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As my first story is coming to an end and you've become familiar with my writing style, I need your advise on what kind of story by me you want to read next?

By Got7stories posted

Am I Right? Or Am I wrong for thinking this way.........

By bigbangfanhailey posted

(Tiny Spoiler) Which BTS Member should be the old lover of Silver Bullet

By Yugyeomforever77 posted

Which ship do you think this fanfiction will end up with?

By Jindeous posted

Who do you ship with Chae-rin

By SkyDragonForever2NE1 posted

Should I make it mpreg or not?

By Akalifox posted

What type of one-shot should I do next?

By seulrene41 posted

Do you prefer to be?

By unni_kyo posted

Who should I add as a new character?

By Letycia_03 posted


By hwangfreakingminhyun posted

If you were to choose one of the oneshots here to be your favorite, which would it be?

By LUVkookietae posted

Perlu kulanjutin ga semua ceritaku yang belum selesai? (Untuk Just a Mistake kemungkinan besar akan kulanjutin lagi karena tinggal satu chapter XD)

By JessB20 posted

Which story that I wrote you like the best?

By n-minus-a posted

Which kind of applyfic should I write?

By daisyrune posted

What do you want the most out of the story Lotus Reborn

By Qunarite posted

Which story should I finish first?

By akrasia_ posted

Would you read a Christmas sequel to this? (I'm probably going to do it anyway, I just want to see how many people would actually read it)

By glittery posted

which pairing/interaction are you looking forward to the most?

By whenthewindblows1205 posted

Should Lovers have a sequel?

By Moe-Kun posted

What ship do you want to see next?

By elcten881 posted

Who should Sora find next? (the others all have their own chapters later in the story)

By 0_CinnamonBun_0 posted

Are you excited for BTS at AMAs?


Should Yuna listen to Lisa or not?


Who should star in the story of Lilili Yabbay?

By XuMingMao posted

Just wondering, what's your favourite roleplaying platform?

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