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Playing Favourites (M

A Polaroid Affair+ (M

As Long As We Both Shall Live 

Dust to Dust+ (M)


His Dark Side (M

A Cheater's Secret (M

When You See Death 

He's Kinda Hot 

My Sister's Boyfriend (M

Rules & Regulations 

Lily To Rose (M)

Darkest Fantasies+ (M)

Life as Mrs. Byun (M

Single Player (M

Kiss Me, Drink Me (M

The Great Pretenders 

Mr. Neighbour (M

The Melody of His Heart 

Girl Problems 

Rest Your Love On Me 

White Noise (M

That XX

All But You (M

My School's Doc (M

Study Hard, Love Harder (M)

The One (M)

Of How We Met 

Homerun, baby (M)

Light Years 

Been Through  




The Little Bumblebee 

A Cheater's Secret (M

When You See Death 

Benefits of Being a Babysitter (M

The Heat 

Sinners in Heaven 

AA • K1A • IE (M)

Daddy's Princess (M)



The Three C's (M)

Good Girl, Bad Girl 

y, Free but Married (M

Hormones War (M)

The BFF Effect 

Cold Water 

Timeless Diamonds (M

Doctor's Fix (M)

My Mother's Boss (M

Train Hard (M)

Greater Than (M)

The Internship (M)

The One (M)

The Wind Prince 



Lost & Found 

Heart Shaped Kiwis on a Vanilla Duvet+ (M)


Touch of Spring 

Touch of Kings (M)

Daddy Issues (M

Working For The Trinity (M)   Moon Child 
      Triple Kill
D.O.       Come To Me (M)

How You Get The Girl

Passenger 61C (M)

XIUMIN Professor's Pet (M)     Temptation of an Angel (M)
EXO   One For All (M)   Machine Malfunction

(before leaving


One Chance and That's All You Got

This Love