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After my current story should I write a fanfic???🤔

By CindyasIf posted

The main lead of an series you would read?

By abcdfxck posted

Any Kdrama fans here? If so, write down your favorite couple name. (It can be several!)

By songjeon-devoted posted

Ships or no ships?

By AlexAndCayden posted

How's been Life lately?

By songjeon-devoted posted

What would you do in Wang Jin's shoes?

By RivvyElf posted

Which direction do you want the next chapter to go?

By vixxlover123 posted

Who should be Karina's partner for her mission

By haneul1108 posted

Have you seen 'The Heavenly Idol'?

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By YuriiiJ posted

You have been informed that you are a criminal, what do you do?

By RivvyElf posted

What JCA chapter is hottest? (also I am just testing polls I have a plan... just u wait...)

By inamoka posted

Need beta reader services?

By eleanor_17 posted

Can a hero use deception and still considered a good person?

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By Byunpack posted

What do you think of one-sided love story?

By Stargazerxx posted

Which day would you prefer for updates?

By m00_Moo posted

Yeonjun & Beomgyu baby gender?

By tiny_smalltiny posted

Which idol should get next?

By habbz69 posted

Which Pairing? [Rich Man/Poor Man]

By xEverlastingJanex posted

You are Wang Jin in the Temple of the Dark, what would you do?

By RivvyElf posted

Fanfic TaeNy trọng sinh: Chê > Mê? Này là hỏi ý kiến phong long thôi chứ không có thánh nào viết fic trọng sinh tiếng Anh để mà dịch đâu :>

By YangLee21 posted

If you would hug one of them who would it be. IT'S HARD!!!!

By CindyasIf posted

Do you read a story's FORWARD?

By sangwoosgihun posted

Should I extended Baekhyun's Breaking Dawn?

By Park_Rafa88 posted