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☾ 황금 ☽ AURELIA ┄┄ Revamped ⁑ Freshly Cleaned ⁑ Open ⁑ LOTS OF SPACE!

Open and running for THREE YEARS, the admins here at Aurelia aim to provide a warm atmosphere and a place for you to call home with as much freedom as possible. Facebook based, semi-lit and non-au; our family is waiting for you!

Lost In Love [English Translation]

By dinasptvd Requested on
Tags  2ne1   bigbang   daragon   gdragon   jaedara   romance   sandarapark 
Characters G-Dragon/Kwon Jiyong - Sandara Park - Kim Jaejoong - Park Chanyeol - Choi Sulli - Kim Jiwon - 2NE1 - BIGBANG

would you help me make a fanvid for this story? few chapters left. thanks before -Dina.

We've just opened up and we'd like if you'd join us~ Theoi Asteron is a closed role-playing community that allows players to interact with one another freely. Newly opened with many face claims available. Facebook-Based. All ualities accepted. Semi-literate. included. Please come join us~3

join us!

Sinner and Saint

By geekaroo12 Requested on
Tags  exo   baekyeol   chanbaek 
Characters Byun Baekhyun, Park Chanyeol, EXO members, other SM artists?
Status [M]

I need people who can make a cover for my new story!!! I want like an angelic baekhyun and like a devellish bad boy chanyeol. Thanks!!!!

The RP SandBox ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ ━ → The RP Sandbox is a closed role-playing community that allows players to test out different face claims in different environments and universes, which will rotate on a monthly basis via voting. ⚫ Newly opened with many face claims available. ⚫ Facebook-Based. ⚫ All ualities accepted. ⚫ Internationals allowed. ⚫ All POVs welcomed. ⚫ Multi-Verse. Looking for moderators to assist with: Plot development, event planning, ads, welcoming and boosting overall interaction and activity within the role play. Please apply if you are responsible, active, friendly, mature and trustworthy! Be sure to also apply for the roleplay if you will become an admin. Your name: [first name] Timezone: [GMT+/-] Face claim: [full name] Role: [What you will be assisting with]

I'm looking for anyone who would be interested to work as an advertiser at my shop.

Meanwhile, in Twice's Dorm (One Shot and Drabbles Collection)

By brrrrrRAMBO Requested on
Tags  oneshot   girlxgirl   2yeon   twice   satzu   michaeng   dahmo 
Characters Twice: Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Jihyo, Mina, Momo, Sana, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, Tzuyu

I need a co-author that can help me complete Batch 2 requests once it's been opened. Please give a little bit of information about yourself, too... An author has to know its co-authors, right?


By dongsulpark867 Requested on
Tags  daragon   fluff   kwonjiyong   lovestory   romance   sandarapark   bigbang2ne1 
Characters Sandara Park Kwon Jiyong
Status [M], Completed

A creative & useful graphics..just a simple thing ya..thanks..

★ END | SM Entertainment's new girl group! ● Sister group of EXO --> apply open

By VessaliusBez Requested on
Tags  apply   girlgroup   idollife   sment   idolgroup   applyfic 
Characters SM Entertainment New Girl Group

please apply more :D

My Vampire School Life

By Sonyuhvu Requested on
Tags  jessica   jeti   schoollife   snsd   taeny   tiffany   yoonsic 

Can someone make story cover for me?

Secrets And Lies

By MarkJinIsPerfect Requested on
Tags  yoonmin   2jae   taekook   namjin   markjin   jackbam   jackbum 
Characters Mark Jinyoung Jackson Bambam Youngjae Jaebum Yugyeom Taehyung Jungkook Hoseok Seokjin Namjoon Jimin Yoongi
Status [M]

I'm doing two requests in one here, first I'm looking for someone who might be interested in doing a trailer for this fic. I will gift an amount of karma points to the ones who makes one as a thank you^^ Second, my coauthor just quit so I'm really desperate to find one or two new ones. As the coauthour you should be able to write M and write Got7 parts. The M part is kinda the most important since I'm still learning how to write that. Thank you and please give it a try^^

[OPEN] dreamshop's non-/yuri oneshot request shop. new rules in the foreword!

By dreamshop Requested on
Characters Any kpop star you like :)

hiring a layout editor!

Sensation Bot

By pcys_legal_wife Requested on
Characters Chanyeol x Baekhyun
Status [M], Completed


Accepting pre-requests for reviews!


By Bella_PCY Requested on
Tags  romance   exo   chen   chanyeol   kimyoojung   exochenfanfic 

Hello! It hard for me to get viewer can you people promote my fanfic ✌

Chessmen Bejeweled - A Super Junior Applyfic

By Finally_Home Requested on
Tags  apply   superjunior   superjunior15   applyfic   warau   applyficau   applyau 
Characters Super Junior and you

Hey, we got one app! This has given me some hope and I would really love if y'all could give this story a chance. It's Super Junior, but if you're willing to try, I will likely revamp during the summer to include more groups. In the meantime, though, the plot is pretty much all set up, and it'll be fun!

A Life Saver Named Park Chanyeol

By KPOPfanficsluv Requested on
Tags  angst   fluff   romance   chanbaek 

Looking for someone to make a trailer for a story I will be putting in public soon! I hope someone can help me because I can't make it public without a trailer! ^^ TY!

"The B5"

By HanbinHayi Requested on
Tags  leehi   hanbin   kimhanbin   hanhi   hibi 
Characters Hayi, Hanbin, other YG Family.
Status [M]

Simply put, I just realised I can't do rated fics. But I can't just ignore and bury it. Does anyone want to be co-author in this fic?

The Grandmaster

By illumina_dain Requested on
Tags  fantasy   supernatural   exo   kai   luhan   sehun   kyungsoo 
Characters exo kai sehun kyungsoo luhan ocs
Status [M]

I want to find a co-author for this story. I have the storyline in mind, but then again I need a second opinion for some parts. If you have background on history and cultures, I would be grateful. And I am a bit picky and perfectionist so that's why this story update is so slow, I need to make sure that it comes out the way I want. So probably someone who is patient enough with me? Please PM me

Interactive: Help Me Write the Story!!

By Finally_Home Requested on
Characters Everyone

Hey people! Pls try this story out, I feel like it'll be fun writing the story with your ideas

Hello, fellow roleplayers and other peeps out there, please join my RP and I am sure you won't regret it~

From this Moment on [ON HIATUS]

By ItsyBitsy_Orchid Requested on
Tags  drama   fantasy   mystery   sehun   suho   seho   hunho 
Characters SUHO | SEHUN | Lay | Kris

I am in need of Co-author, -someone who is active on aff, love writing (no need to be a fan of EXO which are main characters of this story) -need to suggest me of plot (preferably twist and read all the chapters updated) -need to help updating chapters for me (after we came on agreement) -need to write at least 500 words per chapter (of course, the more the better) Will get 10-20kp per chapter updated (meaning, 20kp for you 1K or more words) Will get 50kp after the project end, (meaning only if you stick till the end with the story) reward for commitment. Thank you, PM me.

23 Graphic Shop | CLOSED

By Tookeyoo Requested on

Want your story in the spotlight for all to see? At 23 Graphic Shop we have our own spotlight section used specifically for promoting your lovely stories. Come visit us and become one with the spotlight. And remember, we believe in going 'Beyond The Filter' c:

Don't Bury Me

By Halrylona13 Requested on
Tags  murder   mystery   jin   yoongi   bts   namjoon   mentalhealth 
Characters seokJin
Status [M]

Hello, I need someone who can help me come up with ideas for future events. Don't bury me is associated with another completed ff of mine; deep web. The events in DBM takes place before the ones in DW. So if you like to join me in writing it, please take in consideration that it's a thriller non-romantic ff rated M because of the gruesome details of murders and torture. I'd really like for someone to help me with it!


By butterfly_ Requested on
Tags  action   psychological   romance   thriller   bts   jungkook   taehyung 
Characters OC and BTS

I'm in dire need of someone to edit my work and maybe help me with writing the chapters since my grammar still has a lot of flaws TT "Oblivion" used to have 6 published chapters but I decided to re-write the story from the start because I just realized that there were a bunch of thoughtless scenes that didn't give justice to the characters' personalities. I look forward to work with you.