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should i deactivate?

By megakpoplover posted

should i turn it into a oneshot collection?

By thefrothycoffee posted

Should I continue this with an interactive type where the readers can participate in writing this story?

By lalalabs posted

Who do you need more of?

By katfic posted

should i make a bap drabbles/scenarios collection?

By imprfction posted

I want more of ____________ fics!

By owleyes_n_moles posted

Do you watch Game of Thrones

By JaeKnight posted

Which BTS ship should I use for my circus!AU fanfic?

By NotTheGirlNextDoor posted

What genre should my applyfic be?

By --arii posted

Which EXO song do you think has the "hottest" choreography?

By pandacathy posted

On What Devices Do You Read Fanfics On?

By OrcaWolfy posted

should i continue this story or not?

By deersehuna_ posted

After Chapter 3, who are you rooting for now?

By Helloimevelyn posted

Who do you think Jakyung ends up with in the end?

By aeru posted

Should I make an angst one-shot again or a funny one-shot? (I will make it as fast as possible guys so don't worry)

By EXOchanyeolGIANT posted

Which Idol Should Inherit The Next Miraculous?! ((Sorry, I'm super eager to spam idols into this fic ^-^;))

By Snowcakie posted

Who do you think should've gotten first?

By ExoBug posted

How you liking the story so far?

By Aninlee000 posted

next member to have a fic? :3

By nyaarin posted

How many words per chapter?

By JTS1999 posted

QUICK QUESTION: Would you like to read BTSXOC stories too...? o.O

By NamHyora posted

Who is your favorite character at the moment?

By AliceTheLocket posted

Would you be interested in reading a story loosely based on Decendants of the Sun about an original character and an exo member?

By Jjonggirl posted