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About Me


"It's pronounced as pak-wa-ni!"


Username: pakwanii

Birthday: July 17

Ethnicity: Asian

BIAS List:

  • EXO K - Park Chanyeol / Oh Sehun
  • EXO M - Lu Han
  • Boyfriend - Jo Youngmin
  • SHINee - Lee Taemin
  • and other magnificent beings in the world of KPop.


Stupid facts about me:

  • I'm still suffering from the hell hole of a place called college
  • I sometimes(?) suffer from depression 
  • I'm absolutely socially awkward
  • I have a hidden hatred for ignorant people
  • I always fantasize about my future husband and family
  • I'm more of a cat person
  • I love soup (what?)
  • I'd rather stay inside the house than go out
  • I could withstand extreme cold than heat
  • I've been kicked by a horse before(shame on that mammal)
  • I punched my bestfriend once because I wanted to know how it feels like to punch someone
  • I was also punched by her afterwards
  • I believe in the saying that 'no man is worth a woman's tears'. That's an exception for my dad and my future kids, of course
  • I'm not mean, so you better talk to me
  • If not, then we could just compromise


Message to you:

Hi! pakwanii here!

Nothing much is going on around my profile but if you're an EXO or Boyfriend fan, then I'm sure you'll be delighted to see my stories! Just look and navigate through my page thanks!

Also, don't forget to click the 'Add as a friend' button!

PS: I'd be really glad if you take your time to talk to me. I only have a few friends who are also fangirls so it really makes me happy whenever I befriend a fellow fangirl. TuT 







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