sun's baby to be a boy or a girl?

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Couple in BLACKPINK?

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It's too early to say this but I'm thinking of writing Lisa's POV after this story ends. Should I make it as:

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which Secrets of Oh Sehun would you want to see first

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Kim Taeah and Hwang Minhyun love story?

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Did you visit Woo Wonjae Philippines?

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I am gonna write a new fic. Guys tell me should write a Baek fic or a Tae fic?

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