Content Guidelines

Effective 3/1/2015

These Content Guidelines are a part of the Terms of Use and by using the Service, you agree to follow them. They are meant to ensure the ongoing operation and peaceful enjoyment of ASIANFANFICS for all users.  We may change the Guidelines from time to time, so please review them each time you post content online.


The following types of content are strictly prohibited.  Violate this rule and you may have your content removed or have your account banned from the site.

1. Pornographic images or videos.

2. All explicit content involving characters under the age of 14.  

3. Any explicit content involving characters 14 years of age or older that lacks literary or artistic merit.

4. Illegal content.

5. Plagiarized content: note that simply changing the names of the characters of someone else's story for your pairing is not an "adaptation" but is considered plagiarism. Content with word-for-word snippets of other published works that is reported by the community will be removed unless granted explicit permission by the original author.

6. Spammy posts or personal ads in the stories section. We understand that it's a visible area of the site but too many individual personal posts push out good stories from getting seen and we try to support the authors who depend on their stories being discoverable in the story listings. Please keep personal posts in blogs, discussions, or feeds.


Content containing adult themes must be marked Rated M for mature audiences only.  Adult-themed content includes frequent explicit language, nudity, sexual acts, violence to oneself or another, and/or illicit subject matter.

Users must be 18 years of age or older to view Rated M content.  

Failure to rate adult themed content Rated M may result in removal of your User Post and/or termination of your account.


User Posts containing adult-themed content of a highly sensitive nature must be marked with a Trigger Warning when submitted.  Any post may also be marked with a Trigger Warning by a member of the ASIANFANFICS community if the material is considered highly sensitive.

You agree that ASIANFANFICS or any member of the community may designate your User Post with a Trigger Warning. This process ensures the fair and safe use of ASIANFANFICS for all users.

Once a User Post is designated with a Trigger Warning, a user must be logged in specifically to gain access.  All users must be 18 years of age to access content with a Trigger Warning.

You and only you are responsible for your posts. You understand that ASIANFANFICS has the right, and may be required, to disclose your personal information to law enforcement authorities investigating illegal content.