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What type do you usually use to read stories? / You can specify what color you want me to use

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By faithd21 posted

3rd person - what do you prefer?

By byunism posted

Did you enjoy the story? (BE HONEST)

By ForeverSone12 posted

Make it a chaptered fic ?

By _galaxy235_ posted

Should I make a prequel for Without You?

By JasminWesson99 posted

What name spelling to use in RV fics (will update existing fic if needed) for Irene and Joy's real names:

By rootcr0p posted

I'm thinking of calling my subbies Little Beeps? What do you think?

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Would you guys be interested in a Subscriber-Only Jeongguk x Male!Reader story?

By shunnytoast posted

which one for the next "project"

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You ship Eunji with?

By gyoseob posted

Should I continue or give up?

By Rainydubudayz posted

Should I write a Seungcheol x Jeonghan x Jihoon ?

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Should I continue this particular story or should I just let it be the way it is?

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Your favorite mamamoo pairing?

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Which Pairing Next??

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What genre do you think I should make for the next Chapter?

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Who should Jihyo be paired with? prompt: Jihyo set rules for Sanayeon but _____ wanted to break all of them

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Okay, so y'all said y'all wanted a SugaXFemaleReader /fanfic.. So which plot would y'all like?

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Do you still want In Sickness or In Health back up?

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What do you think of the image, should I continue using something like it in KyuMin's messages?

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Are you interested in getting a copy?

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Choose one. Choose very carefully. Please.

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Umm... I want to write something as bold as beastility (please don't judge me)

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What device are you using to read Asianfanfics stories?

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