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“She’s beautiful.” - Kim Minseok

"Sometimes I wonder how long it'll be until I find that special someone...Do I look too uninviting for him to approach me?" - Park Soeun




Hello All! This is just a little oneshot (MAYBE short story) dedicated to our super adorable yet handsomely chistled Kim Minseok. Happy Birthday to him! Lol, but it's nothing special, I just thought that maybe I should post something up for our Minnie. This oneshot is kind of old, I just did a few tweaking before putting it up, but I hope you guys like it.

And yes, I'm still on that long term hiatus cause I still got no motivation to write.

Much love,




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Chapter 2: I wish there was a sequel to this :’( but this story was so cute anyways :-D I originally thought it meant “California State University” since I live there haha but regardless, I love University!AUs and Minseok playing soccer is an aesthetic tbh. Thank you for writing :-)
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Chapter 1: Minseok you cute weird bun ;)
Chapter 1: here in the Philippines, Minseok is someone who can be dubbed as "torpe" haha
Chapter 1: What a sweet story =)
Hope you'll find time to write another chapter, I'll be happy to read what happens next!
And Xiumin is too cute, it's unhealthy x)
xyxyxy #5
Chapter 1: Omg. How am I going to wait for the next chapter!><
Chapter 1: what a cute story :3 ughhhh Minseok why are you so shy aaaaaaa ;-; sequel juseyo XD
XiuHan moment is indeed great hahah
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Chapter 1: So cuuuuuuute!! Minseok huhu kakclrlflcl >_<
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Chapter 1: daww this was really nice to read 'u'
fluffy fluff fluff
maybe a sequel? hehehe 'u'
Chapter 1: Love it! The CSU part was what caught my attention, lol. Right away, I was like, "California State University, me!" Lmao.
Anyways, maybe it's cause I like cliffhangers ending/sad endings, but I think the story is perfect, haha.
I mean, adding more is totally up to you though, I'm just saying. :3
But omg! I totally felt her too! At times, I want a boyfriend too cause majority of all my friends have one, but at the same time, if it was to really really happen, I don't think I'd want one either, hahah. But yeah, cute story!