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I'm working on other 3 fairytales au so which one do u wanna see next...?

  • Mulan -- ABO verse, Omega Tao as Mulan, Alpha Yifan as battalion commander
  • Snow White -- Mpreg, Tao as the 'witch', Yifan as Snow White
  • Cinderella -- Mpreg, Tao as prince, Yifan as Cinderella

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Thank you everybody ashdgjfkjhkJSADHASDAKjshdsdhs I'm out of words so I'll just smash my keyboard



THIS. This speaks my personality perfectly. If you don't get along with someone like this, then you most definitely won't get along with me :')


About Me

Born with the name of 黄小嘉 and gained bunch of variative nicknames as she grew up.
A trashcan who has too much imagination but too little motivation. I define myself as a potato.

Hi! My name is 黄小嘉, pronounced as Huang Xiaojia. No, I have no blood relation to any celebrities with Huang surname (such as Huang Zitao). My username is not created over my obsession towards asian stuff, it is my real name. You can call me Jia or anything you want. Calling me author-nim or oppa or unnie or noona is a bit weird for me since I'm not Korean, but whatever floats your boat!


I mainly write boyxboy and some girlxgirl. I'm not much of a reader, but I read everything from hetero to non-hetero; I am basically an omnivore. I am not really an author or writer. My fics are mostly word vomit, therefore, I am a storyteller.


I am an employeed graphic designer and also a freelance designer. I dedicate most of my time for work, I know, but hey I got $$$ in return lmao.


My english is very bad, it's horrible, it's a nightmare. You have been warned.


I am not a multi-shipper, so don't touch my OTPs please. (◕ᴗ◕✿)


I am a raw potato and not edible.