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Which character would you like to know better?

By robbylingus posted

Which couple do you guys think I would focus on next? :)

By Min_Jimin0613 posted

Valentines Special

By ellywuzhang posted

If you think of participating, what kind of prize would you like to receive?

By Nusmus posted

Should we do a Q&A event?

By Nusmus posted

Any fans here who knows Li Wen Han from UNIQ? (*Thinking of starting a chinese fanfic with him as main)

By Silhouetto posted

would you read if I write bold stuff/ on sekai?

By imjongingal posted

Which one You Guys want to see next ? Comment things you want the idol to do too ^^ i need ideas ! Jut be naughty xd

By blackemoboy14 posted

Should i continue the story ?

By Gbomforever posted

Which Ship?

By faithd21 posted

For my new story “takes time” should it Be ?

By Tovi_209 posted

For my new story “takes time” should it Ben ?

By Tovi_209 posted

What title sounds more suited for my upcoming fanfic?

By JungChaeYeon1997 posted

Who's Point of View do you prefer?

By weedevil_ posted

To those that've watched the kdrama, would you like me to include everything ?

By yooinmahheart posted

Which one should I write?

By LittleJinggg posted

How's the story so far ?

By blackrosefics posted

What do you think if I want to make HEALING LOVE as 50 chapters story???????

By liltash85 posted

futa lisa?

By jendeuklisa posted

Should I include some sideships into the story?

By Anime_Lexi posted

Case 1:

By jendeuklisa posted

What group should the next scenario be?

By Unquixotic posted

I want to use SiChul for my next story because the last two were teukchul. Would anyone read it?

By LadyVamp posted

Currently have four incomplete stories posted. What do you think I should do? Should I put the rest on hiatus and work on completing them one at a time?

By Yay_itsJay posted

Should I make season 2 of "Can We Call It Love?"

By RedEld posted