Kaisoo Oneshot collection

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This is a collection of all Kaisoo oneshots written by me. I will add the description and the link of the new stories here, if you want to be informed about the new one-shots, subscribe✧ Thank you ♡ ~





I’m an amateur writer. So don’t expect perfection here. And for that, it’s a natural thing to have some errors here and there. Thank you for giving this collection a chance, I hope you will enjoy it ♥️

I hope you will enjoy this collection ♥️


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reinedudesert 0 points #1
Chapter 74: Good evening my lovely friend...
What a beautiful story... I just love it...
Can't wait for your next oneshot...
Have a beautiful evening
Love you
hohoihoy 0 points #2
Chapter 74: i reallyt love this story, i loves how kyungsoo suddenly becone protective to jongin
0 points #3
Chapter 74: Wipped Jongin is my favourite ❤️
0 points #4
Chapter 74: I love Kyungsoo here, he is funny❤️ thank you for sharing this great story..
0 points #5
Chapter 74: Thanks for sharing dear! You are the light and hope, for us Kaisooist who are in the midst of drought. Thank you! Really! Pls keep it coming.🫶
cheche_26 0 points #6
Chapter 74: i love it!thank u very much!
Pony87 0 points #7
Chapter 74: I love it, I love how u portray kyungsoo character. Thank u for writing this story
0 points #8
Chapter 73: awww...that was a good one!! ...they are def made for each other...thanks author-nim!! ❤️❤️❤️
0 points #9
Chapter 72: Loved it author-nim....you never disappoint that's why you're my favorite author!!❤️❤️❤️
Chapter 73: This was absolutely a fun read, I really enjoyed it❤️as always great story with amazing plot❤️