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Which fanfic wins ROUND SEVEN?

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How Long?

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Happy or sad ending

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Death? No Death?

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What group?

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STORY TIME! Choose what Theme

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Poll finished! Option 4 won so please, no more voting! Thank you!

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New story? Male reader or Female Reader?

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What song genre should I write about? I've already written one about being separated.

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Which couple in BTS is more popular? (+ff recommendation juseyo~~)

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Which Story Theme Would You Prefer Reading?

By MidnightCandy posted

for opia (basically my baekyeol fanfic in which baekhyun is blind, deaf and mute) which sense/s should baekhyun regain?

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Should I study for midterms or finish writing my threeshot?

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Wich One?

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Who should I write about next?

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Who should I write about next?

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Want me to re-edit into the author's (3rd person) P.O.V or write under Taeyong's P.O.V?

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Angst or Fluff? which do you like more?

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Should I make a series for the One shot I wrote? (Emotional Distress)

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I am going to write a KARD fiction, which ship you prefer?

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My team and I launched a fankit project for EXOrDIUM recently. Should I post the details(maybe a blog) of the fankit here?

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Meanie or Gyuhao

By Justme10 posted

Who should i ship for my story

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Who should the bad boys in my story be?

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