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Hi! Thanks for visiting my profile! If you're here because you read my fics then thank you so much for reading, and if you stumbled here from somewhere else then nice to meet you, I hope you'll check some of my works out! Here are the two fics that I am currently working on:

Incredible Things 

Rumour Has It [M] 

Most of my older oneshots (2015-2017) have been set to Draft at the moment because they need to go under editing - from a writing quality and content standpoint. I would do the same for TPOHAST once I get the chance but for now, I'm leaving it up since it has so many readers.

If you're actually going to check my stories, please keep in mind that: 

1) I started writing WAY too young so all my earlier works are inarguably quite , no matter what the comments and stats may indicate. But I'd like to think that I've improved quite a bit - so I hope you can overlook all the past mistakes teenage me made or just ignore my earlier works completely (I'd recommed the latter tbh)!

  1. 2) I'm always either working, or studying, or doing both together so updates will be irregular and sparse. But I strive to make my chapters long and fulfilling. Please understand and wait patiently! :)

I'm not sure what my plans for after finishing these two stories are, but I hope you'll subscribe, stay in touch, and find out with me (if you like my writing of course!). Please also comment, and feel free to wall message or PM me anytime. If you advertise, I will probably delete them from time to time and just a heads up - I don't really read that much anymore here. 

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