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in Echoes of Us JAEJOONG and YOON JI broke up due to? (in your opinion)

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Shall I keep writing it ?

By SvtVernon posted

Should I make more one-shot s?

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May naghihintay ba sa update ng Hate Team (ryejisu)? I'll start as soon as it gets 50 subs

By Lakanamihan posted

What's your favorite part abt this story so far?

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Which of these characters would you guys like to be elevated to a major role in the future of this story? (I'm writing a larter section of the story and want a

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What should I work on next

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(what happened at school?) did you like this chapter?

By BangMind posted

Which of these would you prefer to read for the next update for 'The Pet of Kim Taeyeon'?

By kesujo posted

Siapa yang harus Dahui pilih?

By Keycolight posted

What ship for May

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What story do you want to see more updates for?

By BANGTANluv posted

Who's next girl? Pt.4

By buldakcorn posted

What Do You Foresee With "Big Shot"?

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Which story idea do you like the most?

By rose272054 posted

what genre next?

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next oneshot?

By wenseulo posted

should i do karina's point of view?

By karinaloves posted

What should he do?

By Charlot1081 posted

What do you want next Kaisoo oneshot genre to be?

By Sun-Gee posted

Unlock one scene! 2.0

By shortcut48 posted

One Snowy Night/One Snowy Day Book II poll

By n123456 posted

Which one do you prefer as a reader?

By Lakanamihan posted

How old are you?

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