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My Bunny, Irene

Everyone thinks Seulgi has an oddly possesive bunny for a pet, Seulgi will admit Irene is a bit attatched to her, but that was surely okay, right? Or maybe there was more to Irene than what meets the eye


By Amber_Liu01 Requested on
Tags  amberliu   fxband   henber   jackieliu 
Characters Amber Liu, Jackie Liu, Mama Liu, Papa Liu, F(x), Henry

Back onto writing after quite a while. Looking for a co-author (Amber Liu Fan) who is interested in helping this story get back on track and hopefully completed.

Lf: co-admins for a twt rp

By exopanda Requested on
Tags  roleplay   twitter   twitterrp   twitterroleplay   twtrp 
Status Completed

hi! as the title stated, looking for 2-3 people to open a roleplay. i haven't admin-ed for a long time and need help with it. it's a semi lit au rp. i'm a +8 but what even is sleep? asdfgh. anyone with different timezones or hek if we're neighbor come along! comment or pm me with your twt id and we can talk?

KAZOKU / coming soon. searching for admins

By rpkazoku Requested on
Tags  roleplay   twitter   twitterrp   twitterbased   semilit 

Admins needed for a semi lit fantasy twitter based roleplay. comment on story! thank you

i need people who could volunteer as strippers or hookers on my freelance and raid my best friend's bachelorette party! tell me if you're down!

that girl

By simple_dreamer88 Requested on
Tags  chaera 
Characters dara chaerin ji yong minzy bom



By ryopin_2010 Requested on
Tags  xiumin   kris   baekyeol   kaisoo   xiuris 
Characters exo-k, exo-m, shinee

If anyone wishes to take our this please let me know and I can provide more details.

A Life Worth Living

By VanillaSugarARMY Requested on
Tags  2pm   junho   nichkhun   taecyeon   wooyoung   taecho 
Characters junho, taecyeon, chansung, jaebeom, junsu, nichkun, wooyoung

If anyone wishes to take our this please let me know and I can provide more details.


By Minsugayoongii Requested on
Characters BTS Jin, BTS Suga,BTS Jhope,BTS Kim Namjoon,BTS Park Jimin,BTS Jeon Jungkook,BTS Kim Taehyung,Redvelvet Irene

Heyy...I am looking for someone to cowrite a bts fanfic.This is my first time writing an actual fanfiction so I need someone who is willing to correct my mistakes and criticize my work along with helping me write..Anyone intrested out there???

This is the place for angels. We created this place for the nicest people who wanna share love and respect others. We always welcome you guys and be your home. We can't wait to meet you all! Come join us for the fun! - Instagram based. - Newly open, many faceclaim available!!! - All faceclaim including international is accepted. - Moving in couple accepted. ANGELS, APPLY NOW!!!

EXOVELVET One Shot Collections

By 14ftsmth Requested on
Tags  exo   redvelvet   exovelvet 
Characters Xiumin, Suho, Lay, Baekhyun, Chen, Chanyeol, D.O, Kai, Sehun, Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, Joy, Yeri

You can send me your one shot requests. Just state: SHIP: [F x M ex: Seulgi x Kai] [M x M ex: Chanyeol x Baekhyun] [F x F ex: Joy x Yeri] Side Characters: Plot/Story plan:

Looking for a writing buddy!

By lumark4life Requested on
Tags  cowriter 

I'm looking for a co-writer/ writing buddy.

Midnight Rose

By tokki_geek Requested on
Characters Highlight x 5 readers
Status [M], Completed

Please leave feedback and which story you're enjoying most so I can go from there ^_^ Thank you!




LOL ★ TS Entertainment ★ Apply OPEN !

By KwonBoAh Requested on
Tags  girlgroup   applyfic   tsentertainment   sonamoo 



By KwonBoAh Requested on
Tags  girlgroup   jypent   applyfic   girlgroupapply   twice 


Cherry Blossom ❤ S.M. Entertainment ❤ APPLY OPEN !

By KwonBoAh Requested on
Tags  girlgroup   snsd   exo   smentertainment   applyfic   redvelvet   nct 


Auralize ✭ Source Music ✭ Apply Soon

By KwonBoAh Requested on
Tags  girlgroup   applyfic   gfriend   sourcemusic 


Destiny ♦ Source Entertainment ♦ APPLY OPEN !

By KwonBoAh Requested on
Tags  tara   applyfic   dia   girlgroupapply   mbkent 


My sister is snsd maknae!!!

By JiyeonIsTiffany Requested on
Tags  jiyeon   seohyun   snsd   taeyeon   tara   tiffany   exo   baekhyun   chanyeol   snsdxyou 

I need someone to be my co author since i will be away for awhile next year


By sugarplumkrp Requested on
Tags  kpop   krp   krproleplay   krpmewe 
Characters monsta x, bts, seventeen, stray kids, blackpink, red velvet, itzy, imfact, oneus, ateez, nct

Sugarplum is a safe place for everyone looking to develop their muses and create long lasting memories. We focus on bonding, welcoming all types of ualities and relationships. Join us! ;D [General ⥍ SoKor Industry ⥍ Mewe ⥍ 18+] GUIDELINES ⟺ TAKEN MUSES ⟺ RESERVE ⟺ APPLY ⟺ WANTED

Story Recommendation: Girl X Girl

By whitevodka Requested on
Status [M]

in need of one author to help me do this

New Dimension is an apply fic on Wattpad. You can either submit your forum or forums here or on the Wattpad story (under the same name) or PM me here or on Wattpad @LimKiYoung Clean forum at the end. 247/248 Slots Open Birth Name: Accurate birth name from the country/territory and ethnicity. Stage Name: Birthday: (Month/Day/Year) Oldest Age Limit - None. Youngest Age Limit - 2003 (16). Place of Birth: It has to be the country/territory you selected. Nationality: Aka the country of birth's demonym. Ethnicity: The character's ethnicity must match the country/territory's ethnic group. Position: Representative Country/Territory: The country/territory you are applying for. Languages Spoken: Religion: Research your country/territory's religion. Personality: At least a few sentences. Can be as long as you want. I like detail. Background: At least a few sentences. Can be as long as you want. Can be as dramatic as you want. Family Relations: Random Facts: As many as you want. Likes: As many as you want. Dislikes: As many as you want. Fears: As many as you want. Mental Illnesses: If any. Hair Color: Piercings/Tattoos: If any. Clean forum: Birth Name: Stage Name: Birthday: Place of Birth: Nationality: Ethnicity: Position: Representative Country/Territory: Languages Spoken: Religion: Personality: Background: Family Relations: Random Facts: Likes: Dislikes: Fears: Mental Illnesses: Hair Color: Piercings/Tattoos:

My Past, Present & Future

By KimBae Requested on
Tags  romance   future   seungwoo   pd101   victon   hanseungwoo   pdx101   x1fiction 
Characters Han Seungwoo x OC
Status [M]

hello, i want a poster for my story and i have something in mind, but not sure if it's applicable. here in this story, it's covering 3 timelines. past, present, and future. i want three pictures of the main character (or another model that's not showing a clear cut of his face) that represent these three timelines. and by looking at the poster, one would feel the change, if that makes sense. he's been suffering in his past (you might add a teenage version of him with some bruises in his face since he's experiencing domestic abuse from his family). he looks innocent in the past version of him. young. and despite his bruises and despite poverty, he's happy and satisfied shown by his smile. in the present time, he looks mysterious, gloom, and not smiling. and in the future (you might not add or show someone's face), you can add only someone's torso, muscular and in a suit or in a blue scrub. or you can just do whatever you feel like by reading the description of the story.