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Do you want an an ocXsehun or youXsehun zombie apocalypse fic?

By Sehun-s-First-Love posted

Alex and Chanyeol, did they or didn't they?

By minaho posted

Which one?

By JustaFan1502 posted

What genre should i write for my next Lisoo one shot story?

By delusionofcontrol posted

Who should find woozi?

By Yoonmin2001 posted

Who do you want to be with Irene?

By soocious posted

Who do you prefer to end up being Hanna's husband?

By cherry01 posted

Who is the most suitable to be coupled with Aille in my upcoming story?

By areskim posted

If you were a great find of Tae, lemme know and put your name below

By Telink_Merabet posted

I'm drawing the zodiac signs and I want to know, out of Taurus and Capricorn which one should I draw next?

By ChanbaekisOTP posted

Who is feeling who with Alex so far?

By minaho posted

Which one?

By thestripedsweater posted

Who tops in Chanbaek?

By Alixias posted

Pick one for a facebook roleplay au

By NovaTwilight posted

A fanfic with female jiyong

By raphablotta posted

What is your favorite OTP in Twicecord?

By 2wice- posted

Who deserves a happy ending the most?

By iampotatooo posted

Who deserves a happy ending the most?

By iampotatooo posted

What Story Should I Work On?

By XxLittleKittyXx posted

which couple you want me to write and please give your opinion about the story-line that you have in mind and want to read about

By teddy_lovely_bear posted

If you were Summer, would you . . .

By jojojojosa posted

Who tops in the chentao couple?

By RainbowDonkeys posted

which app would you prefer to use?

By societeam posted

You can only choose one, which do you choose?

By lejeuparfait posted

Would you read a relevant Tao/Kris background story?

By CannibalQueen posted