⚜ Try






"You don’t have to try so hard.  Just fall in love with yourself, and everything will fall into place."






Hello beautifuls! Sorry, I know I should be working on updating my stories but ever since Colbie Caillat's song Try came out, I've been dying to write a oneshot about it. So yes, this oneshot is based off the song, in a way. The lyrics are very power and girls, you do need to remember that your outer beauty is nothing compared to what's inside.  You don't need to try so hard to be the person you're not, and this is something I struggle with as well. The content on this oneshot really hits home for me. I was literally tearing up while writing some of the scenes because I did take them out from my own personal life.  Love your family, love your friends, and most definitely, love youself!


Much love,

Miyoung :))




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Chapter 1: ❤❤❤❤
oh-so-licious #2
Chapter 1: ilovethissomuchshahhaduwnakywgwbdkeksbsj
kokoro64 #3
Chapter 1: :) Beautiful.
Yosyie #4
Chapter 1: Im in lavh ujsjeiwbjowvsidbdisjs
sweetdreamerz #5
This story really such a nice story. It gives an impact to your heart. It makes me kind a sad while reading it. But just before I'm about to finish, I just can't help myself from grinning. The ending is just so cuteeeeee (^_^). I can't stop smiling thinking of the scene. I wish this story have more chapters. So we can have more lovely moments like this. Thanks for this story.
sweetdreamerz #6
Chapter 1: I wish I had that someone when I cried myself out so many times before. I survived but its never gonna be the same.
leehyunae_pearl #7
Chapter 1: I grinned when I read the part where Kai announced they are getting married. i thought he was going to announce that they are a couple or something like that
Chapter 1: Ahhhhh!!! So cuteeee... i wanna fall in love so badlyyyy gahhh!!
charmainexlee #9
Chapter 1: this is really good <3 hope you write more full stories :-)
Chapter 1: Aww so sweet :')