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Hi! I'm Korekrypta! Feel free to call me Korey.
Just not authornim, or author, or unnie. I'm not Korean.

I'm a massive fan of EXO and surprisingly the squishy guy in my DP is not my EXO bias. It's the squishy guy in the circle instead. Chen's cheekbones are life.

Just kidding. Chen's voice is life. And he looks gorgeous anyway, and seriously, dem cheekbones.

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Translations? Advertising? Friends?

Fair play if I get the boring stuff out of the way first? Fair play! Okay then.

#1. I never expected to have to put this, and I don't like being blunt in this way (and I'm a blunt person, so this is saying something), but if you are here to ask if you can translate one of my stories, the answer is NO and can be found on the front of whichever story you are asking to translate.

It's tiresome to be bombarded by requests to translate (particularly TBBC) when the information's already there for you and my answer isn't going to change. Please stop. If you translate my stuff, you are plagiarising. End of. My stuff can only be read in English, on AFF, at the links provided below and on my author profile. If you find it anywhere else, please inform me because it means somebody has stolen my work.

#2. Please don't advertise on my wall? It says not to in my status and you literally have to scroll past it to post your advert. If you really want me to read something, head on over to my recs list and drop it in the comments section. Who knows, if I like it, I might even recommend it. #killtwobirdswithonestone

#3. Please don't send me friend requests unless we've actually interacted. If I don't recognise your username (and I won't unless we've actually chatted), I won't accept.

And please don't bug my friends for information about me
These Are Some of the Fics I Co-author (read: proofread):
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There are others, but they're either rated (which I won't like you to on my profile) or on hiatus
Yo, peeps!

Call me Korey. Or Korekrypta. Whichever floats your boat.

You might already know me as part of the Korekrypta-get2herheart tag team because we beta each other's stories. In case you don't already know Ann, she's currently doing a daily challenge to write something to a prompt for every day of the year. As in, 365 drabbles in a year. Cool and super fun, huh? Good for getting those creative juices flowing. If you're here to ask me to ask her if you can translate her stories, the answer is no. If you want to recommend her stories, the answer is probably yes.

If you want a rec for something to read, it's worth checking out my recs list above first (since I'll most likely direct you there anyway), though you're always welcome to come and chat about stuff. If you're after writing advice/help, I'm unlikely to have time to beta for you, but I'm always happy to give help and pointers if you PM me or pop by my ask.

My pet peeves include being called authornim, people advertising on my wall or digging around for my personal information, and being nagged for updates. My pet loves include chocolate, EXO, my bed, writing EXO fanfics, more chocolate, and reading (mainly EXO fanfics). You can usually find me lurking in the EXO-OC fanfic section, especially if it's an action setting or a mamaverse one. Sometimes I can be enticed out for other groups, but only if the story is really good.

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There are two things I see authors on here complaining about a lot, which are 1) silent readers and 2) "update soon!" comments, which basically translates into "I'd really love some decent feedback on my story that actually tells me what my readers like and doesn't make me feel like an underappreciated chapter-producing automaton."

There are two things I see readers complaining about in response to this, which are 1) authors demanding comments (sometimes holding chapters to ransom) and 2) authors not replying to comments, which basically translates into "but I have no idea what to say most of the time and whenever I summon up the courage to actually leave a comment, the author ignores me anyway, even if they've said they want comments, and so what's the point?"

No comments = the author feels unloved and underappreciated. No replies to comments = the reader feels unloved and underappreciated. Everybody complains. Nobody wins.

So I thought, rather than grouse at each other, why don't we each commit to something really small that will make everybody just that little bit happier? Why not help spark the change you want to see?

Why not take on the #mm2k17 challenge and pledge to do one of these for the whole of 2017?

For authors:

I pledge to respond to up to at least three comments I receive per chapter I post.

For readers:

I pledge to write a (minimum of a) three-sentence comment on at least one story per week.

If you want to step it up, why not try the mega- or ultra- challenges? Head on over to the blog post for more information. And don't forget to challenge others to it or to put #mm2k17 somewhere on your profile!

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People Know Me for These:
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I Listen To...

EXO! Lots and lots of EXO!

I keep up to date with pretty much all the major K-pop releases from the well-known companies, like BTS, Infinite, TVXQ, Black Pink, SHINee, f(x), Mamamoo, VIXX, BAP, Lee Hi, Akmu, GOT7, etc. (so if you ask me whether I've seen the new MV/heard the new song, my answer will probably be yes – if you ask whether or not I like it, it might not be), but I only really fangirl over EXO. My bias group is EXO, and Chen has managed to supplant Changmin and Kyuhyun as my ultimate bias. I don't really have biases beyond that.

Two of the best things of 2016: EXO-CBX and Lay's solo
Current K-pop Jam(s)
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