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A Farewell to Kim Jonghyun - Marking 1 Year

It has been 365 days since he passed. To everyone who is struggling: come around to leave messages about how you feel, find people to talk to or even offer help to others who are having a hard time. We are not alone in this.

A Real Pain In The Neck

By RayneReign Updated
Tags  comedy   romance   vampire   you   exo   exom 
Characters You, EXO-M
With 48 chapters, 704 votes, 12939 subscribers, 243170 views, 3465 comments, 94956 words
Status Subscribers Only

  I dare not always touch her, lest the kiss Leave my lips charred. Yea, Lord, a little bliss, Brief bitter bliss, one hath for a great sin;

The Story of Us

By missheartbreaker Updated
Tags  angst   romance   sliceoflife   you   originalcharacter   exo   kai 
Characters Narrator/OC, Kai, Exo-K
With 20 chapters, 1262 votes, 18959 subscribers, 1801 comments, 35302 words
Status Completed, Members Only, Subscribers Only

"When did you fall in love with him?" Was it when we were five and he tied my shoelaces after I had tripped and scraped my knee? We were strangers then.

The Pretty One II

By Goddess Updated
Tags  ljoe   myungsoo   romance   slightangst 
Characters L.Joe&OC; L&OC; Infinite
With 33 chapters, 1154 votes, 6488 comments, 69010 words

When the dull one of two sisters is prettier than she lets on, does that make the pretty sister duller than she seems?           Hello everyone! This is Goddess and I bring to you the sequel to

Girlfriend Hire

By Dubulge Updated
Tags  fluff   romance   you   shortfic   exo   exok   chanyeol 
Characters Park Chanyeol, Cha Miyoung {YOU}
With 13 chapters, 587 votes, 4689 subscribers, 120150 views, 1046 comments, 14045 words
Status Completed

Park Chanyeol doesn't want to attend his baby sister's wedding without a date. Especially when his ex-fiance is her maid of honour. The only way he can get a date on such short notice is if he spends a little money...

Raised in Love

By tinkerklang Updated
Tags  angst   baekyeol   chanbaek   omegaverse 
Characters Byun Baekhyun, Park Chanyeol
With 5 chapters, 752 votes, 7991 subscribers, 82500 views, 924 comments, 36742 words
Status [M], Completed, Subscribers Only


By huntress Updated
Tags  angst   college   dara   daragon   jiyong   romance   school 
With 41 chapters, 970 votes, 11790 subscribers, 292840 views, 4137 comments, 153036 words
Status Completed, Members Only, Subscribers Only

MY GANGSTER PROTECTOR    by: huntress   Disclaimer

The Going Home Club

By mengga Updated
Tags  comedy   hunhan   taoris   baekyeol   kaisoo   xiuchen   ot12 
Characters ALL EXO MEMBERS, maybe a few appearances by other idols
With 28 chapters, 571 votes, 3622 subscribers, 82950 views, 1134 comments, 110306 words

Sehun, (one of world’s laziest people)’s wish in college is to pass with the smallest amount of effort possible. All he wants is to go through life as quietly and as peacefully as it allows him to. So when he comes across a club that supposedly does nothing, he gets ecsatic, well, as ecstatic as the lazy Sehun can get. His greatest mistake in fulfilling his university dream? Joining it.

Kaisoo Valentine's Project

By KaisooProject Updated
Tags  romance   jongin   kyungsoo   kaisoo 
Characters Jongin (Kai) and Kyungsoo (D.O.)
With 16 chapters, 531 votes, 3007 subscribers, 87130 views, 1575 comments, 200044 words
Status Completed

Authors reunite once again to bring brand new stories to celebrate Valentine's season.

Million Dollar Boy

By Jongyeolin Updated
Tags  angst   arrangedmarriage   fluff   romcom   agegap   melodrama   exo   sekai   baeksoo   chankai 
Characters Sehun • Jongin • Chanyeol • Baekhyun • Kyungsoo • EXO • Others
With 31 chapters, 630 votes, 4812 subscribers, 154110 views, 1951 comments, 159346 words
Status Subscribers Only

Bad Romance

By Jongyeolin Updated
Characters Jongin, Sehun, EXO, Others
With 2 chapters, 821 votes, 4753 subscribers, 65150 views, 600 comments, 27010 words
Status [M], [TW], Members Only, Subscribers Only

My Boyfriend's Hot Best Friend

By yvee Updated
Characters You, Park Jimin, V (Kim Taehyung), BTS
With 40 chapters, 826 votes, 20452 subscribers, 435510 views, 3710 comments, 394964 words
Status [M], Members Only, Subscribers Only


By stellarcania Updated
Tags  fantasy   romance   supernatural   you   wolf   exo   luhan 
Characters OC & EXO
With 65 chapters, 545 votes, 4086 subscribers, 106600 views, 849 comments, 60027 words
Status Completed

2nd POV Story (This means I'll be using 'You' instead of 'I' or 'She') Plot Overview: Jung Hayeon hates having people near her.

My Twelve Hot and Powerful Boyfriends

By Catherine Updated
Characters You, EXO, Infinite (minor) and some OCs
With 51 chapters, 620 votes, 17305 subscribers, 331570 views, 6375 comments, 97463 words
Status [M], Subscribers Only

My Gangster

By 181061 Updated
Tags  comedy   romance   originalcharacter   school   exo   sehun 
Characters OC & Sehun
With 48 chapters, 1680 votes, 3150 comments, 129715 words
Status Completed

Ahn Soo Jin is a popular girl who every guy wants but can't have. She's never really dated anyone nor had her first kiss. Weird, huh? How could a popular girl like her not come across a boyfriend nor had her first kiss? She doesn't care about love or worries about that. She's number one in academics and hopes to keep it that way. Things start to change when the most popular boy, Choi Jae Hyun, challenges her to to date the wors


By HeavenWard Updated
Characters Seulgi and Irene
With 9 chapters, 786 votes, 14211 subscribers, 1938 comments, 55858 words
Status [M], [TW], Members Only, Subscribers Only

where the seas stay the same

By YoungWoo17 Updated
Tags  romance   exo   baekyeol   chanbaek 
Characters baekhyun, chanyeol, junmyeon, jongdae, wall, beach house
With 2 chapters, 604 votes, 1849 subscribers, 50220 views, 380 comments, 16216 words
Status Completed

  title: where the seas stay the same pairing/s: baekhyun/chanyeol genre: au, romance

Chicken Soup for the Restless Soul

By bbe1989 Updated
Tags  comedy   drama   romance   taoris 
Characters tao, kris, exo
With 9 chapters, 665 votes, 2446 subscribers, 62450 views, 798 comments, 57097 words
Status Completed

Kris spent long, tough years training to pass his master sommelier test.  It cost him his wife, and left him balancing life as a single father.  So, of course, he takes his job - and his life - very seriously.  On the flipside is their newest hire, some little punk named Tao who smokes heavily, cusses like a sailor, and plays loud and inappropriate hiphop in the kitchens.  So... how the hell does someone like that cook something

The Thorn Birds

By amber_rose Updated
Tags  drama   romance   exo   kai   sehun   chanyeol   kyungsoo 
Characters Do Kyungsoo (D.O.), Kim Jongin (Kai), Oh Sehun, Park Chanyeol & OC
With 51 chapters, 566 votes, 5171 subscribers, 129720 views, 2206 comments, 164298 words
Status Completed, Members Only, Subscribers Only

Walking out from the shadow of a heartbreak, Jin Eunjung vows to start life afresh as she embarks on a new job in a new environment. There, she finds herself struggling to keep afloat under the suffocating supervision of her OCD boss Do Kyungsoo, a man she doesn't hope to ever understand. When Kim Jongin, the man who once smashed her heart, returns from the States and re-enters her life, Eunjung finds herself having to make s

Incredible Things

By neonflowers Updated
Tags  action   comedy   romance   romcom   exo   kai   jongin   mobster   marktuan   singleparentau   mobsterau 
Characters Seo Iseul (OC), Kai, Jongguk
With 46 chapters, 1028 votes, 9769 subscribers, 266940 views, 5860 comments, 549203 words
Status Subscribers Only

can i have this dance?

By YoungWoo17 Updated
Tags  exo   baekyeol   chanbaek 
Characters baekhyun, chanyeol, red chili paste
With 1 chapters, 582 votes, 1293 subscribers, 30680 views, 401 comments, 5065 words
Status Completed

  title: can i have this dance? pairing/s: baekhyun/chanyeol (mentioned sehun/luhan)


By icelolly1 Updated
Tags  2ne1   bigbang   daragon   ririn   topbom 
With 84 chapters, 757 votes, 4545 subscribers, 249830 views, 7170 comments, 248228 words
Status Completed


Can I just Alohomora your heart for me?

By mo_zart Updated
Tags  exo   kai   sehun   kray   sekai   baekyeol   kaihun 
Characters All EXO members
With 27 chapters, 668 votes, 4162 subscribers, 133140 views, 2010 comments, 119722 words

  Meet Kim Jongin. Hogwarts' ice prince. The Slytherin boy has so many things another teenagers only could dream of. Good looks, wealth, fame. Too bad it means nothing to him. He despises almost everything in his sight, and he hates a lot of things--and people. A name filled the top of his most-hated-things list:  

Dragon's Mark

By -star- Updated
Tags  action   gangs   you   exom   kris 
Characters EXO Kris, Sarang (OC), EXO-M
With 30 chapters, 952 votes, 6612 subscribers, 137950 views, 1305 comments, 72195 words
Status Completed

Rumor has it that a Dragon's Mark is either an omen of death, or a mark of protection.

The Girl and The Wolf III: Soul Mate

By dbskgirl4ever Updated
Tags  romance   supernatural   wolf   exom   luhan   alen   m4m 
Characters Danji (OC), Luhan, Alen (Exo-M and M4M)
With 42 chapters, 847 votes, 9393 comments, 136051 words
Status Completed, Friends Only, Members Only, Subscribers Only, Invite Only

You can have my body, my heart, and my soul, my mate.

Innocent Intentions

By xAskedSoInnocentlyx Updated
Tags  comedy   drama   kaisoo   krisdo   krisoo 
Characters EXO
With 46 chapters, 853 votes, 171270 views, 3533 comments, 159611 words
Status [M]

86400 [10080 - Epilogue]

By dyoongoo Updated
Tags  angst   tragedy   baekhyun   chanyeol   baekyeol   chanbaek   10080 
With 3 chapters, 2151 votes, 2048 comments, 3151 words
Status Completed

“Chanyeol wanted a divorce.   Baekhyun asked for a week.”   -----  


By parkanjae Updated
Characters Kim Jongin, Do Kyungsoo, Oh Sehun, Lu Han, Byun Baekhyun, Park Chanyeol, the rest of Exo members, Other Idols
With 5 chapters, 541 votes, 5742 subscribers, 147350 views, 1609 comments, 10849 words
Status [M], [TW], Members Only, Subscribers Only


By crisxoriginal Updated
Tags  2ne1   bigbang   daragon   romcom 
With 49 chapters, 545 votes, 9238 subscribers, 186130 views, 5257 comments, 138582 words
Status Completed, Members Only, Subscribers Only

    LOVE is not always a compromise, S

The Untouchables

By PrincessVivi Updated
Tags  fluff   romance   exo   sehun   got7 
Characters Kim Mihi (OC), Oh Sehun
With 23 chapters, 634 votes, 4876 subscribers, 109500 views, 1503 comments, 38309 words
Status Completed

Andong Preparatory is filled with privileged teenagers, whose politician parents and billion-won trust funds make them the most elite students in the country. Their world is filled with glitz and glamour, parties and drama.  Mihi is a scholarship student at Andong who could ca

Lie For Two

By shainiak Updated
Tags  comedy   romance   exo   kai   baekhyun 
Characters Eun Jin (OC), Baekhyun, Kai
With 33 chapters, 1733 votes, 301220 views, 3466 comments, 118148 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

                                                              Good girls shouldn’t lie. Well, who would listen to that when your reputation can be ruined before you even have one? People lie all the time. But there is something more terrible than just a simple lie. It’s high school – a jungle full of girls talking about boys, clothes and make-ups. If you don’t want to be an outcast, you need to

Playing Favourites

By vanillasushi Updated
Characters Baekhyun, OC
With 15 chapters, 555 votes, 3899 subscribers, 98200 views, 1886 comments, 83000 words
Status [M], [TW], Members Only

Yours, Mine And Ours

By exo_otp Updated
Tags  angst   drama   mpreg   hunhan   selu   familyau 
Characters EXO, Sehun, Luhan, Zhiyu
With 41 chapters, 604 votes, 7953 subscribers, 165240 views, 2873 comments, 78200 words
Status [M], Completed, Friends Only, Subscribers Only

Benefits of Being a Babysitter

By vanillasushi Updated
Characters Kai, OC
With 15 chapters, 650 votes, 5355 subscribers, 169750 views, 1011 comments, 53329 words
Status [M], Completed

Boys, Boys, Boys

By dbskgirl4ever Updated
Tags  comedy   friendship   romance   school   exo   got7 
Characters Seo Yoonjung (OC), Got7, Exo
With 33 chapters, 565 votes, 189640 views, 2873 comments, 147735 words
Status Completed, Members Only, Subscribers Only

Boys are like stars. There are a million of them, but only one will make your dream come true.

How I Met Byun Baekhyun || NEW CHAPTER- CHPT 45

By boogerbrain95 Updated
Tags  comedy   fluff   romance   romcom   exo   humor   baekhyun 
Characters Park Chanmi (OC), Baekhyun and EXO
With 45 chapters, 841 votes, 6878 subscribers, 213560 views, 3536 comments, 81409 words

"Matchmaking King". That was the perfect title for Byun Baekhyun. A man who created his own dating agency, he has risen to the top for blind dates. With a 99.9% success rate, his company is one of the most sought after. But for perfectionist Baekhyun, that .1% is the only thing that is hold


By thehunnist Updated
Tags  romance   supernatural   werewolves   you   exo   sehun 
Characters Jung Eunji || SEHUN || LUHAN || EXO
With 34 chapters, 579 votes, 12784 subscribers, 142470 views, 770 comments, 52915 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

Life was normal for her. Until he came along. Jung Eunji - just a normal or

All I Want is You

By crystal_clover Updated
Tags  fluff   romance   exo   exok   luhan   baekhyun 
Characters Baekhyun, OCs, Luhan
With 36 chapters, 526 votes, 4209 subscribers, 79520 views, 823 comments, 65294 words
Status Completed

When Baekhyun falls for a girl at first sight, he is determined to make her his. He enlists the help of his best friend, the one person he trusts most in this world, Kim Yoora, to ease his quest in making her fall for him. She agreed; in the goodness of her heart, all she wanted was Baekhyun to be happy. Little did they know how fickle love could be –sometimes the person you claim to fall for on first sight is not the person who would claim your heart forever. 


By _Arrow_ Updated
Tags  mpreg   domestic   chanbaek 
Characters Chanyeol & Baekhyun, kid!Jongdae, kid!Minseok & kid!Kyungsoo
With 43 chapters, 1001 votes, 5852 subscribers, 311890 views, 5516 comments, 181528 words

Middle school teacher and father of twins Chanyeol can't take how a classmate of his son's is always all alone. He takes the boy home with him over and over again and so gets into fights with the boy's rather pretty single parent.

A Farewell

By AIMRWV Updated
Tags  jonghyun 
Characters Kim Jonghyun, SHINee World
With 772 chapters, 1073 votes, 1214 subscribers, 48960 views, 888 comments, 190204 words
Status Completed

A Farewell To Kim Jonghyun A place for your messages to the late Kim Jonghyun. You can share your feelings here anonymously and find contact information of people with an open ear if you need to talk to someone. This is our way of saying goodbye.   

The Other Side of the Mirror

By Goddess Updated
Tags  fantasy   romcom   exok   sehun 
Characters Sehun & OC + EXO-K
With 63 chapters, 1347 votes, 389450 views, 9889 comments, 134642 words
Status Completed

When you look into a mirror, what do you see? What if I told you that there's another world on the other side of the mirror?Hi everyone! This is Goddess and I have a new fic for you :)

Through the Years

By rosavine Updated
Tags  drabbles   fluff   romance   luhan   sehun   hunhan 
With 23 chapters, 614 votes, 1489 comments, 25444 words
Status Completed

In which we followed Luhan and Sehun from when they were babies all the way to when they finally become adults.      Title: Through the Year


By tokyo_lovelight Updated
Tags  fluff   romance   exo   luhan   sehun   crack   hunhan 
Characters Luhan, Sehun, Kyungsoo, Kai, EXO.
With 29 chapters, 1449 votes, 9675 subscribers, 260910 views, 3685 comments, 39530 words

In which Luhan wakes up one day to find his new kitten Sehun has turned into a teenage boy. To say the least, chaos ensues.        

In too deep

By RC_Lillie Updated
Tags  donghae   eunhae   heechul   hyukjae   kyuhyun   sungmin   superjunior 
Characters Donghae, Hyukjae, Heechul, Kyuhyun, Super Junior and others
With 72 chapters, 628 votes, 2898 subscribers, 207590 views, 7692 comments, 74770 words
Status Completed

There comes an abrupt end to Donghae's carefree life when his noble family endebted themselves. He is forced into marriage...with a cold Lee Hyukjae. A life for a life. Money for a title. To lessen his parents' pain and guilt he acts in love with his husband when others are around. How long can they fool the world?  

Of Gold and Obsidian

By fauxglitter Updated
Tags  drama   romance   exo   baekyeol   slightangst   chanbaek 
Characters Chanyeol, Baekhyun, Sehun, Kai, D.O
With 30 chapters, 556 votes, 6536 subscribers, 86840 views, 2070 comments, 127616 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

Filthy rich Park Chanyeol who drives the fastest cars and who wears the finest clothes meets fast-food worker Byun Baekhyun, who struggles to even pay the monthly rent of his lousy one-room apartment. However, there seems to be more to Baekhyun's life than meets the eye.


By NeonCaterpillars Updated
Tags  angst   fluff   romance   kai   kyungsoo   baekyeol   kaisoo 
Characters Kim Jongin (Kai) Do Kyungsoo (D.O) Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Other EXO member appearances
With 29 chapters, 864 votes, 4357 subscribers, 131390 views, 966 comments, 78749 words
Status Completed

Perhaps spilling coffee on a less-than-amused, definite jackass of the year could have yielded better results. In addition to lamely but  profoundly succeeding in soaking and staining Kim Jongin's bleached shirt, a terrible, unexpected weight accompanied the incident, something that I could never shake. For I learned during a very inconvenient time in my life that Jongin and I were not so easily set apart by our differences and there was a thing or two that I could learn from this dip,

I Couldn't Care Less

By fantasy_seoul Updated
Tags  fluff   romance   exo   luhan   sehun   hunhan 
Characters Luhan, Sehun, EXO
With 42 chapters, 1043 votes, 6377 subscribers, 240940 views, 1716 comments, 94494 words
Status Completed

  Luhan is a 21 year old Chinese transfer student at Suk-Myeong University with a friendly, fun loving personality. After moving into a house with 11 other male students, Luhan finds himself in good company with the exception of his hateful roommate Sehun. Even though on the exterior Luhan seems like someone who has always been

The Dollhouse: Clandestine

By elisaexplosive Updated
Tags  angst   mystery   bangzelo   exo   bap   kris   taoris 
Characters Kris, Tao, Yong Guk, Zelo, Zico, Hyosung, Chaerin...
With 29 chapters, 531 votes, 4190 subscribers, 113560 views, 1798 comments, 53421 words
Status Completed, Members Only, Subscribers Only

    With dollhouses popping up all across the country, Kris cannot ignore the assignment he was ordered to complete. Girls and boys from all over are getting kidnapped and being put into these places. Each dollhouse has its

open when...

By YoungWoo17 Updated
Tags  exo   baekhyun   chanyeol   baekyeol   chanbaek 
Characters baekhyun, chanyeol, envelopes
With 1 chapters, 971 votes, 2438 subscribers, 863 comments, 4887 words
Status Completed


The Lost Heirs

By jas1922 Updated
Tags  fantasy   exo   hunhan   superpowers   baekyeol   kaisoo   wolfau 
Characters Chanyeol I Kyungsoo I Sehun I Kai I Luhan I Baekhyun I Suho I Lay I Chen I Xiumin I Kris I Tao
With 26 chapters, 656 votes, 11085 subscribers, 166680 views, 1456 comments, 96839 words
Status [M], Completed, Subscribers Only

Can you shut up?

By blehmeh Updated
Characters Chanyeol, Baekhyun, EXO
With 1 chapters, 535 votes, 2347 subscribers, 98970 views, 414 comments, 7388 words
Status [M], Completed

Daddy's Boy 【drabbles】

By exodic Updated
Characters Sehun & Luhan
With 20 chapters, 631 votes, 9961 subscribers, 222230 views, 1330 comments, 151079 words
Status [M], [TW], Completed, Members Only, Subscribers Only

The Demon Next Door

By theminion Updated
Tags  angst   fluff   romance   exo   kai   kyungsoo   kaisoo 
Characters Kyungsoo, Kai, the rest of EXO as they appear~
With 41 chapters, 1545 votes, 8903 subscribers, 5669 comments, 155940 words
Status [M], Completed, Members Only

Last January

By vaeliselva Updated
Tags  angst   tragedy      exo   kaisoo 
Characters kim jongin do kyungsoo others
With 13 chapters, 707 votes, 6921 subscribers, 255490 views, 1560 comments, 18096 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

"I realized that the person who made me happily smile more than anyone else in the world can’t be you anymore" "Happy birthday to you" Everyone was singing happily. Kyungsoo was standing there. Capture it. Remember it. This moment. Before it gone. "Blow the candles" He nodded. Faked a smile. And blow it until the last candle has been extinguished. "Make


By lucidbunny Updated
Characters Oh Sehun, OC/You, Kim Jongin, Park Chanyeol, Byun Baekhyun
With 44 chapters, 593 votes, 11537 subscribers, 270940 views, 2906 comments, 151046 words
Status [M], [TW], Completed, Members Only, Subscribers Only

Something Flutters

By fantasy_seoul Updated
Tags  fluff   romance   exo   hunhan   baekyeol   kaisoo   sulay 
Characters Luhan, Sehun, EXO
With 36 chapters, 1045 votes, 292130 views, 3947 comments, 244562 words
Status Members Only

Fluttering moments from an unlikely love story. 

Let Out The Beast/ Exotica

By YukinoKoru Updated
Tags  exo   taoris   baekyeol   sudo   kailu   xiuchen 
Characters Tao, Kris, Luhan, Kai, Xiumin, Chen, Baekhyun, Sehun, Suho, Lay, Chanyeol, Kyungsoo, mentions of BAP, Block B, SHINee, SNSD and potentially more
With 22 chapters, 596 votes, 2973 subscribers, 106210 views, 1159 comments, 93099 words
Status [M], Completed

Blood Sister

By Korekrypta Updated
Tags  action   gangs   mafia   romance   luhan   sehun   xiumin 
Characters Xiumin, Luhan, Lay, Sehun, Chen, Kai, Semi, Lu Wei Yi
With 61 chapters, 836 votes, 7419 subscribers, 211860 views, 4341 comments, 190950 words
Status Completed, Members Only, Subscribers Only

Eight years after the fateful events during which three of South Korea’s biggest crime syndicates were taken down when ex-convict Xiumin betrayed his blood brother for a normal civilian life, Luhan has broken out of jail and he’s on his way to disrupt Minseok and Semi’s peaceful life.  To make matters worse, an incredibly important mission of Kai's has gone wrong in China, meaning that the sole remaining member of Luhan's arch-nemesis Mighty Mouth is back on the scene to hunt down Luhan’s lit

Camouflage Contract

By BlueEscrima Updated
Tags  angst   donghae   eunhae   hyukjae   romance   mpreg   hyukhae 
Characters Lee Hyukjae, Lee Donghae, Henry Lau
With 53 chapters, 535 votes, 4028 subscribers, 131800 views, 4194 comments, 269195 words
Status [M], Members Only, Subscribers Only

I'm Sorry It Was You

By EmilyJ58 Updated
Tags  angst   friendship   romance   schoollife   exo   luhan   sehun 
Characters Sehun, Baekhyun, Luhan, Lee Mira (OC), exo
With 62 chapters, 577 votes, 7696 subscribers, 131860 views, 1661 comments, 255448 words
Status Completed, Members Only, Subscribers Only

 Others referred to it as 'love'. But after all she had done to him, how could she call this love? She wanted to forget everything; everything but Oh Sehun. In truth, she never wanted to forget him. But how could she stay with him now?


By Dubulge Updated
Tags  horror   romance   supernatural   demon   exo   kai   ocgirl 
Characters Kai, OC
With 45 chapters, 746 votes, 6375 subscribers, 232710 views, 2612 comments, 54934 words
Status Completed

  It was a simple babysitting job for her. The parents were a phone call away if anything went wrong and the children seemed nice enough; a boy and a girl. But as the evening wore on, she could tell that there was someone else there, that wasn’t supposed to be.

Love to be Loved by You [Editing: 12%]

By Pab0Panda Updated
Tags  2min   angst   fluff   jongkey   kyumin   romance    
Characters Jongkey ♥ 2min ♥ Onchicken ♥ Kyumin(chibi ver.)
With 50 chapters, 747 votes, 4854 comments, 94856 words
Status Completed

Both Jonghyun and Kibum want to get the other to fall in love with them.Jonghyun wants to win a bet, Kibum wants Jonghyun’s money. None of them expected to fall in love with the other for real and everything becomes complicated What'll happen Will the truth come out one day? Will they ever be able to forgive the other Kibum is sick and is living in pains every single day, but now he has enough.

a semi, kinda, sorta fairytale

By YoungWoo17 Updated
Tags  romance   exo   baekyeol   chanbaek 
Characters chanyeol, baekhyun, pendant, others
With 5 chapters, 884 votes, 3253 subscribers, 72130 views, 1067 comments, 27648 words
Status Completed



By krismatics Updated
Tags  angst   romance   exo   kai   love   fantasyandromance 
Characters Jongin and OC
With 28 chapters, 613 votes, 6650 subscribers, 122970 views, 2025 comments, 40354 words
Status Completed, Members Only, Subscribers Only

Jongin's different from all the others; despite the chaos that would break out, Dani is willing to save his life no matter the consequences. The question is, will it be

Rules & Regulations

By vanillasushi Updated
Characters Baekhyun, OC
With 28 chapters, 627 votes, 5161 subscribers, 191200 views, 2466 comments, 94209 words
Status Completed

Rules and regulations are created to establish order. But then you know what they say, "Rules are made to be broken."   —   Yo

Kiss of the Rose Princess

By TheChildishDreamer Updated
Tags  action   fantasy   romance   supernatural   exo   exok   exom 
Characters exo
With 2 chapters, 547 votes, 6434 subscribers, 140170 views, 1844 comments, 123406 words
Status Completed

"Sometimes the person you'd take a bullet for ends up being the one behind the gun."  A maniac father out to kill his daughter. A tenacious Sora. Twelve coveted Rose Warriors. A series of disasters and chance. Kiss of the Rose Princess. 

My 12th Brother: Luhan

By littlepenguins Updated
Tags  romance   you   exo   exom   luhan 
Characters Lu Han (EXO-M), Yoo Eunbyul (You), EXO members and OCs
With 81 chapters, 2072 votes, 638650 views, 19222 comments, 142813 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

I’ve been living in an unstable family since I was 7. My father always ends up getting divorced… I already got so many siblings and now… I’m going to meet a new one.  Will he be the last one? Will he be good to me? or... he will just capture my heart? or worst.... hurt my heart?    

My Alpha

By Sehun8gfat Updated
Tags  exo   kai   kyungsoo   kaisoo   omegaverse   knotting   wolfau 
Characters Kyungsoo, Jongin
With 5 chapters, 590 votes, 11282 subscribers, 110680 views, 438 comments, 61083 words
Status [M], Completed, Subscribers Only

Morning Glory

By jindeul Updated
Tags  hunhan   sekai   baekyeol   chanbaek 
Characters Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Sehun, Jongin
With 2 chapters, 820 votes, 6705 subscribers, 89860 views, 1069 comments, 4154 words

Dear Park Chanyeol, Kim Jongin, Oh Sehun, Kim Minseok, Lu Han, Wu Yifan, Kim Jongdae

Watching Me

By Pirupi Updated
Tags  mystery   romance   thriller   you   exo   luhan   sehun 
Characters Oh Jaeyun (OC/You), Luhan & Oh Sehun
With 31 chapters, 1000 votes, 6204 subscribers, 130040 views, 1802 comments, 83604 words
Status Completed

4 years ago when you had first moved into your house with your parents and older brother Sehun, you immediately knew that there was an unsettling tension that hung in the air of this old worn out house. You were assured countless times that this unpleasant feeling would

Hardships and a Photobook

By Kristiful Updated
Tags  angst   drama   romance   exo   baekhyun 
Characters Baekhyun
With 8 chapters, 815 votes, 6353 subscribers, 72060 views, 1234 comments, 22896 words
Status Completed

13 June 2013 | Rainy   Baekhyun says he still can't remember   But photos don't lie.   H

The Great Story

By sweetUKISSfan Updated
Tags  romance   exo   taoris   baekyeol   kaisoo   sulay 
Characters EXO and other Kpop stars
With 38 chapters, 522 votes, 2487 subscribers, 71420 views, 908 comments, 94237 words
Status Completed

Zhang Yixing is a one-hit author. After a very successful writing debut and an almost movie proposal, he hasn't been able to write anything anymore. He has travelled the world in search of what he calls the Great Story. In order to support himself, he is forced to work as a personal assistant for Kris Wu, CEO of Starling Entertainment. Yixing soon learns that the Great Story might be closer than he imagines.    

All is Said and Done

By drawingstrings Updated
Tags  angst      exo   kai   kyungsoo   kaisoo 
Characters Jongin/Kyungsoo
With 22 chapters, 537 votes, 1146 comments, 70126 words
Status Completed

Liking your bestfriend isn't cliche at all.  

Kris, The Stupid Jerk

By nailahchan Updated
Tags  comedy   fluff   romance   you   exo   exom   kris 
Characters You & Kris
With 49 chapters, 1336 votes, 10748 subscribers, 253010 views, 3567 comments, 47904 words

  Kris is a stupid jerk. That was etched on your mind ever since you were young. He had always been teasing you and making you really irritated but it all ended when you left for America. The moment that you were finally coming back to Korea, you plotted a revenge towards him all because of what he did. But will things go the way you expected it to?    

Life, Rewritten

By Goddess Updated
Tags  oneshot   romance   exo   kai 
Characters Kai & OC
With 1 chapters, 817 votes, 841 comments, 13004 words
Status Completed

The girl you loved hated you. If she got into an accident one day and she forgot you, would you reintroduce yourself as her enemy....or as someone else, entirely?         Hi everyone! :)

The Difficulties of Loving Kim Jongin

By xoxoayonimous Updated
Characters (EXO) Kim Jongin || (OC) Byun Eunsae
With 30 chapters, 620 votes, 6854 subscribers, 213430 views, 3336 comments, 58996 words
Status [M], Completed


By aimbord Updated
Tags  kai   baekhyun   chanyeol   hunhan   kyungsoo   baekyeol   kaisoo 
Characters Kai Kyungsoo Baekhyun Chanyeol Sehun Luhan Lay
With 43 chapters, 677 votes, 4344 subscribers, 134890 views, 1159 comments, 122197 words
Status [M], Completed

You and Me: We're Dorm Buddies

By hiheymondays Updated
Tags  infinite   kimmyungsoo   ljoe   myungsoo   sliceoflife   woohyun 
Characters INFINITE, Kim Myungsoo/L, Nam Woohyun, L.Joe, OC
With 57 chapters, 532 votes, 4797 subscribers, 146790 views, 2924 comments, 90425 words
Status Completed

"What do you mean by boarding school?" "Stay in, and there's no getting out?"   Times are hard for dreamers. Les temps sont durs pour les rêveurs. - Amélie.  


By apennyforseoul Updated
Tags  romance   exo   luhan   xiumin   xiuhan   lumin 
Characters Xiumin, Lu Han, Chen, Chanyeol & other EXO members.
With 9 chapters, 719 votes, 2167 subscribers, 91350 views, 625 comments, 61101 words
Status Completed

FINAL WORD COUNT - approx. 57,000   There were two eras in Minseok’s life; pre-Lu Han and post-Lu Han – and the moment those two ages col

Date Me (Just Say You Do)

By FloweryMisha Updated
Tags     kaisoo 
With 1 chapters, 569 votes, 1479 subscribers, 42470 views, 554 comments, 4762 words
Status Completed

When you like someone so much you have no idea how to approach them, cheesy pick-up lines might be your best asset. Not.

The P0rn Business

By FirstAnothersujufan Updated
Tags  eunhae   romance   haehyuk 
With 38 chapters, 685 votes, 5772 subscribers, 142050 views, 4050 comments, 84550 words
Status [M], Completed, Subscribers Only

What Bullying Really Does To You

By soupandcrisp123 Updated
Tags  angst   depression   exo   kai   luhan   sehun   hunhan 
With 20 chapters, 526 votes, 3254 subscribers, 103750 views, 2146 comments, 109467 words

I couldn't ever bring myself to hate you. I love you. I'll never regret loving you. They're my last words.  Please don't forget them Oh Sehun. I will always love you and I hope you can forgive me. Be happy for both of us. It’s my last wish - Luhan     Two years ago I had friends, Two years ago I was happy, Two years ago I used to smile, Two years ago I was loved,


By kfanfiction Updated
Tags  bangyongguk   drama   sliceoflife   yongguk   bap 
Characters You and Yongguk, Himchan as secondary character
With 24 chapters, 701 votes, 6016 subscribers, 110470 views, 1053 comments, 37282 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

Life has become incomparably dull. But when a boy who easily takes things in stride despite his unfortunate situation enters your life, will he be able to show you the world you've started to forget?

My Arranged Marriage with EXO-K's SeHun--- PLEASE STOP TRANSLATING

By kyuhyunwifey Updated
Tags  arrangedmarriage   korean   romance   smtown   exo   sehun 
Characters [MAIN] Joo Young (you), [MAIN]Se Hun, Lee Soo Man, Kai, Lu Han, Tao, Baekhyun
With 55 chapters, 631 votes, 13288 subscribers, 397860 views, 4619 comments, 52811 words
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

[DO NOT TRANSLATE MY STORY. ] (You) Park Joo Young is a 17- year old pretty face who doesn't have a house, and she finds herself engaged to Exo's Se Hun.   Mr. Lee Soo Man sees her across the street, and in the span of 24 hours, she finds herself signing a marriage contract with an unknown guy named Se Hun (of new boy group EXO). ♥♥♥

Touch Of A Stranger

By wishfulthinker Updated
Tags  angst   drama   romance   exo   sehun 
Characters Oh Sehun, Kang Soojin (OC), Luhan, EXO
With 36 chapters, 750 votes, 6893 subscribers, 190730 views, 1574 comments, 136217 words
Status [M], Members Only

A Bad Boy's Bride

By TeaMinT Updated
Tags  angst   arrangedmarriage   drama   romance   exo   exokai   kai   jongin 
Characters Kim Jongin | Jung Daesom (OC) | Kim Myungsoo | EXO
With 35 chapters, 1370 votes, 4140 comments, 106416 words
Status Completed, Members Only, Subscribers Only

  You never looked at me the way I looked at you. You never lived the life I lived for you. How could you walk away as though it didn't matter to you? Why don't you turn around and look at me like I do? I'm right here, but why can't you see me like I did to you? Just look at me, damn it

Baek in a Box

By Chr0meHearts Updated
Tags  fluff   exo   baekhyun   chanyeol   baekyeol   chanbaek   allthefluff 
Characters Chanyeol | Baekhyun
With 25 chapters, 793 votes, 4702 subscribers, 119050 views, 2189 comments, 39691 words
Status Completed

They say good things always come in small packages, so when a box gets left on the doorstep of Park Chanyeol, an artist who wants everything to be perfect, his whole life gets turned upside down by a very tiny, unexpected visitor. 

Hey There, Little Red Riding Hood

By RayneReign Updated
Tags  comedy   friendship   romance   you   exo   exok   werewolf 
Characters You, Suho, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Kai, Sehun, D.O.
With 62 chapters, 679 votes, 13458 subscribers, 176060 views, 1551 comments, 71581 words
Status Completed, Members Only, Subscribers Only

"Come on. We don't bite...hard." You (Elise, or El) were hiking through the woods one day when you came across a pack of wolves. Not just any wolves, either. Six werewolves that were all insanely attractive. These boys were the famous group at school, EXO-K. They had girls swooning over them at a

The Melody of His Heart

By vanillasushi Updated
Characters Baekhyun, OC
With 6 chapters, 573 votes, 2241 subscribers, 41430 views, 640 comments, 33496 words
Status Completed

Wouldn't it be sad if you met The One, only to find out that they might have a totally different preference in music? What if you like Jazz and Classical music, but your other half prefers EDM and Hardstyle?  I can only see that as a tragic love story that will never work out. Like Romeo and Juliet.  Because in this universe, we put our hope and future of meeting ou