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By baechimi posted

Who should appear next?

By Rowanevalentina posted

Which story do you want me to update and/or finish first?

By LollyMez posted

Which pairing would you prefer for the next one-shot?

By SaidaXOXO posted

do u want me to continue.......

By 97tsko posted

just for educational purposes only! whose au should i start after the one i'm doing

By twopark posted

Are you fine with me holding the story?

By Yerimiel posted

Should I...

By Kpopflower posted

Theme Of the Story

By Chris_James posted

The best NCT U song?

By vanillatea posted

Should I add the Three new SM trainees to the story?

By shineedoll546 posted

I need to make Love line ?

By tabininagd posted

Pick one

By elcten881 posted

Next chapter

By DeadRose posted

Jungkook, V or Jimin

By XXBangtanBoysXX posted

Jungkook or Taehyung

By XXBangtanBoysXX posted

Which day on the week should I post the story?

By Sanli_sann posted

Best Yoona ship out of these?

By Omona_ posted

Who should be jiminbelinas Prince

By claireiseva posted

which p.o.v do you enjoy reading crackship fics from?

By IntoTheFuture posted

What time do you usually online and read fanfic?

By special_nay posted

I want to make a special chapter. What should it be?

By OhBaeSuk posted

Should I make Cha Eunwoo good or evil? He's Xiyeon's love interest either way, but whether he's good or evil will be important in the story.

By TheMysticAce posted

Lets get Momo laid with someone-- Other than Sana for now- I already know who, but can you guys guess which?

By gumcub posted