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Our sister Account MiAe11

This is our other account where we post up ty/fluffy oneshots for you guys! ♥♥♥ Check it out sometime (: If you like our stories, then you'll definitely like our oneshots, too!!

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Hiii, I'm the idiot, Miyoung. I am insanely quiet but I have many things to say. I can be a bit on the crazy and slow side of things, but I bring in the laughter. Aha, my stories usually involve SehunOC with Yixing or Lu Han (who never gets the girl OTL).  && Ah! I'm in love with angsty stories so if you've read a real good tear jerker , holla at me, yo!

Yours Truly, Miyoung






Ayo, Eunaeeeee here! ♥♥♥ Wassup? I'm a super crazy and talkative 19yr old college student. I procrastinate on all my art projects to write fanfiction! Haha, just kidding! ..kinda, not really! Love funny people and seriously won't bite! I mostly write about BaekhyunOC & LuhanOC and as crazy as I sound, I'm also laid back and chill, too, so don't be afraid to PM/Tumblr! Peace out ;)


사랑합니다, 은애
(saranghae, eunae)