My Foster Guardian Lu Han

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Seventeenthat’s what Kim Jaera’s age is.

A lone underage girl that overworks herself to death with various part time jobs just to make ends meet. With no family left with her, she had to do fake signatures for every papers and documents that needed to be filled out for her scholarship.

Everything was going well until her class adviser began suspecting her. Not to mention failing to pay the monthly rent, she’s pushed to the edge. If she gets caught, then she’ll be sent to the orphanage and be forced to stay there until she turns eighteen, and she won’t just let a nosy class adviser and a snooty landlady ruin her three years of being independent.

All she needs is a guardian right? A person who can act as a foster guardian until she turns eighteen, and the young Chinese bachelor living right next to their apartment building by the name of Lu Han is just perfect for the job.

Lives by himself, rich, and most especially, Twenty-two, five years older than her - no one would suspect a thing! Maybe living won’t be as hard as it used to be, now that she has this innocent, angelic, and handsome Chinese as a guardian. 

Things won’t definitely be the same.



                                                                                            My Foster Guardian Lu Han                                                                                  





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Title: My Foster Guardian Lu Han
Main Characters: Lu Han and Kim Jaera
Genre: Romance, Fluff, Friendship, Drama
Inspired by: You and I Both by Jason Mraz
Theme Songs:·        
  • The Confession – Delispice
  • Peterpan – EXO
  • Miracles in December – EXO
  • Airplane – f(x) 



  • "You don’t need a cause to love somebody. The same way with hate—it’s incomprehensible by reason."
  • "She's not my fiancee... she's not my real fiancee."
  • "A part of me might hate you but you’re still my cousin, and the familial bond we share still gets the best of me."
  • "From the very beginning, ever since the day I met you when I was just ten, you were really and the only one who owned my heart, so don’t say that you didn’t own anything in the first place because you owned me right from the very start."
  • "Are you happy?"
  • "I'm hurt, angry, upset and betrayed. I'm not happy."



  • Aish - korean interjection that can be used to express frustration or anger. May be considered as a profanity for some.
  • Ahjussi – Korean translation for Uncle or used to call an adult male who's 40+ already.
  • Ahjumma – Korean translation for Aunty or used to call an adult female who's 40+ already.
  • Dongsaeng – Korean term for a younger sibling.
  • Hyung – A Korean term younger boys use to call an older brother.
  • Noona – A Korean term younger boys use to call an older sister.
  • Oppa – A Korean term younger girls use to call an older brother.
  • Ssi – A Korean honorific added to the end of a name to address someone formally.
  • Unni – A Korean term younger girls use to call an older sister.
  • Xiao Tuzi – Chinese(Mandarin) translation for little bunny. (Taken from google and wiki. Do correct me if I'm wrong.)




Beta-Reader/Proofreader: NeverlastingEverland


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           Author's Note:           
  • Each chapter will either be told by 1st person's point of view or 3rd person's. Well, I never actually did the 2nd person before cos I feel kinda awkward with it, I don't know why. OTL
  • I didn't use the Korean Age system for this Fanfic so readers won't be confused since almost everyone of us uses the international age system. 19 is the legal age in Korea because it basically equalizes to 18 internationally. Koreans usually add 1 year to their international age since they already consider a newborn baby as a year old. So at the start of this story, Lu Han's Korean age is 23 (international age: 22) while Jaera's Korean age is 18 (international: 17).
  • Story progress would be quite slow. The real plot would probably unfold by chapter 15+, and I don't like making unrealistic situations where the characters start dating on the first meeting. I prefer taking things slowly since it creates more fluff and impact, or that's what I think. 
  • The story would start in Spring then maybe last up to late winter. I estimated the timeline of the story to take place in 1 whole year.
  • Updates would mostly be every week. That says it all. 
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