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Noble, My Love

Sehun is accursed with a beautiful calla lily he can’t bear to forget.

FM (Futuristic Music) [Open]

By KatieKay35 Requested on

Looking for characters for my story, 'FM (Futuristic Music): New Version'! Form: Birth Name: Stage Name: Birthday: Can't be younger than 2006. Born In: Nationality: Ethnicity: Position: Has to be a Dancer and Vocalist or Rapper (or both). Background: Personality: Random Facts: The character has to be male (can be a transgender male). The character has to be either gay or biual.

Whats wrong with my FAMILY!

By Unknown12365 Requested on
Tags  genderbender   otheridols   2yeon   twice   satzu   michaeng   jeongmo   mitzu   saida 
Status [M]

Family fanfic


By Imawaji Requested on
Tags  idols   romcom   btob   sungjae   joy   bts   jennie   taehyung   redvelvet   sungjoy   twice   bbyu   nct   blackpink 
Characters joy, sungjae, red velvet, btob, lots of idols
Status [M], Completed


Nightmares of a twisted past

By Redofthedawn Requested on
Characters Jung Hoseok, Lee Yoon-Ha(OC), Lee Taemin, Choi Minho
Status [M]

Hello!! So, I need a co-author whos good at writing horror stories and one who knows about Silla. The story I'm writing is based on Bluebeard except this got a different ending. He lives, I'm still trying to decide if he becomes immortal or he just reincarnates. Oh, he is also Jhope. I also need you to have good grammar. If you are interested please apply!!!

Chanyeol , I Hate You.

By BTStrash142 Requested on
Tags  lovefluff 
Characters Chanyeol,Baekyun and reader

Uhhh, This is my first story ever and I would appreciate some help with it :/ Right now thingas aren't looking good. If you have any ideas for the dory just message me so we can both agree on it.Anyway thanks for your help~

Training wheels (taking applications!!)

By Orenjii_pop17 Requested on
Tags  angst   comedy   fluff   romance   schoollife   originalcharacter   exo   kai   cute   adorable   comedyromance   baekhyun   chen   chanyeol   ocgirl   tradegy   kimjongin   ohsehun   sehunxoc   exoxoc   fluffyandcute   jacksongot7   boynextdoor 
Characters Oh Sehun, oc Kim Jessi, Park Chanyeol, Kim Jongin, Park Kang Ari

Help! I really need some good coauthors to keep this story going i love it and wish i could to it myself but im too busyㅠㅠ just send in an application of the next chapter (u can be creative make a fight scene something cute deep secrets ect.) And ill review it and get back to you..ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED(((((:

A e by Chance

By Excavator_Girl Requested on
Characters Min Yoongi/ Bang Minah
Status [M]

need a person who can write to edit the scenes in this fic. Karma points guaranteed! (50kp for each scene!)


By kookenjams Requested on
Status [M], Completed

1x1 roleplay partner juseyo!

We're looking for 5 people to rp with us as seventeen in a kakao talk group chat! Come and see who is available and apply/send me a message if you're interested!!! Seungcheol/S.coups: taken Jeonghan: taken Joshua/Jisoo: taken Jun/Junhui: available Hoshi/Soonyoung: taken Wonwoo: taken Woozi/Jihoon: taken Mingyu: available DK/Seokmin: available The8/Minghao: taken Seungkwan: available Vernon/Hansol: available Dino/Chan: taken

Need a trailer or a poster? Come and request from Dream Big Graphic and Trailer Shop while Batch 2 still have slots.

The Good Kush.

By loonagf Requested on
Tags  draft 

testy test

RaspChanBaekBerry Advertisement Shop 💟||OPEN And ACCEPTING REQUESTS||💟

By TraceyWolfQueen Requested on
Tags  bigbang   contest   roleplay   shinee   snsd   advertise   exo   shop   story   open   requestshop   baekhyun   chanyeol   advertisement   baekyeol   chanbaek   advertisementshop   ads   bts   accepting   acceptingrequests   allofkpop 
Characters Stories | Roleplays | Shops | Contests etc.

I'm in need of a coauthor to make a layout for my Advertisement Shop.

Did the thought of having your story advertised come to you recently? Or did you just think about it now? If yes then My Voice Ads has you covered! Writing is the painting of the voice. MVA has many options with reasonable prices for authors to choose from. When requesting at MVA, a lot of effort will be put into advertising your story so that you can get more readers. Don't think you have enough karma points? Or you don't want to use them? We can always work something out; I promise you that!


By Lotus_Girl Requested on

Co-Author I need a co-author, who's an EXO-L, or EXO shipper, a good writer. who's ready to write for this fanfic. If you are interested, send a Co-author request.

Could You Love Me?

By Lotus_Girl Requested on
Tags  hanhun   sekai   kaisoo   xiuhan   sulay   chanbaek 

Co-Author I need a co-author, who's an EXO-L, or EXO shipper, a good writer. who's ready to write for this fanfic. If you are interested, send a Co-author request.

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NCT New Manager

By reader420 Requested on
Characters Original Character, NCT, NCTu, NCTdream,
Status [M]

first story

.ᵒRedeemᵒ. Graphic shop |(Graphics Gallery:) ~CLOSED.

By Feytish Requested on
Tags  graphic   graphics   poster   you   hiring   shop   postershop   kpopidols   graphicshop   graphicsshop   bts   cover   astro 

Hello Redeem Graphic shop is opened! if you need a graphic please stop by! :))

Send your Application Here.

are u blind or retarded?

By antipoopsack Requested on
Tags  2ji   meanie   soonchan   junhao   verkwan   jeongcheol   svtgroupchat 
Characters choi seungcheol/scoups yoon jeonghan hong joshua/jisoo wen junhui kwon soonyoung/hoshi jeon wonwoo xu minghao kim mingyu lee jihoon/woozi lee seokmin/DK boo seungkwan choi hansol/vernon lee chan/dino
Status [M]

could you maybe put my story back up? i edited the foul language out of it that was reported.

SunMin Love Story

By Qamelia Requested on
Tags  eunmin   romance   sunbyung   girlxgirl   arrangemarriage   sunmin   eunyeon 
Characters Sunny, Hyomin, TAra, SNSD, others

Hello there guys.First of all im sorry for not be able to update since a long time ago.I'm busy with my school and I'm living in hostel,did not helping me at all.So,I think I need a co-athor for this fanfic.AND READERS ,I had ever mentioned that I wrote my fanfics in a book and there are more chapters that i haven't update yet but you know sometimes..things happened unfortunately... I've wrote the story till chapter sister threw it away because i was in the hostel and she slept in my room so she decided to clean the room and she threw away all things that she thought i would never need it again. So im sorry my readersssssss...I forgot the flow of my story so.. icant continue.maybe i will help but yeah..sorry.. I hope someone can help me finish this fic.I would be so grateful.Thank you very much and I'm sorry for everything guys.and for the people who want to request please do show yourself to me so you can be the co author.hehe.thanks again.


By 12Soul Requested on
Tags  bjoo   jfla 
Characters J.Fla BJoo ToppDogg You OC BigBang

I need a co - author so please add me. You do not need to have experience just message me ~ Thank u so much xoxo

Sarang, There Is No Such Thing

By 12Soul Requested on
Tags  blockb   heartbeat   you   zico   story   bap   daehyun 
Characters Daehyun, BAP, Eun MinJi (OC)
Status [M]

Can somebody Be my co author for free? xoxo