⚜ There Were Stars




There were stars in his eyes.

They lit up whenever he talked about her.

I fell for him then, but I never realized I had been falling.














a small short. a slice of life. about discovering love and what it means to love.
with lots of love, from: 

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Chapter 2: Aww baek ;( just left her already and be with soojin ><
chaneus #2
Chapter 2: you're not going to update? please dont leave this gorgeous story end like this...
idontknowWW2 #3
Chapter 2: Please update... I really love this story... Hwaiting~~~~
Chapter 2: For a while I thought this was the end and you just didn't mark it complete because you ended the second chapter so well! But then I came back and realized I didn't read your footnote lol so I'm glad that you're still going to work on this a little bit more. Looking forward to your update(s)!
Chapter 2: Can'wait! Please update :v
i miss this story so much :( when will you update ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Chapter 2: ohmygod this is so good. why is this so relatable to me lol everyone keeps teasing me about being in love with my best friend when im not :/
overdoseofexo #8
Chapter 2: please continue writing aaaahhh its like my third time reading the two chapters LOOOL
Chapter 2: This is so seet I can't wait to read more! Love your writing so much!!!
minozyoja #10
Chapter 2: I loved it carry on please!