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Which option do you prefer?

By Scarlet_Sky posted

I'll upload the fic completely, but! I need to know if you want it...

By redvelde posted

How do you think about BFF trope? I am planning to write one soon! leave your thoughts under the poll after voting please!

By Park_Rafa88 posted

Did you enjoy their first kissing scene? 😳

By summer_pongs posted

How have you enjoyed your time thus far with Serenity, The Souls Series Spinoff~?

By dulcedewildflowers posted

Choose One~ (You can check their prologues~ They are both out now :D)

By shortcut48 posted

When do you usually write the story description/summary?

By Stargazerxx posted

annyeong pollers!! final poll!! what should i call my fans?? ❀◕ β€Ώ ◕❀ β€”riri

By Sojuri posted

You write fanfic here because of:

By Stargazerxx posted

Quietus: Should Seokjin and Yoongi have a small fling?

By Jinskookie posted

Twilight's Debut Song

By cruisr posted

Gonna spend my 2-weeks break to write any chapters that I could. What story would you like me to update?

By Park_Rafa88 posted

Which side are you currently on?

By seulrenewrld posted

Which of Dreamcatchers apocalypse story do you like better so far.

By CindyasIf posted

annyeong pollers and exo l fans.. i have a question.. should i do another holiday story exchange?? ❀◕ β€Ώ ◕❀ β€”riri

By Sojuri posted

More mature themes?

By SonnyShotz posted

Here is Dreamcatcher's rap line. Who's your favorite among them ........ for me I cant decide I love them all.

By CindyasIf posted

I clearly need to finish some stories but I can't decide on the order. So help me out guys. Which Story should I finish first?

By Taekook_Authornim posted

Which ending?

By Charlot1081 posted

What do you prefer. Girl Groups or Boy Groups.

By CindyasIf posted

Which Cover should I use for Godless Crescendo?

By MoonSun005 posted

Do you have any 'real life' friends in this website?

By Stargazerxx posted

Do you remember phone numbers?

By draculasdaughter posted

Are you LGBTQ+?

By MoonJunk posted

Do you want some previews every update for upcoming chapter?

By summer_pongs posted