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Which plot would you love the most?

By bae_pasta posted

I will give you a tip, next member is also in exo m...

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Would you like some very short chapters with their special clips?

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What kind of story do you want to see added to the AU (Two Worlds)?

By IBEFL_EG posted

Do you think a chapter of explanation for my 4 realms would be useful?

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Who do you think Jessica should end up with?(the results of this poll may or may not affect the story:), just want to know your thoughts)

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do you prefer the characters in Heavenly Cloud to have hairless p*ssy or do you like a neatly trimmed hair patch/strip or you don't mind either?

By whippinfilth posted

What group should I write my next oneshot about?

By noodlechan posted

After chen, who am I gonna let you meet?

By marry-81 posted

Who's interested in a TaejinxNaru spin off?

By TianaHae posted

Your favorite Hazbin Hotel ship

By Glitter_Butt_KOTLC posted

How do you think sehun met with his omega?

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How is baek's first reaction to chanyeol the next morning?

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What sehun can possibly be!

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Have you subscribed to my webnovel?

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Who do you think is next?

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Would you rather

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do you like One Piece?

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Do you want me to write chaptered-stories again or keep on writing one-shots?

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As a reader, do you appreciate specific warnings at the beginning of the chapter even if it could potentially spoil the events?

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For the next book...

By ivyshoe posted

For the next book...

By ivyshoe posted

Which member would you like for an Idol x OC story?

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Do you guys want to see the new au I'm working on? (it's a soulmate au set in university)

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