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Which BTS character do you want to see appear first (2)?

By itslitmon posted

Which BTS character do you want to see appear first?

By itslitmon posted

So yoonmin

By Jamburglar posted

Who should Mina collaborate with?

By Yeeny9606 posted

Would you rather read a romance story about BTS Jungkook or a non-romance, thriller, action about BTS Jungkook?

By Lilium1 posted

how do you feel about roleplays?

By hotseven posted

(HYUU! layouts) Should Batch 6 requests be collaborated on or worked on independently?

By aleric posted

Favorite LuHan OTP?

By DasaiKaoru posted

Should I have let Blitzwing kill the Levi squad?

By Choi_KaeLi posted

which title catches your attention the most?

By yonaks posted

Which dance is your favorite?

By Got7AndMe posted

Do you still want me to continue my fics?

By hunhanify posted

Who do you think fits to be Jiyong's little brother on a fic?

By tabisan16 posted

Who do you want Hoseok to end up with?

By fx_fan posted

what should i do with the notes?

By Byunpack posted


By boy1a4 posted

New Story Soon: "1004 - Never Too Far Away" If sounds interesting, pick Yes. If Nah, pick No...:D There's no Unsure...Check out cover on Profile Stories....

By n_n0106 posted

What choice do you want for a prank? (For excitement, I'm not telling you what each one is.)

By HPERCYFAN_dragon posted

Your favorite BLACKPINK OTP?

By ghostbuster posted

Are you okay to read the Yongshin version?

By snowwhite07 posted

Which story would you rather see updated more often?

By Nietzsche posted

Should I delete my story? You can still read the other one, besides it's the same prompt.

By FearlessHyun posted

Who do wanna join the love triangle with Suga and Jamie?

By igot7sawrina posted

Who is the male?

By starina1256 posted