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For my first story, what should I post first?

By copperstrings posted

What do you guys want me to do?

By sirheoyooong posted

Would like if the story contained "more" from carrierau!?

By flowbeat posted

Which PDF Would You Like ?

By kanggerbae posted

Another sequel for my fake boyfriend?

By Proudmamashawol posted

Countryside Love II - 2020

By ZUVERB posted

Produce 101 competition rp - which platform would you be likely to join on?

By -babydontlikeit- posted

Other than JenLisa, what's the next best ship of BlackPink?

By ToastMaster posted

Who do you think is The Serpent’s target?

By Eris78 posted

What do you want about the next update?

By gumgumtara posted

Which Ship?

By faithd21 posted

Which ship do you think will end up together? *results won't affect the ending*

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Who should be the lead for the next #collegeboyfriend!au?

By -hypnotized posted

Where do you think is better to post a fanfic?

By lynielle posted

Which Ship?

By faithd21 posted

Should i continue the fic 'Bubble Tea Love'? It's been 7 years already 🤣🙈

By IkaXKai posted

For my Scarlet Heart Ryeo rewrite, am I adding some LOVE scenes? ;)

By dltjs97_ posted

After reading Warm Ice, should there be a confrontation between Jessica and Juran?

By Eris78 posted

How should I continue the story?

By JaeLovesIrene posted

Are you still enjoying 'Double Trouble'?

By Karen_Tuan posted

Kyumin shippers are still supporting their otp because they are...

By draculasdaughter posted

Which one should I write next?

By LittleJinggg posted

Another Jensoo story?

By callyks posted

{bad guy.} Who killed Lee Hyejin? Look in the comments for the story link~

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