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Would you still read an EXO TaoRis Fic if one was written?

By Aerii- posted

Would you like to see BLOG FIC CLIPS/Teaser for up coming chapters?

By lissachan504 posted

Do you like this story ?......or should i not publish it anymore ?

By AMIRAG18 posted

Next story?

By CoreyAD posted

What should I update next?

By RawanELF posted

What ship do you want to happen?

By Ruthven9 posted

Who suits the role as BTS (Yoongi) Suga's best friend who's known him since High School? For a Fanfic.

By suchentao posted

Should I include rated M or not?

By Baby_Chennie posted

For Closer daragonFF, do you want Dara's and dr. Jiyong's POVs?

By Jewelyyyn posted

Starting a new story soon...more details in the next update. Who should it be about?

By msl1016 posted

Which one do you like ?

By dudidudidamdamnn posted

So I have a YouxSua fic that's slightly, slightly mature and I just want to know if you're ready to be taken out of the soft-stan zone for just a second.

By JaderRader posted

Do you want me to combine chapters to make them longer or continue each single chapter to make the story longer?

By Nomochan posted

Did you like the uncertain ending?

By Stavroula posted

What type of song should I make for my story 'The Wonderful Life Of An Idol'?

By JasminWesson99 posted

What kind of genres do y'all look for in a fanfic?

By Muahahaha posted

Will you be my online daddy?

By WowzaXD posted

Should I make the special chaps and continuation of the story?

By gaarr24 posted

whos your Bias in 9 Percent????

By jungkookies_jams posted

Hi~ I want to post a new story after ( WMAWBS ) but I can’t choose between these two, can you tell me because it’s for you my lovers ^_*

By Sun-Gee posted

Do you like me?

By Via-licious posted

Healing Love : Do You want ShinHye and ChangWook to fall in love with each other?

By liltash85 posted

Do you guys want a sequel? (I'll only write it if most of you want it :))

By GloomySheepOfExo posted

What do you prefer?

By ariadne22 posted