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Do you like comission work and would you ever pay for someone to write a fic for you?

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What should I do with this story?

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Just want to know, for 'Dear Mark in Sixty Days' story, which one do you prefer for the ending?

By Quiera posted

Do you guys want an extra chapter about their high school era? I was on Instagram and found some inspiration

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I'm thinking about writing An EXO fanfiction. What would you be most interested in?

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This is for my What Can I Do fic with DayGotBangtanMonstaStraySeventeen messI need help for Jiminnie!!!

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Do you want there to be ?

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EXO Won The Poll For Psychological Thriller Fic: OT12 or OT9?

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Who should Jeongyeon call?

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BTS or EXO for Thriller Fic?

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For Chapter Seven, What Do You (The Readers) Want to Happen?

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Do you think Korean music award shows are all attendance based?

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What do you think should be done?

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Pick one

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Who do you hope to see Kyungsoo end up with in "A Fling to Remember"?

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Create a separate story or leave them in the collection (around 5-10 chapters)

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Which Ship Next?

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Should I make a Day6 fic writing contest?

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would you read if i make a "Bodyguard" full story?

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Favorite pairings

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Which ship next?

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I’m thinking of having a new character. Who should it be? She’s a former nurse but something big happened

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what gender do you prefer to be a taengsic baby ? and what name ?

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What will be the best day to update the story? (What will be the best day for you to read the update?)

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