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When We Lie

We have physical reactions when we lie. Our heart skips three beats. One from guilt. One from fear. And one from held breath, waiting to see if someone will catch us.

Help wanted, Daddy needed

By MoonlitPrincess Updated
Characters Kang Seulgi, Bae Irene
With 15 chapters, 784 votes, 12833 subscribers, 170030 views, 1303 comments, 118034 words
Status [M], [TW], Completed, Members Only, Subscribers Only, Crowdfunded

the heart wants what it wants

By Jeyeon Updated
Tags  fluff   romance   romcom   taengsic   highschoolau   seulrene   blackvelvet   jiseul 
Characters Irene Bae & Kang Seulgi
With 35 chapters, 637 votes, 5621 subscribers, 113640 views, 1746 comments, 143583 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

Is it possible for you to love someone who you swore to hate all your life?  

Last January

By vaeliselva Updated
Tags  angst   tragedy      exo   kaisoo 
Characters kim jongin do kyungsoo others
With 13 chapters, 724 votes, 7332 subscribers, 262020 views, 1565 comments, 18096 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

"I realized that the person who made me happily smile more than anyone else in the world can’t be you anymore" "Happy birthday to you" Everyone was singing happily. Kyungsoo was standing there. Capture it. Remember it. This moment. Before it gone. "Blow the candles" He nodded. Faked a smile. And blow it until the last candle has been extinguished. "Make

I'm Sorry It Was You

By EmilyJ58 Updated
Tags  angst   friendship   romance   schoollife   exo   luhan   sehun 
Characters Sehun, Baekhyun, Luhan, Lee Mira (OC), exo
With 62 chapters, 602 votes, 8257 subscribers, 139960 views, 1682 comments, 255448 words
Status Completed, Members Only, Subscribers Only

 Others referred to it as 'love'. But after all she had done to him, how could she call this love? She wanted to forget everything; everything but Oh Sehun. In truth, she never wanted to forget him. But how could she stay with him now?


By Chocksi Updated
Tags  mpreg   exo   hunhan   taoris   baekyeol   kaisoo   sudo 
Characters Jongin, Kyungsoo, Suho, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Luhan, Sehun, Kris, Tao, Jongdae
With 24 chapters, 1331 votes, 6357 subscribers, 254900 views, 1557 comments, 70545 words
Status Completed

  It only takes thirty seconds for Kyungsoo to fall in love for the first time. Kyungsoo’s eyes don’t miss him. His gaze is trained on that one familiar face in the midst of this crowd of churning bodies and masses of peopl


By theminion Updated
Tags  romance   exo   kai   kyungsoo   kaisoo 
Characters Kai & Kyungsoo~
With 2 chapters, 605 votes, 2759 subscribers, 414 comments, 3356 words
Status Completed, Members Only

Jongin falls in love with his patient on the operating table.

Love Medicine.

By -star- Updated
Tags  angst   romance   sliceoflife   you   exo   baekhyun 
With 19 chapters, 613 votes, 4683 subscribers, 98120 views, 755 comments, 32148 words
Status Completed

“Unrequited loves are the most painful, especially when trying to find yourself."

Always Online • EXO's Facebook

By baby-dont-kai Updated
Tags  comedy   sment   facebook   exo   crack   ot12 
Characters exo centric, sm artists, sm staff, b.a.p, oc cats, inanimate objects
With 37 chapters, 733 votes, 3557 subscribers, 106290 views, 1701 comments, 55398 words
Status Completed

Exo spend a lot of time annoying each other on Facebook. Hilarity Stupidity ensues. 

Down On Your Knees!

By theminion Updated
Characters Kyungsoo & Kai~
With 1 chapters, 647 votes, 2798 subscribers, 472 comments, 4929 words
Status [M], Completed, Members Only

The flaws in Park Chanyeol

By blehmeh Updated
Tags  action   angst   romance   baekhyun   chanyeol   baekyeol   chanbaek 
Characters Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Joo Sung (OC), EXO (and ex-members)
With 10 chapters, 967 votes, 7567 subscribers, 208800 views, 5122 comments, 71896 words
Status Completed

They are going so well. Chanyeol spends every day seeing the light sparkle in Baekhyun's eyes and watching the love of his life return to his old self. He doesn't think anything can happen to Baekhyun, or come in between them, especially when he p

Unraveling You

By xoxoayonimous Updated
Characters EXO Kris || OC Soojin
With 21 chapters, 611 votes, 11013 subscribers, 103710 views, 2134 comments, 53331 words
Status [M], Completed, Subscribers Only, Crowdfunded


By baekyeolangst Updated
Tags  angst   domestic   baekyeol   chanbaek 
Characters Park Chanyeol, Byun Baekhyun
With 13 chapters, 555 votes, 121440 views, 2813 comments, 29497 words
Status Subscribers Only

  “Ah, really. Chanyeol doesn’t exactly know how to explain to his blind husband that he has fallen out of love.”    

How To Tame Your Player

By Phaggot Updated
Tags  fluff   romance   exo   humor   kaisoo   kaido   taohun 
Characters Jongin, Kyungsoo
With 51 chapters, 765 votes, 3814 subscribers, 134170 views, 2306 comments, 100741 words
Status Completed

Kyungsoo's guide to taming his player, Kim Jongin. Results May Vary

Blood Sister

By Korekrypta Updated
Tags  action   gangs   mafia   romance   luhan   sehun   xiumin 
Characters Xiumin, Luhan, Lay, Sehun, Chen, Kai, Semi, Lu Wei Yi
With 61 chapters, 907 votes, 7963 subscribers, 220570 views, 4531 comments, 190950 words
Status Completed, Members Only, Subscribers Only

Eight years after the fateful events during which three of South Korea’s biggest crime syndicates were taken down when ex-convict Xiumin betrayed his blood brother for a normal civilian life, Luhan has broken out of jail and he’s on his way to disrupt Minseok and Semi’s peaceful life.  To make matters worse, an incredibly important mission of Kai's has gone wrong in China, meaning that the sole remaining member of Luhan's arch-nemesis Mighty Mouth is back on the scene to hunt down Luhan’s lit

Love Me Right

By jongnugget Updated
Tags  college   sport   exo   kai   kyungsoo 
Characters kim jongin, do kyungsoo, exo
With 23 chapters, 682 votes, 3889 subscribers, 1470 comments, 124096 words
Status [M], Completed, Members Only, Subscribers Only

somebody wants you

By winterbreath Updated
Tags  wenrene 
Characters Wendy, Irene, Joy, Seulgi, Yeri, Jessica, Chanyeol, Sehun, Tiffany, Jeongyeon, Momo, Seohyun, Jisoo, Chen, Choi Sooyoung, Kim Taeyeon
With 19 chapters, 694 votes, 4144 subscribers, 69260 views, 1368 comments, 172468 words
Status [M], Subscribers Only

My 12th Brother: Luhan

By littlepenguins Updated
Tags  romance   you   exo   exom   luhan 
Characters Lu Han (EXO-M), Yoo Eunbyul (You), EXO members and OCs
With 81 chapters, 2083 votes, 27003 subscribers, 644590 views, 19315 comments, 142813 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only, Crowdfunded

I’ve been living in an unstable family since I was 7. My father always ends up getting divorced… I already got so many siblings and now… I’m going to meet a new one.  Will he be the last one? Will he be good to me? or... he will just capture my heart? or worst.... hurt my heart?    

The List

By leader_kyuzizi Updated
Tags  mpreg   hunhan   taoris   baekyeol   kaisoo   chanbaek 
Characters Tao, Luhan, Baekhyun, Kyungsoo, Sehun, Kris, Chanyeol, Kai
With 53 chapters, 1496 votes, 8843 subscribers, 382540 views, 3501 comments, 284098 words
Status [M], Completed


By jinkirei Updated
Tags  exo   baekhyun   chanyeol   baekyeol 
With 19 chapters, 796 votes, 280430 views, 2204 comments, 42925 words
Status Completed

Two Moons

By Marvels_ Updated
Tags  action   fantasy   harem   owncharacters   exo 
Characters Exo (not all members), OC and other major OCs
With 191 chapters, 1284 votes, 383780 views, 12694 comments, 308809 words
Status Subscribers Only

Prosperity High, a prestigious school with a lot of mysteries. People tell the wildest rumors about that school but no one knows exactly what's going on there. Only selected student get the honor to be invited to attend the school, one of them Han Siyeon. "In our world there are only Masters and Warriors. Who do you bel


By bbe1989 Updated
Characters tao, kris, exo
With 1 chapters, 642 votes, 1831 subscribers, 49620 views, 336 comments, 13715 words
Status [M], Completed

Touch of Fear

By dreamyflower Updated
Tags  drama   romance   schoollife   exo   sehun 
Characters Sehun, Ara (OC), EXO-K
With 79 chapters, 2313 votes, 35852 subscribers, 686440 views, 7918 comments, 165820 words
Status Completed, Members Only, Subscribers Only

Can a heart that is hardened towards this world love? - Park Ara hates rich people who don't know the toughness of life, but unfortunately she attends a prestigious school, that is filled with spoiled adolescents, with a scholarship because certain circumstances force her to do so. That is something she can still endure, though, by ignoring the existence of th

The Blood Brother Code

By Korekrypta Updated
Tags  angst   arrangedmarriage   gangs   psychological   romance   xiumin   minseok 
Characters Oh Semi (OC), Xiumin, Sehun, Luhan, Tao, Lay, the rest of EXO
With 102 chapters, 1876 votes, 16546 subscribers, 480600 views, 12474 comments, 333136 words
Status Completed, Members Only, Subscribers Only

"No, seriously, though, what high school student who's just about to graduate films some blatantly dangerous guys beating somebody to death in a dark alleyway?" "Oh Semi, apparently."   Semi's graduation present was a death threat from the country's biggest mafia boss and a hasty eviction to the United States.  Nine months later, she's in hospital making a near miraculous recovery from an assassination attempt from


By NutellaCookie Updated
Tags  donghae   eunhae   hyukjae   haehyuk 
Characters Donghae || Hyukjae
With 28 chapters, 642 votes, 4304 subscribers, 99400 views, 4234 comments, 109613 words
Status [M], Completed, Subscribers Only

The Magic of Baby Eyes

By soubiish Updated
Tags  angst   romance   mpreg   exo   taoris   baekyeol 
Characters baekhyun chanyeol tao kris kyungsoo
With 2 chapters, 579 votes, 7587 subscribers, 83310 views, 325 comments, 27772 words
Status [M], Completed, Subscribers Only

She Knew

By Yinfany Updated
Tags  angst   romance   seulgi   girlxgirl   irene   redvelvet   seulrene 
Characters Irene, Seulgi, Seulrene, Red Velvet
With 24 chapters, 583 votes, 3664 subscribers, 77210 views, 717 comments, 56972 words
Status Completed

The fear and trepidation of two girls in an ambiguous relationship; one overly afraid of discrimination and forsaked the other who chose to compromise repeatedly because she didn't want them to end up as nothing. Nevertheless, there is always a limit as of how much one can withstand.  ***    

Hardships and a Photobook

By Kristiful Updated
Tags  angst   drama   romance   exo   baekhyun 
Characters Baekhyun
With 8 chapters, 851 votes, 6550 subscribers, 76830 views, 1268 comments, 22896 words
Status Completed

13 June 2013 | Rainy   Baekhyun says he still can't remember   But photos don't lie.   H

My Beautiful Roommate

By InfinityPenguins Updated
Tags  romance   soosun   taeny   yoonhyun   yulsic   girlxgirl 
Characters Stephanie Hwang Miyoung, Kim TaeYeon
With 40 chapters, 579 votes, 5703 subscribers, 150790 views, 1411 comments, 49055 words
Status Completed

Living with a girl who's whole life revolves around skinship is not easy.   Espesially if you're lesbian.   This is Kim Taeyeon's life living with her college dorm mate, Stephanie Hwang Mi

Honour and Duty

By BlackFeather_2 Updated
Characters Seulgi Joohyun
With 27 chapters, 874 votes, 6117 subscribers, 166280 views, 1268 comments, 412869 words
Status [M], [TW], Completed, Members Only


By anashins Updated
Characters Nara (OC), Sehun, Exo
With 40 chapters, 1985 votes, 38438 subscribers, 582670 views, 5230 comments, 122297 words
Status [M], Completed, Subscribers Only

Guys Bein' Dudes

By seawitcher Updated
Characters Do Kyungsoo, Kim Jongin
With 2 chapters, 648 votes, 3296 subscribers, 69200 views, 360 comments, 23036 words
Status [M], Completed

The Heat

By vanillasushi Updated
Tags  fluff   romance   sliceoflife   exo   exok   kai   jongin 
Characters Kai, OC
With 13 chapters, 746 votes, 3601 subscribers, 120610 views, 966 comments, 44965 words
Status Completed

People who aren't so... normal are always thrown to the side, outcasted and ostracised. Just because they don't act a certain manner, society avoids them like they're infectious. It wasn't their choice to be born like this. It wasn't their choice to be genetically different, physically different, or even temperamentally different.  This is a s

Fatalis Dilemma

By pcyosh Updated
Tags  angst   drama   romance   exo   kai   sehun   sekai   kaisoo 
Characters Oh Sehun, Kim Kai, Kim Jongin (Park Chanyeol, Do Kyungsoo)
With 38 chapters, 665 votes, 5873 subscribers, 215820 views, 7638 comments, 96287 words
Status Subscribers Only

Can the heart love two people at the same time? What if they're twins named Kai and Jongin?

I'd Agree With You, But Then We'd Both Be Wrong

By pyrefly Updated
Tags  fluff   seulgi   irene   redvelvet   seulrene 
Characters Kang Seulgi, Bae Irene, and the rest of Red Velvet
With 3 chapters, 584 votes, 2364 subscribers, 41680 views, 288 comments, 21504 words
Status Completed

Irene is Seulgi's writer of a roommate who's out looking for inspiration in all the wrong places. But Irene's really pretty, and Seulgi's weak against pretty girls, so she'll it up because it is what it is. Or, Seulgi loses her mind over her beautiful roommate who she doesn't talk to nearly enough.

Mini-Jongin Guiding Manual

By hoonmin Updated
Tags  comedy   fluff   romance   exo   humor   kaisoo 
Characters Do Kyungsoo, Kim Jongin
With 9 chapters, 591 votes, 2871 subscribers, 66520 views, 677 comments, 26219 words
Status Completed

Do Kyungsoo woke up to receive a package. Nothing weird... Except for the fact that inside it was a little boy, and I do, mean little.

The Traits of a Lover

By baekyuu Updated
Tags  angst   drama   romance   baekyeol   chanbaek 
Characters pcy/bbh + exo, etc
With 20 chapters, 632 votes, 7169 subscribers, 96240 views, 2226 comments, 84562 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

Baekhyun’s son is dying. The only options he had was to let him go—or accept his former lover’s bargain; the sum of money he needed to save his son’s life, in exchange for spending thirty days with his divorced husband. “Come on, Baekhyun,“ Chanyeol had smirked with his smug smile of his, “it’s just a month… right?”

Bon Voyage

By purpleskies Updated
Tags  exo   hunhan   taoris   baekyeol   kaisoo   xiulay   suchen 
Characters Luhan, Sehun, the rest of EXO and occasional appearances by other SMTown artists
With 91 chapters, 1138 votes, 6872 subscribers, 329190 views, 7558 comments, 322167 words
Status [M], Completed

Armed and Dangerous

By loviet Updated
Tags  action   romance   kimhimchan   himchan   spinoff   himchanandoc 
Characters Kim Himchan OC Bae Sang Hee and extras
With 54 chapters, 770 votes, 6733 subscribers, 175890 views, 3876 comments, 240858 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

Kim Himchan is the Violent Crimes unit's best cop. But there's a reason behind that. He used to be the right hand man to one of Seoul's most dangerous  gang, B.A.P. But when B.A.P disbanded in an attempt to live normal lives, Himchan decided to put his skills to use and actually do some good. So he became a detective. The best damn detective that Unit 565 had ever seen. But then came a change in plans.

Noisy Thoughts

By scarletstring Updated
Tags  seulgi   wendy   irene   redvelvet   wenrene 
Characters wendy, irene, joy, seulgi, yeri
With 15 chapters, 630 votes, 3806 subscribers, 99560 views, 916 comments, 178492 words

Irene moves in to her new apartment, where she meets her interesting roommate. 

How to Be an AFF Writing God

By MusicChibi Updated
Tags  workshop   writing   advicecolumn 
With 46 chapters, 668 votes, 1632 comments, 80560 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

    Hello there, sweeties. This workshop consists of tips, advice, and knowledge that will help you in your various writing endeavours. These are here

Married To My Boss

By DaltheBadassHijabi Updated
Tags  drama   fluff   romance   exo   marriage   kris 
Characters Kris Wu || Song Haru (OC)
With 36 chapters, 572 votes, 12402 subscribers, 206230 views, 1442 comments, 85849 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

  Due to a promise made by her grandfather and his best friend, Haru has no choice but to risk her future with a stranger. Well, that's what she thought when she first heard of the crazy news. When she found out who her husband-to-be was, he was no stranger to her life at all. How can he be when she sees him every single day for the past two years? 


By lucidbunny Updated
Characters Oh Sehun, OC/You, Kim Jongin, Park Chanyeol, Byun Baekhyun
With 1 chapters, 612 votes, 12597 subscribers, 290030 views, 2994 comments, 151061 words
Status [M], [TW], Completed, Members Only, Subscribers Only

The Devil Wears Gucci

By jongnugget Updated
Characters Jongin, Kyungsoo, the rest of EXO, mentions of other SM artists
With 22 chapters, 690 votes, 3697 subscribers, 83250 views, 1695 comments, 140897 words
Status [M], Completed, Members Only, Subscribers Only


By bd8d94 Updated
Tags  exo   taoris   baekyeol   kaisoo   xiuhan 
Characters EXO; Main!Kaisoo
With 45 chapters, 1032 votes, 5031 subscribers, 234170 views, 1805 comments, 190354 words
Status Completed

Kyungsoo thought he had everything and everyone figured out. He knew who was in love, he knew the mean boys from the nice ones. He knew the answer was 42. But he can't help doubting himself as everything he thought he knew starts falling apart. Maybe he didn't know anything after all...                                                                                                                                                                                                

Tutor Wars

By PrincessVivi Updated
Tags  comedy   fluff   romance   exo   kai   sehun 
Characters Kim Jongin, Oh Sehun, Lee Suyeon (OC), Hwang Mirae (OC)
With 31 chapters, 590 votes, 4342 subscribers, 96060 views, 1471 comments, 47129 words
Status Completed

Daegu Tutoring Service, run by Hwang Mirae and Lee Suyeon, is the best tutoring place in town. Mirae and Suyeon are pros: they've been tutoring schoolkids of all ages for a while now.   Suddenly, a new tutoring service enters the scene: the Sunset Tutoring Group,  w

Kaisoo Valentine's Project

By KaisooProject Updated
Tags  romance   jongin   kyungsoo   kaisoo 
Characters Jongin (Kai) and Kyungsoo (D.O.)
With 16 chapters, 563 votes, 3188 subscribers, 90680 views, 1587 comments, 200044 words
Status Completed

Authors reunite once again to bring brand new stories to celebrate Valentine's season.

Progressive Education

By Brandedbutterfly Updated
Characters Do Kyungsoo, Kim Jongin, other members of EXO and SHINee
With 108 chapters, 1651 votes, 11420 subscribers, 602210 views, 9310 comments, 238955 words
Status [M], Completed

The Lost Heirs

By jas1922 Updated
Tags  fantasy   exo   hunhan   superpowers   baekyeol   kaisoo   wolfau 
Characters Chanyeol I Kyungsoo I Sehun I Kai I Luhan I Baekhyun I Suho I Lay I Chen I Xiumin I Kris I Tao
With 26 chapters, 696 votes, 12278 subscribers, 182730 views, 1470 comments, 96839 words
Status [M], Completed, Subscribers Only

Deer Luhan, With Love

By Korekrypta Updated
Tags  comedy   genderbender   originalcharacter   exo   sehun   humor   crack 
Characters EXO, Sehun, OC
With 100 chapters, 954 votes, 7812 subscribers, 177560 views, 4255 comments, 349564 words
Status Completed, Members Only, Subscribers Only

A case of dyed pink hair, an argument with la madre, and a freak encounter with an EXO member in the park after being hit in the head by a plate find Leigh Lee on a plane to Seoul the next day, with little recollection of how she got there and EXO's maknae intent on calling her hyung.  She's also clutching Luhan's passport, missing her own, and widely mistaken for the second oldest boy in the group when she doesn't speak a word of Chinese.  And to make matters worse


By Skyler_blue Updated
Tags  action   romance   you   exo   kai   chanyeol   thrill 
Characters EXO | You
With 82 chapters, 1087 votes, 7114 subscribers, 4335 comments, 371887 words
Status [M], Completed


By _Arrow_ Updated
Tags  mpreg   domestic   chanbaek 
Characters Chanyeol & Baekhyun, kid!Jongdae, kid!Minseok & kid!Kyungsoo
With 49 chapters, 1177 votes, 6936 subscribers, 371730 views, 6041 comments, 215308 words
Status Completed

Middle school teacher and father of twins Chanyeol can't take how a classmate of his son's is always all alone. He takes the boy home with him over and over again and so gets into fights with the boy's rather pretty single parent.

The Classified Accounts of Ami Hwang

By PrincessVivi Updated
Tags  action   gangs   romance   exo   bts   seventeen 
Characters Ami Hwang (OC), Jeon Jungkook, BTS
With 60 chapters, 1625 votes, 7905 subscribers, 250870 views, 4586 comments, 102068 words
Status Completed

The funniest part about being cornered against the wall with 7 guns pointed at my head was how the only thing on my mind was my

Saving Her

By aluminumoxygen4123 Updated
Tags  drama   romance   kai 
Characters Kim Jongin, Park Yumi/ Kim Eunjung
With 42 chapters, 649 votes, 13386 subscribers, 311880 views, 4641 comments, 117097 words
Status [M], [TW], Members Only, Subscribers Only

Dragon's Mark

By -star- Updated
Tags  action   gangs   you   exom   kris 
Characters EXO Kris, Sarang (OC), EXO-M
With 30 chapters, 973 votes, 6768 subscribers, 142690 views, 1308 comments, 72195 words
Status Completed

Rumor has it that a Dragon's Mark is either an omen of death, or a mark of protection.

Baby's Breath

By jindeul Updated
Tags  angst   exo   baekhyun   chanyeol   baekyeol   chanbaek 
Characters Baekhyun and Chanyeol, with Exo as cameos.
With 31 chapters, 3797 votes, 18841 subscribers, 780000 views, 10266 comments, 56059 words
Status Completed

*Baby's Breath "Baby's Breath" is a traditional, filler flower used most often for co

Mistaken for a Boy

By LuAnn98 Updated
Tags  comedy   drama   genderbender   originalcharacter   exo   kai 
Characters Kai, OC
With 27 chapters, 568 votes, 8354 subscribers, 98860 views, 996 comments, 76163 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

   ​When Sungmi heard that a guest was going to stay at her home, she didn't know who to expect.  An old grandpa? A balding businessman? A pedo? But the last thing she expected was to have a bronz

The Kungfu Queen (Bodyguard Princess II)

By Goddess Updated
Tags  joseon   romcom   exo   exok   baekhyun   chanyeol 
Characters Baekhyun & OC, Chanyeol & OC, sides: EXO
With 36 chapters, 1051 votes, 251360 views, 7712 comments, 70975 words
Status Completed

A rough peasant bodyguard becoming a Nation's Queen. What troubles will Byul and Baekhyun face this time?   HELLO EVERYONE! This is Goddess and I bring to you the Sequel to My Bodygu


By commovente Updated
Tags  action   fantasy   you   exo   exok   ocandexo 
Characters EXO, OC
With 71 chapters, 826 votes, 5981 subscribers, 160990 views, 3050 comments, 289601 words

Ordinary teenagers get themselves caught up in M-LX—a confidential organization that deals with alien terrorists that disrupt the country—and finds out that they aren't so ordinary after all. Alongside seventeen year-old badass Kim Hyerin, they will do whatever it takes to be the best fighters out there while dealing with the never-ending drama and romance of high school.

every night, doing you right

By OhSugarHoneyIceTea Updated
With 13 chapters, 598 votes, 11563 subscribers, 168310 views, 463 comments, 60634 words
Status [M], Subscribers Only

Baby Sehun!

By hoonmin Updated
Tags  fluff   romance   mpreg   exo   humor   taoris   baekyeol 
Characters Byun Baekhyun, Park Chanyeol, Wu Yifan, Huang Zitao, Kim Minseok
With 15 chapters, 595 votes, 4223 subscribers, 117640 views, 806 comments, 40283 words
Status Completed

All Baekhyun wanted was peace and quiet now that he's seven-months pregnant. But his husband, children and friends won't allow that, would they?

The Replacement Doll

By theminion Updated
Tags  comedy   fluff   romance   exo   kai   kyungsoo   kaisoo 
Characters Kai, Kyungsoo, and Suho (maybe some more minor EXO appearances)
With 36 chapters, 628 votes, 4181 subscribers, 806 comments, 231541 words
Status Completed, Members Only

Kim Jongin, son of the wealthiest businessman in town, is a spoiled brat whose most prized possession just so happens to be a life sized doll who he calls D.O. But when his father's personal a


By dancingducks Updated
Tags  exo   baekhyun   chen   chanyeol   baekyeol   chanbaek   baekhan 
Characters Baekhyun, Chanyeol, etc
With 9 chapters, 658 votes, 535 comments, 27689 words
Status Completed

Baekhyun makes a decision and deals with the after-effects.

The Person Who Once Loved Me

By prettysinggg Updated
Tags  angst   romance   exo   kai 
Characters Kai, Hana [OC]
With 26 chapters, 1091 votes, 7516 subscribers, 218540 views, 2473 comments, 58769 words
Status Completed

  When you think about skipping stones and sneaking out at midnight, I hope it'll bring you to think about me. I hope it'll bring a genuine smile to your face ; and I hope it'll take you back to all of those endless summers we spent together. And maybe... Just maybe it'll make you wonder about that one girl in the small town that loved you with all her heart.

The Misfits: Lost King

By Marvels_ Updated
Tags  action   fantasy   romance   exo   sehun 
Characters Exo, OC
With 14 chapters, 601 votes, 143480 views, 2833 comments, 37910 words
Status Subscribers Only

Vampires, Humans, Werewolves. They all live in the same world; fighting each other for the survival of their own species. Distracted by war, no one noticed that strange things are happening. Unnoticed, subtle and dangerous. The daughters and sons of the earth are on the rise and their marching could overthrow the world into chaos and destruction.

I'm In Love With My Stepfather

By aluminumoxygen4123 Updated
Characters Kris, You, Kai
With 68 chapters, 855 votes, 35143 subscribers, 741490 views, 5354 comments, 134114 words
Status [M], [TW], Completed, Members Only, Subscribers Only

Where the Daisies Grow

By witchofcarolina Updated
Tags  fantasy   romance   exo   luhan   sehun   hunhan   spiritau 
Characters Luhan & Sehun
With 2 chapters, 671 votes, 4910 subscribers, 557 comments, 15855 words
Status Completed

Upon his grandmother's death, Luhan moves to her isolated cottage in the countryside. It is there that he befriends the mischievous wind spirit of the valley and falls in love with him.   Note: Inspired by Jap

Chicken Soup for the Restless Soul

By bbe1989 Updated
Tags  comedy   drama   romance   taoris 
Characters tao, kris, exo
With 9 chapters, 679 votes, 2519 subscribers, 66130 views, 811 comments, 57097 words
Status Completed

Kris spent long, tough years training to pass his master sommelier test.  It cost him his wife, and left him balancing life as a single father.  So, of course, he takes his job - and his life - very seriously.  On the flipside is their newest hire, some little punk named Tao who smokes heavily, cusses like a sailor, and plays loud and inappropriate hiphop in the kitchens.  So... how the hell does someone like that cook something


By missribbons Updated
Tags  romance   you   exo   exokai 
Characters Kai, OC
With 25 chapters, 843 votes, 7067 subscribers, 200120 views, 1362 comments, 95815 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

Su Ji had been struggling in following her own path and conquering the world. Or at least her world. She knew it wasn’t going to be an easy ride, she had always conceded that fact. Then, a boy named Jongin entered the scene and her life went from complicated to tangled.     ------ Note: Chapters which contains potential psychological triggers or suggestive themes are marked with the M rating.    

Can I just Alohomora your heart for me?

By mo_zart Updated
Tags  exo   kai   sehun   kray   sekai   baekyeol   kaihun 
Characters All EXO members
With 27 chapters, 676 votes, 4253 subscribers, 137230 views, 2020 comments, 119722 words
Status Friends Only

  Meet Kim Jongin. Hogwarts' ice prince. The Slytherin boy has so many things another teenagers only could dream of. Good looks, wealth, fame. Too bad it means nothing to him. He despises almost everything in his sight, and he hates a lot of things--and people. A name filled the top of his most-hated-things list:  

The Client

By kpoponly Updated
Characters G-dragon, you, Big Bang
With 78 chapters, 792 votes, 26155 subscribers, 490640 views, 7877 comments, 399299 words
Status [M], Completed, Subscribers Only

Something Flutters

By fantasy_seoul Updated
Tags  fluff   romance   exo   hunhan   baekyeol   kaisoo   sulay 
Characters Luhan, Sehun, EXO
With 37 chapters, 1098 votes, 309200 views, 4124 comments, 260408 words
Status Completed, Members Only

Fluttering moments from an unlikely love story. 

My Bodyguard Princess

By Goddess Updated
Tags  romcom   exo   exok   exom   baekhyun   chanyeol 
Characters Baekhyun & OC + sides: EXO
With 74 chapters, 1633 votes, 542670 views, 16894 comments, 115462 words
Status Completed

Every member of the royal family needs a bodyguard, and so does the Crown Prince Byun Baekhyun. What happens when this particular female bodyguard that got assigned to protect him wasn't anything he expected?    

Cold Water

By vanillasushi Updated
Tags  fluff   sehun   sehunxoc   gangsterau   songinspired   boyfriendau 
Characters Sehun, OC
With 9 chapters, 876 votes, 4926 subscribers, 124360 views, 1207 comments, 44246 words
Status Completed

  I know I am drowning. He is dangerous, but is it his fault that I am in love with such a man like him? A man who has never

Forbidden Boys

By ChaeYo Updated
Tags  angst   romance   you   exo   luhan   sehun 
Characters Eunbi [YOU] & Luhan & Sehun [EXO]
With 75 chapters, 946 votes, 8264 subscribers, 335570 views, 6257 comments, 153105 words
Status Completed

Having to move from everything she’s ever known Eunbi is all of a sudden thrown into a life full of chaos.Troublesome love, ignorant parents, jealousy and confusing friendships are suddenly a part of her

Date Me (Just Say You Do)

By FloweryMisha Updated
Tags     kaisoo 
With 1 chapters, 589 votes, 1547 subscribers, 46440 views, 559 comments, 4762 words
Status Completed

When you like someone so much you have no idea how to approach them, cheesy pick-up lines might be your best asset. Not.

▬▬ facts about K-POP Idols ♡

By ipastel Updated
Tags  infinite   korean   shinee   snsd   superjunior   exo   facts 
Characters You and your K-POP idols. :3
With 48 chapters, 589 votes, 54530 views, 1072 comments, 11237 words
Status Subscribers Only


Heart of Ice

By dreamyflower Updated
Tags  drama   romance   exo   luhan 
Characters Luhan, Mihyun (OC), EXO
With 53 chapters, 826 votes, 15531 subscribers, 246390 views, 1474 comments, 85100 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

She is a cold, emotionless and rich heiress. He is a two-faced, broken and poor boy. Or so it seems. What happens when two people of such different social classes as them meet?  

The 7th Demon: Forever

By littlepenguins Updated
Tags  romance   exo   exok   baekhyun 
Characters Byun Baekhyun (EXO) and Shim Eun Joo (You)
With 3 chapters, 1053 votes, 10525 subscribers, 1755 comments, 7815 words
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only, Crowdfunded

"I will love you forever. Only you can say if I need to stop."  

When Love Strikes Like A Baseball Bat

By FirstAnothersujufan Updated
Tags  eunhae   romance   haehyuk 
With 28 chapters, 559 votes, 5817 subscribers, 104950 views, 1880 comments, 75087 words
Status [M], Completed, Subscribers Only

Dating Teacher Bae

By adamandeve Updated
Tags  seulgi   girlxgirl   irene   redvelvet   seulrene 
Characters Kang SeulGi || Bae JooHyun (Irene)
With 1 chapters, 733 votes, 10477 subscribers, 91900 views, 398 comments, 18979 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

  Some things SeulGi learned in dating a pre-school teacher.  

The Man who never Dies

By Goddess Updated
Tags  romance   bap   daehyun 
Characters Daehyun & OC + B.A.P.
With 67 chapters, 1383 votes, 401550 views, 12161 comments, 131379 words
Status Completed

I love you. I love you so much, and I have loved you for so long. So, so long. And because I love you, I have to stop you from loving me.

Summer Falter

By zuzuzu Updated
Tags  romance   exo   kai 
Characters Jongin + Kyungsoo
With 24 chapters, 843 votes, 144260 views, 2325 comments, 125395 words
Status [M], [TW], Completed, Members Only, Subscribers Only

Twelve Majestic

By BlackWhiskers Updated
Tags  angst   fantasy   friendship   exo   ot12   cardau   deckau 
Characters Moon Hani (OC), EXO
With 68 chapters, 561 votes, 3698 subscribers, 105430 views, 2329 comments, 233878 words
Status Completed, Members Only, Subscribers Only

My name is Moon Hani, and I’m a card wielder.          Or so I’ve been told.  

Sweep Me off My Feet

By leonhearrrrto Updated
Tags  fluff   romance   seulgi   highschoolau   fluffyandcute   irene   redvelvet   seulrene   cringefest 
Characters Seulgi Irene
With 41 chapters, 716 votes, 9422 subscribers, 1613 comments, 246459 words
Status Subscribers Only

A cliche high school AU love story where Bae Irene falls in love with Kang Seulgi, the charming basketball jock and how despite being complete opposites, they find themselves unable to keep apart from each other. Follow closely how their relationship slowly blossoms into a beautiful love story!

A Dead Man's Diary

By exoism Updated
Tags  you   exo   exok   exom   baekhyun   chanyeol 
Characters Baekhyun, OC, Chanyeol, EXO-K, EXO-M
With 21 chapters, 892 votes, 147860 views, 1587 comments, 23455 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

        Song Joori receives a diary of a boy who loved her.    The catch?He's dead

In too deep

By RC_Lillie Updated
Tags  donghae   eunhae   heechul   hyukjae   kyuhyun   sungmin   superjunior 
Characters Donghae, Hyukjae, Heechul, Kyuhyun, Super Junior and others
With 72 chapters, 665 votes, 3230 subscribers, 217540 views, 7727 comments, 74770 words
Status Completed

There comes an abrupt end to Donghae's carefree life when his noble family endebted themselves. He is forced into marriage...with a cold Lee Hyukjae. A life for a life. Money for a title. To lessen his parents' pain and guilt he acts in love with his husband when others are around. How long can they fool the world?  


By Emilieee Updated
Tags  action   angst   fantasy   romance   exo   baekhyun   baekhyunxoc   pirateau 
Characters Byun Baekhyun, Song Hei (OC), EXO
With 80 chapters, 757 votes, 6198 subscribers, 182150 views, 4022 comments, 423250 words
Status Completed, Members Only, Subscribers Only

Song Hei was a mistake, and that was what she’d grown up hearing.  

Imagine That.

By trinkdufreak Updated
Tags  exo   baekyeol   kaisoo   kriskai   chankai 
Characters Jongin, Kai, Kyungsoo, Chanyeol, Kris, Minseok, Baekhyun
With 2 chapters, 596 votes, 1709 subscribers, 54840 views, 322 comments, 15849 words
Status Completed, Members Only, Subscribers Only

Jongin has always had to accept things.  Just things in general. Everything in his life, he has accepted. Jongin has always accepted the way people treat him, how they pass over him as if he is a speck of misplaced paint on a slab of concrete. He is stuck to stay. They see him but do nothing but either step on him or move along. Then Kyungsoo comes into his life.

I Can Hear Your Heart

By dbskgirl4ever Updated
Tags  angst   korean   romance   leejongsuk   exo   exok   kai 
Characters Park Minjoo (OC), Lee Jong Suk, Kai (Exo)
With 29 chapters, 689 votes, 2974 comments, 84178 words
Status Completed, Members Only, Subscribers Only

Even if you can't say anything, I can still hear your heart.