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Who do you want to be Momo's partner?

By kay_llie posted

In “Age is just a Number”,are Jongkey actually in a serious relationship behind everyone’s back?

By The2minwol posted

Who do want to be Momo's partner?

By kay_llie posted

Who's do want to be Momo's partner?

By kay_llie posted

one shot, which member would u prefer?

By sourytears posted

what Baekhyun's fanfic genre is your ideal type?

By Park_Rafa88 posted

what do u think of the name yoon for an oc girl??

By Sojuri posted

Which do you prefer?

By winrinablues posted

shawols, which one of these are you (I need this for research purposes)

By gwiboonivy posted

Do you like short or long stories?

By asianfanfic-username posted

after wttkf which exo fic should I work on next?

By Moneylovefashionfame posted

[M] rated chapter

By _Mira_ posted

I'm planning on writing the first chapter of wonderwall soon. Which Winter do you prefer?

By winrinablues posted

Alright which one is next

By Iisherefortheunowuts posted


By finofme posted

What kind of story you want me to write?

By ynaer_ posted

Your Favorite So Far Love Interest

By BangingDae posted

do you guys it is necessary to put other soshibang pairings in this story? actually, my ultimate bias for both groups are Tiffany and Top, so is it necessary to

By syalalafalala posted

Would you want to read about the meeting with the Council?

By BangingDae posted

wjose pov next chap

By jendeuklisa posted

New Story

By dawnofroses posted

Should I post the stories that I have written or keep it in my drafts?

By dawnofroses posted

Fun Poll: Who is your favourite tandem (ship)?

By Playonly posted

Fav idle ship?

By heclgehog posted

Are there any THE BOYZ fans (Deobi) here?

By Stargazerxx posted