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Which one next?

By pockytaemin posted

Where should the wedding be held?

By themoonishers posted

Continue the Story from the above and post it!

By SelinaCrystal posted

If Somi were in Twice would you ship Michaeng or Sochaeng?

By Michaeng_2ice posted

Will you hate me if I add a plot twist? Or ruin the book when everything is going okay with the people?

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What do you want to read? 3

By Taekoooktae posted

Does "Subscribers Only" stories make you click MORE on them?

By suchentao posted

Will they be able to save Jinhong?

By ParkMiYeonx posted

Do you prefer stories that have longer updates but update less frequently, or ones that have shorter updates that update a lot?

By CrowdedFaces posted

Pick A Plot

By dereknstiles posted

How do you think Hyoyeon and Yuri will feel seeing Jessica for the first time in four years?

By ASPlayboyVinny posted

Love behind spotlights [rated M]

By Hiba12 posted

Better theme for NEW line rp (looking for admins)

By teenageruncway posted

whose pov do you want to see at the party?

By parksonCY posted

Which of these following ships should I write a one shot about?

By Bae-chu posted

Which male idol would you like in a AMBW story?

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next one-shot?

By SpoKen-Youth posted

What do you prefer for 3rd person POV?

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Do you like reading long chapters?

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Chanbaek Hanahaki Disease AU

By Its-Zero posted

Who's POV or background do you want for the side story?

By watercolor_clouds posted

Should I make this story happen?

By Lexie619 posted

Have you tried any of the things I've suggested?

By Demitria_Teague posted

How should I end "NO HOMO!"

By AlienKookies posted

help me get me priorities straightt (つ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)つ (because being ill for the past 3 weeks is sad my dudes and i cannot get my head straight lmaoo)

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