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Q: How do you use layouts?

A: Layouts are an easy way to install a new design for sections of your content in a click of a button without having to constantly touch the HTML code. You can choose a layout for sections of your text from the layout marketplace. Look through the available user-submitted designs and click on the "Buy" button to acquire a layout (see karma points for more details on points).

To use your new layout for a story's foreword, look for the "change foreword layout" link in the foreword view. This displays a list of layouts you own. Click on the "Activate for Foreword" button link to use your layout on your foreword.

Every layout will have a location for you to enter your text depending on the layout designer. For example, if a layout designer specifies two locations in their design for you to enter your text, then you must place your text in between content tags that they specify. Ex. [CONTENTID1]Your text for content1 goes here[/CONTENTID1] then [CONTENTID2]Your text for content2 goes here[/CONTENTID2]. Their layout will let you know which tags you can use and where they go. Note that content tags are case sensitive so they must be uppercase for your text to show.

You can easily install other layouts by simply going back to the "change foreword layout" link in your story.

To remove a layout, simply find the "remove" link in your foreword.

Q: How do you make a layout?

A: Enter the layout marketplace and click on the Create New Marketplace Layout button. Enter your HTML code in the layout code textarea. You must enter content tags in your layout to allow your layout users to place their own text within your design (ex. {CONTENTID1}, {CONTENTID2}, {CONTENTID3}, etc). Set a price for your layout if you would like for users to buy your layout using their karma points or simply set it to zero to let users install your layout for free.

Q: Why am I unable to save some css styles in my code?

A: There are some abusable css styles that our security filter cleans out to prevent a malicious user from crafting a combination of css that can take control of a page and steal visitor data like usernames and passwords.

Q: Are there global site styles I can use?

A: Yes! You can find them at the css classes page.

Q: How do you define plagiarism?

A: We take plagiarism seriously on Asianfanfics. It's unethical and against copyright law. Please note that providing disclaimers that it isn't yours or changing minor wordings does not exempt you from copyright unless you have the express written permission of the copyright holder. Citations are considered citations if enclosed in quotes with the proper author attribution. Citations are not citations if the entire story is copied (even with an author attribution). Copying another story word-for-word is considered plagiarism. On the other hand, stories with similar plot points and storylines are situations in which we would not act upon since it's not clear cut. Otherwise, every story about a boy wizard and his friends overcoming adversity while battling some evil force would be infringing some copyrighted work somewhere. Just do not copy other stories word for word. Users who post works by published authors (ie. you can find their book on Amazon) will be banned immediately.

Q: Why aren't copied layouts, contests, or ideas taken down for plagiarism?

A: Layout code is non-copyrightable. Images used in layouts, on the other hand, are copyrightable and we do take those down for the copyright owners. Contests or ideas are vague and non-copyrightable unless there are word for word copies. You'll need to show us that you own the actual copyright as registered in the U.S. Copyright Office (or copyright office of your country) or patent as registered with the USPTO for us to take down your copyrighted idea. If someone writes a story with the idea of a boy wizard and his friends who go to the same school, it could be considered generic. If the writer mentions that the boy wizard in their story is the same wizard from a work by J.K. Rowling and even has the same name, then it's a tougher battle for that writer. Word for word copies we can verify easily.

Q: Are copyrighted images also taken down?

A: Yes. We routinely take down copyrighted images as reported by the copyright owner.

Q: I found a story here that was plagiarized. What do I do?

A: We advise that you contact the user who posted that story first. Oftentimes, it's an honest mistake and they will bring the story down themselves.

Otherwise, please use the story's report link and provide a url to your original story as well as the story posted on Asianfanfics so we can process this complaint much more quickly. We will remove their story from distribution on the site and warn the user. Repeated offenses by the user will result in a ban of their account from the site.

Q: What is the plagiarism notification service?

A: Our plagiarism alert service notifies you if an exact phrase from your story is found elsewhere on the web. Ideally, when you first set up your alert, only your content shows up in the results since you are the original author. You will then be alerted of new results on a regular basis so you can determine if these new results are authorized by you or not.

Q: How do I set up plagiarism notifications for my stories?

A: Go to your story's foreword page and search for the "Set plagiarism alert" link in the header of your story or the "Set Plagiarism Alert" button in the sidebar. Once there, follow the instructions for obtaining a Google search API key for you to save in your account. You can use your own Google/Gmail account to obtain your search API key but you can also create a separate Google account just for this purpose. Once you have saved your API key, you can copy and paste a phrase from your foreword into the "Set an Alert for this Search Phrase" text box then activate it by pressing the "Alert me if this phrase shows up on the web" button. You will then be automatically alerted in our notification section if this phrase shows up on the web after your initial set up. If you are alerted of new results and the content is yours, then you can freely ignore them. Otherwise, you can reach out to the sites in your search results to let them know. You can also repeat this process with each of your chapters by clicking on their respective "Set plagiarism alert" links.

Q: Any tips for what search phrase from my story to use?

A: Ensure that you copy and paste a word-for-word phrase from your foreword or chapter to ensure accurate results. Try to use a phrase unique only to your story so that only your content shows up in your search results. Try not to include character names in your chosen phrase since many plagiarizers change the names but keep everything else the same. If you set up your alert and you get zero results, you may not have set it up properly since you should at least be seeing results for your own content.

Q: What are the limits of the plagiarism notification service?

A: All story foreword plagiarism alerts are free to set up. However, subsequent chapters must be activated with karma points to prevent abuse and ensure server capacity for the service. On the other hand, most plagiarized content are straight copies and you probably only need a few well-chosen phrases to catch them in the first place.

Your Google search API key is used to search for the exact phrases you choose but is limited to only 100 search phrases. That is their limit, not ours.

Your story and activated chapters should not be in draft status so that they are reachable by public search engines (ie. Google search). The service will be unreliable for you otherwise since the plagiarism notification service is reliant on public search engines.

Q: How do you define mature content?

A: Mature content is any content containing explicit sexual or extremely violent situations.

Q: Is there an area where I can chat with anyone on the site?

A: Go to Chat under the Social section. Please read the Chat rules on that page before chatting.

Q: What do I need to know about Rated M stories?

A: Rated M is the rating designated for any stories with adult content. Any story containing mature or explicit content must be marked with an [M] rating! Examples of adult content include having lewd or provocative images, crude or indecent language, or anything sexual in nature. As a general rule, anything above kissing and hugging should most likely be marked Rated M. If you have to ask whether or not your story needs an [M] rating, then it probably is. You can mark your story with an [M] rating by editing your foreword and marking the Rated M checkbox.

Q: What types of content will be removed from the site?

A: Pornographic images and video will be removed immediately when found or reported. Plagiarized content containing word-for-word snippets of other published works that is reported by the community will be removed unless granted explicit permission by the original author.

Q: How do stories get featured?

A: Featured stories are chosen by votes given by other users. The story with the highest number of votes and has never been featured before will be chosen as the new featured story. Non-stories and stories with mature or explicit content that haven't been properly marked with an [M] rating will not be featured.

Q: What is karma for?

A: Karma can be used to purchase particular features such as advertising, story transfers to other accounts, sending messages to non-friends, the ability to see who is currently reading your story and chat with them (Gold members only), or a username change on Asianfanfics. You will also need at least 10 karma points to gain the ability to vote up stories. Think of it as AFF currency. The primary purpose of karma gain is to provide an incentive for users to interact with others.

Q: Why isn't my karma going up? How do I increase it?

A: You can increase your karma by

  • Commenting on another member's story
  • Commenting on another member's blog
  • When a story you wrote gains a vote
  • When a story you wrote gains a subscriber
  • Someone purchases the layout you created
  • Someone transfers karma to you
Members with Gold status earn 4x more points on comments and 2x more points on subscribers.

Some daily limits are in place to curb behavior that goes against the spirit of the karma system (to help increase communication among members) but they are fairly high and should only hinder egregious behavior.

Q: Why was the karma system invented?

A: Back when Asianfanfics was a smaller site, stories were rarely commented on and people didn't talk much. I thought up the karma system to give an incentive to users to at least be more sociable with each other. I even used the term "karma" to symbolize the hope that when people say good things to each other, the others say good things back. The system worked to some extent so I started giving more and more benefits to gaining karma points.

Asianfanfics is much bigger now and there certainly doesn't seem to be a lack of user activity anymore compared to the ghost town we once were. But it turned out later on that some users have an obsessive need to gain karma even back when karma was just meaningless points with few benefits.

Now with the introduction of the new advertising feature, I'm seeing new levels of karma farming that no longer serve the spirit of why the karma point system was invented which is why the FAQ was updated to reflect the new restrictions on karma increases.

Remember, if you are making genuine comments on stories about its content and quality and not some inane banter that the author might not care about, then you deserve the points that you earn.

Q: What are instant notifications?

A: Instant notifications allow you to receive messages and events without having to refresh the page. Wall posts, private messages, comments on your stories, new subscribers, and other events will stream to your browser without needing to reload.

Q: Why don't I have instant notifications enabled?

A: Instant notifications are quite expensive to maintain and we are capped to 10,000 active devices at any one time under our current plan so this feature is restricted only to Gold members for now.

Q: How do I enable instant notifications?

A: Obtaining AFF Gold status will automatically enable instant notifications.

Q: What is AFF Gold status?

A: AFF Gold status confers benefits and features to members that we can't normally provide for everyone because they are either too costly or we do not have the available computing power. The list below are the current benefits for Gold members and will expand as new features become available.

  • Earn 4X more karma points when you post a comment

  • Authors earn 4X more karma points when your story gains a vote

  • Authors earn 2X more karma points when your story gains a subscriber

  • Instant notifications: Enabled and daily message limit increased

  • Event history capacity is doubled

  • Daily message limit to strangers increased significantly from the default.

  • Subscribe up to 50 tags for your tag feed from a default of 25

  • Chapter statistics for your stories are now stored for a year up from the default of 5 days

  • Maximum number of invited readers for invitation-only stories increased to 5000 from the default of 500

  • Gold member authors can generate fully formatted PDFs of their stories with images included

  • Gold member authors have the option to receive notifications when a subscriber unsubscribes

  • Gold member authors are able to view all members bookmarked to a chapter

  • Gold member authors are able to view the chapter bookmarks bar graph in their story statistics page

  • Gold member authors are able to activate chat in their stories enabling them to see all members currently reading their story as well as chat with them

  • AFF Railgun: Faster page loads (most useful for people on slow connections or mobile networks)

  • Website ads are off for AFF Gold members

  • App interstitial full-page ads and in-page ads are off for AFF Gold members

    • * We are currently unable to remove the bottom banner ad in the iOS app due to technical issues.
      Please use the website if you need a totally ad-free experience as a Gold member.

Q: How do I obtain AFF Gold status?

A: You can obtain AFF Gold status by purchasing it at our purchase page. You can also gift someone AFF Gold by going to their profile and using the "Gift Gold" button.

Q: How can I change the site font and font sizes?

A: You can change the site font and font size in your preferences page.

Q: How can I turn off some of my alerts?

A: You can turn off some of your alerts in your preferences page.

Q: How do I get to my notification preferences?

A: You can go to your "settings" page or your "edit profile" section and there will be a link available to take you to your preferences page.

Q: How can I restrict access to my fanfics?

A: You can restrict access to your stories to only your friends by marking the checkbox for "Friends Only" when you create your story or edit your foreword. You can also block particular users if necessary.

Q: How can I restrict access to my profile?

A: You can restrict access to your profile to only your friends by marking the checkbox for "Friends Only" in your profile settings. You can also block particular users if necessary.

Q: How can I block another user from contacting me or from reading my content?

A: To block particular users, go to their profile and click the block button. This prevents them from being able to contact you in any way as well as render them unable to view your profile.

Q: How do I deactivate my account?

A: You can deactivate your account in your profile settings which makes your stories, blogs, and profile completely inaccessible, marks all of your comments on stories and blog posts as deactivated, and unverifies your account e-mail. To reactivate your account, you can log back in.

Q: How do I read stories offline (airplane mode)?

A: Reading stories offline (airplane mode) is only available on the mobile app and is disabled by default unless the author allows it for their friends or the public. If you would like the ability to read an author's stories while offline on the mobile, please send that author a message to ask them to allow it.

Q: How do I as an author enable or disable the read stories offline (airplane mode) feature?

A: Go to your story's foreword and look for "Mobile App Mode" to change your settings.

Q: Where do I read my stories offline?

A: Offline / airplane mode is only available on the app. Check your menu in the top left corner and scroll down to "Offline".

Q: Why is offline mode only available on the app and why is it off by default?

A: Offline mode is disabled by default to ensure that authors have full control over their stories. It is also only available on the app to prevent plagiarists from easily copying a story.

Q: What are labels and how do I use them?

A: Labels are a way for you to categorize the stories you read or write. For example, if you have a list of favorite stories, just create a label called "Favorites", then go to the story foreword and label it as one of your Favorites up at the story header. To create a label, just look for the "Labels" link in the navigation then look for the "Create Label" button in the sidebar.

Q: What is upvoting?

A: Upvoting a story is how stories get featured. Stories with the most votes at the end of the week will be featured on the front page.

Q: Why do I need to have at least 10 karma points to vote on a story?

A: It's one way of many to curb vote manipulation and reduce the incidences of multiple shell accounts all trying to raise votes for a story.

Q: Does voting cost karma points?

A: No, it does not. Your account just has to have at least that much to have the ability to vote.

Q: Why do I need to send 1 karma point for each message sent to walls or inboxes of non-friend recipients?

A: First things first, to send wall or private messages to someone without any restrictions, just send them a friend request! This rule only applies when messaging strangers. This is happening because either the recipient has this setting enabled in their profile settings or you have reached your daily messaging limit to strangers. For other exemptions to this rule, check here.

We've found that the most common complaint from our members is the volume of spam (bots trying to sell you something), scam (bots trying to get you on their dating app), and troll messages (people salty about your ship choices) sent to their profile wall or private inbox. Before the implementation of various anti-spam strategies, thousands of bot spam messages used to make it to our members daily and also unnecessarily used up server resources that used to crash the site. As our community grew, spam and other unwanted messages became a larger problem.

To help alleviate these issues, messaging limits were introduced which drastically reduced the problem. The issue is that a few members also message strangers in large numbers (they're very friendly) and they were getting caught in the spam filter and getting themselves permanently banned by the system. Legitimate users getting banned is a horrible thing to happen but so is the bot spam issue so a compromise was set to prevent legitimate accounts from receiving permanent bans issued by the system. If a member wants to message more than the limit number of strangers in a day, they will be able to do so as long as they are willing to expend 1 karma point per message (automatically transferred to the recipient) until the next day (in UTC time) when the limit is reset since in our experience, bot spammers almost never have karma while legitimate members often do.

Remember, this rule only applies when messaging strangers and only if you've reached your daily limit. We've found that the vast majority of members never even cross this rule by accident and shouldn't affect you. If you are friends or you're simply responding to a message the other person had already sent or you have some sort of pre-existing relationship with the other member in some way, this karma rule will not apply and you will be able to message them freely. Also remember that you are still able to message strangers up until a generous personal daily limit (that most people don't reach) and that limit is reset the next day.

Q: When does the 1 karma point rule not apply for wall and private messages sent to strangers?

A: Senders wishing to send wall or private messages to non-friend recipients do not incur the one karma point transfer for each message sent under these situations:

  • Subsequent PMs in a conversation do not trigger the karma transfer.
  • The recipient has already messaged you in the past and you are replying.
  • An author can send unlimited wall or private messages to a subscriber subscribed to any of their stories.
  • An author can send unlimited wall or private messages to someone following their stories.
  • The recipient has disabled this setting under their profile settings (disabled by default - does not affect your personal messaging limits)
Spammers are generally interested only in mass messages and not prolonged conversations so hopefully, you're not replying to spammers or trolls since that exempts them from anti-spam protection. We're also aware that authors like to reach out to their readers who are not on their friends list so the author exemptions should go a long way in alleviating that concern. We try our best to avoid affecting anyone who is not a spammer, scammer, or troll and we hope that these exemptions accomplish that.

Q: What else had you tried before to reduce spam and troll messages that led to the 1 karma point rule?

A: We initially thought to simply make all wall and private messaging friends-only by default but struck that idea down fairly quickly since many members did not want that.

Another method we had tried was to increase the lag times between each successive message sent but reversed that decision because 1) it got harder for everyone to send even legitimate messages 2) additional resources were needed just to remember when each IP address sent a message 3) everyone hated it.

When we implemented the 1 karma point per message rule, we initially instituted it as a karma cost since it was the simplest to implement but we thought that transferring the karma to the sendee may be more interesting.

The issue of spam and troll messages is a very hard problem that we've been trying to solve for a long time and there is no single cure. We try our best to ensure that authors and readers are unaffected (or only slightly so) by these changes and only target spammers and trolls. We've failed at it as often as we've succeeded but we're always willing to try to see what works.

Q: How do I add new tags to my story?

A: View your story's foreword (not edit) while logged in and you'll be able to add and delete tags from there.

Q: I just updated my story with a new chapter. Why isn't it showing up in any of its tags?

A: If your story is M Rated, your story will show up in the M Rated section of those tags.

Q: How do I view the M Rated listings in the tag section?

A: You'll have to mark the checkbox in your profile settings that states: "I wish to view stories with mature themes and I am over 18".

Q: How do I use spoiler tags?

A: Spoiler tags allow you to talk about spoilers while protecting other members from them by hiding the spoiler from view until it is clicked. To use them, Surround your spoiler in spoiler tags: [spoiler]write your spoiler here[/spoiler].

Q: The toolbar to edit my story isn't showing. How do I fix this?

A: You need to clear out your browser cache and ensure that it's the entire cache. If it's still not working, test it with a different browser on the same device. If it's working there, then it's most likely that you didn't clear the entirety of the cache.

Q: Why are the chapter links in different colors?

A: Gray links indicate the chapter you have visited before. Blue links are chapters you haven't visited yet. Red links are chapters the author has chosen not to display (visible only to the author). The black link is the chapter you are currently viewing.

Q: How do I upload a picture for my profile or story?

A: Due to bandwidth limitations, you can't directly upload a picture to our server. However, you can use a free image hosting service like Photobucket to upload your pictures to then paste the link to your picture into your profile or story. Make sure you use the "direct link" url as show in this example if you do decide to use Photobucket. If using a different image host, make sure you use their direct link as well.

Q: How do I add video to my profile or story?

A: If you are trying to add video from YouTube, look for a button on the video labeled <Embed>. Clicking that button will then show the code that you will need to copy and paste to either your profile or story body. Make sure you are not using the old embed code ("Use old embed code" must be unchecked). If using a different video service, look for anything that says "Embed" and use that code to add the video to your story or profile.

Q: How do I transfer my story to another user?

A: Edit your story's foreword and at the very bottom there is a link you can click to transfer the story to your co-author. You must first designate a co-author before you can transfer a story. Once a story is transferred, the co-author will become the primary author and you will no longer have any control over the story. If you would like to retain some control over the story, ask the new primary author to designate you as the co-author. Please note that story transfers costs karma points.

Q: Why don't my views, subscriber numbers, and other statistics change right away?

A: Those statistics generally get updated every 24 hours to help decrease load on the server and increase page loading speed on the site.

Q: When I try to log in, I get redirected to my profile but it still says "Guest" where my name should be. What can I do to login?

A: The logout times recorded in the cookies and sessions on your browsers might be outdated. Please clear out both the cookies and cache in your browsers if you are having problems logging in. In Firefox: Tools->Clear Recent History->Check mark "Cookies", "Cache", and "Active Logins"->Clear Now. In Internet Explorer: Tools->General tab->Browsing history section-> Delete button->Check mark "Cookies" and "Temporary Internet files" and uncheck "Preserve Favorites website data"->Delete.

If clearing your temporary files doesn't work, try switching over to a browser you don't normally use while viewing the site. This tends to work for the majority of users. The login issue is usually temporary until your usual browser clears its old files out.

Q: How can I create a "you" story where the story automatically uses the visitor's name as they read it?

A: Type in the tag <you>you</you> in the parts of your story where you want the visitor's name to be used. Note that you can actually put whatever you want in between the <you> tags.

Q: My story description doesn't show up in the listings even though I have one. How come?

A: The reason that happens is because there's usually a lot of invisible markup right before your description starts. This tends to happen if you have a lot of styling to your text or if you copy and pasted from MS Word. If you look at your editor toolbar, you'll see a button on the top left called "Source". Click that and you'll see all the hidden markup in your story. Why this is relevant is that in the listings pages, I only take the first few hundred characters or so and then discard the rest. If the first few hundred happen to be invisible markup text, then it will appear as if there was no description at all. What I would suggest you do is to either go to "Source" mode and move the actual description to the top or if you're good with HTML markup, just strip out the ones you don't need.

Q: Are there any limits to the number of chapters in a story?

A: No, there are no chapter limits.

Q: Are there any limits to the number of words used in a chapter?

A: No, there are no word or character limits.

Q: Why can't I see fonts, colors, links, and other stylings when viewing stories?

A: You have reader mode enabled. Disable reader mode by clicking on the reader mode button when viewing the Foreword of a story.

Reader mode allows you to view stories without any of the stylings that the author used that may have rendered reading their stories impossible read.

Q: Why was my content removed?

A: We do not proactively look for content that violate our terms of use (this is impossible since we have few moderators). We only act upon reports made by members of the community so a report must exist before any action can be taken on content. Once a moderator has verified the validity of a report, the moderator will first ban the content and will oftentimes (but not always) request for a response from the author. If the author changes or removes the content in question, the moderator can reinstate the post.

Q: My content was unfairly moderated. What do I do?

A: Since moderators come from a wide range of backgrounds and have varying levels of experience, moderation can be applied unevenly in some cases. If you believe that this is the case for you, simply reply to the report that was made on your content and write your appeal.

Q: Why is it taking so long for a moderator to act on a report?

A: Asianfanfics has zero employees and all moderators help the site on a purely volunteer basis. As such, there are no guarantees to their time commitments. On the other hand, the moderators are very dedicated members of the community and will try to resolve reports in a timely manner. For comparison, Twitter averages 3-5 day turnaround times on valid reports made on their system. Our moderators often have turnaround times of only a few hours depending on the complexity of the report.

Q: How do I become a moderator?

A: We used to hold open calls for moderators but it often did not work out for various reasons. A few people became moderators only to ban people they didn't like or had grudges against. Others had agendas to remove content they did not agree with. Many more simply became inactive because they realized that moderation required actual work. Due to these earlier failures, we've found that people who were given good references by other trustworthy members of the community were the most likely to become successful moderators. In short, if you are an active and respected member of the community, the chances are greater that a moderator invitation will be extended to you.

Q: Why don't you just pay for moderators or outsource it like other sites do?

A: Because we have no money. All proceeds go towards servers, networks, security, and development. We also believe that members of the community are best suited for this responsibility since they are more in tune with the needs of readers and authors alike and are more likely to understand the situation more so than an outsourced worker who has never been a member of a site like ours.

Q: What can a moderator do and can't do?

A: Moderators CAN only ban content like stories and blog posts that go against our terms of use, ban members that continuously violate our terms of use, and mark content as rated or trigger warning.

Moderators CANNOT view private messages, edit someone else's content, change any settings on another member's account, or do any other actions aside from banning content, banning users, or properly marking posts as rated or trigger warning. Moderators are an all-volunteer group after all so protections are in place so that all moderator actions are reversible in case of a rogue moderator.

Q: What is comment rep?

A: Comment rep is a measure of a commenter's reputation. Comments can be upvoted or downvoted by the author of the post for which the comment is made. Comment rep is not meant to be a measure of how much one agrees with another person nor is it really meant to be a measure of anyone's niceness (though it may tend to correlate), but it is meant to curb active trolls, reduce spamming behavior, and curtail community harassment.

In general, upvotes should be reserved for quality comments (even the constructive ones you may disagree with) while only trolls and spammers deserve downvotes.

Q: What is the daily story comment streak?

A: Commenting on another author's story will add to your comment streak on a daily basis (+1 to your comment streak for each new day).

The karma you receive for commenting also increases by a multiplier based on the number of digits of your streak. For example, if your streak is 11, then your karma multiplier is at 2x, and if you have a 107 day story comment streak, then your multiplier is at 3x, and so on. So if you're earning 1 karma point per story comment and your comment streak is at 145 days at a 3x multiplier, you will be earning 3 karma points per story comment as long as your story comment streak continues. If you miss your streak, your multiplier goes back down to 1x.

The story comment streak is meant to encourage more story comments and to help support the authors. It's not mandatory to participate of course but if you're going to, the authors would certainly appreciate the comments! If you really want to play along, comment on the stories you haven't commented on before!

For authors worried about comment spam, downvoting a spammy comment ensures that the commenter will no longer earn karma or continue their streak for further comments made on any of that author's posts. Canceling the downvote or giving an upvote will cancel that effect for that commenter.

Q: What does voting on comments do?

A: Upvoting a comment increases the commenter's comment reputation. In general, upvotes should be reserved for quality comments (even the constructive ones you may disagree with) while only trolls and spammers deserve downvotes.

Downvoting a comment also prevents a commenter from continuing to earn karma or continue their streak on comments made on any of the downvoter's posts. Canceling the downvote or giving an upvote will cancel that effect for that commenter.

Q: What makes Asianfanfics different?

A: We strive to cater to the needs of our authors and readers by providing you with various features not available anywhere else. We always listen closely to your suggestions and feedback and many of our features are the direct result from suggestions made by various users. For a full list of our features, please visit our About page.

Q: What advantages will I get from joining?

A: Registering an account also allows you access to our socially vibrant and tight-knit community of friendly authors and readers willing to help you with your writings, interests, and other endeavors.

Q: Where can I learn more about Asianfanfics?

A: To learn more about the origins of Asianfanfics and about the people who make it run, read the interview at timevault.

Q: Can you post stories in any language?

A: You can post your stories in any language.

Q: Aren't all forms of fanfiction illegal?

A: You've probably read this in a FAQ somewhere. While this is true to a point, much of the fanfiction on Asianfanfics is actually original work and not based on any published copyrighted material. For example, taking Harry Potter and writing a story about him within the Harry Potter universe could be considered as plagiarism by some. On the other hand, writing a story about a celebrity, one in which you created entirely by yourself, is perfectly legal.

Q: What happened to being able to download stories in .txt format?

A: It's mostly due to a technical issue. It worked just fine when we were a small site that only needed one web server so the generated text file always existed on the same server as the user request. Now that we use multiple web servers, the more likely scenario becomes: user requests to generate .txt file -> .txt file gets saved to web server 1 -> but when user tries to download it, they are on web server 2 (or 3 or 4, etc) where the .txt file doesn't exist.

Since it's now impossible for authors to download their stories to .txt files, the "Single Page" option was made so that the entire story can be displayed in a single page and downloaded (Ctrl + S) or copied and pasted from there. The "Single Page" button can be found in the author's stories section or as a button in the sidebar on the story itself.

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