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Someone once told me that I have magic in my hands and heart and I'm here because I hope to hone it through my writing. 

If you're wondering about my older oneshots, most of them have been set to Draft because they need to go under heavy editing - from a writing quality and content standpoint. TPOHAST is the only unedited, pre-Incredible Things fic that I'm leaving up because every time I draft it people start asking about it! Despite that, I'd recommend you to stay far far away from that fic lol. 

I started writing (rated stuff) way too young so all my earlier works are inarguably quite , no matter what the comments and stats may indicate. But I'd like to think that I've improved quite a bit - so I hope you can overlook all the past mistakes teenage me made or just ignore my earlier works completely (I'd recommend the latter tbh)!

If you do decide to read my works, I hope you'll be inclined to engage with the story through upvotes and comments! You can also show your support through my Ko-fi, but please don't ever feel obligated. Thank you! 


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