⚜ Forgiven





I hope that you find it in your heart to forgive me.


















This is just a super late present for Miyoung. Sorry , but there's not a lot of romance...
Hope you like it!
- e


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Chapter 1: This fic is so beautiful! I'm glad Minseok is there for Miyoung. Their friendship is really amazing. Eunae did those things for Miyoung's happiness. Goosebumps everywhere.
Well done, authornim ^^
shea_shariff #2
Chapter 1: dats so beautiful. i cried. i cried for her loss and i cried for her happiness. i was moved. thank u. : )
Chapter 1: holycow, this is amazing. beautiful friendship indeed. :')
Chapter 1: this story pulled at my heart in a way that I cant explain, but it was just so beautiful.
livy621 #5
Chapter 1: That was an amazing story. When I was reading it, I could picture everything that was happening. From the very beginning I knew what was happening to Miyoung, but I really wanted to know if she would get her closure in the end.
Chapter 1: argh this is so good. Oh my god, kindda figured out at the beginning that eunhae was an imagination just need to read it all to know if minyeong got out of it or not. gosh, thanks.
Chapter 1: I really love you two ;; <3 you're stories are great huhuhuhu ugh this is one of the best oneshots I've read. <3
Chapter 1: this is BEAUTIFUL
Chapter 1: At first it was just building and building... I wanted to know what is really happening.... Got me crying and blowing my nose.... Beautiful story..... <3
loveNJ #10
Chapter 1: Its a beautiful friendship !