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Who do you want in the last chapter

By SejeongMyWife posted

Genre for last chapter

By SejeongMyWife posted

Whom you ship for Jin?

By cxhxmxbxxty posted

Do you like the way the fanfic is going??

By Jillicorn posted

2 Should Be...

By Mochimchim_00 posted

TSO: Which couple you think will do it first... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Yeah, I'm talking about the S word! XD

By NamHyora posted

Should I add more gay/bi characters?

By WoodlandSparrow posted

Do you want this to be a JungkookxReader only or would you prefer a BTSxReader with a Jungkook focus?

By BummieBaby posted

I need some help, but I don't know what to start off with

By A-random-fan-girl posted

Favorite EXO album?

By Min_Yuri_Ah posted

NEW STORY IDEA! (which idea is better?)

By BlackDragonLanceTR16 posted

Would you buy my books if I published them online?

By KeitMeg posted

should i still continue with you guys' votes and

By -hiddenheart posted

Who do you want as leads in my nxt fanfic?

By dfanfic posted

Should I upload a new story? *again It's Changwook X Yoona pairing

By cutelittledongsaeng posted

Should I jump to or do you want more lovey dovey moments? (Do You Know Me ff)

By hexthogon posted

Best BTS ships?!?!

By Min_Yuri_Ah posted

Spring break is approaching so that means more time for writing. Should I post a rewrite, a new story (chaptered), or another one shot? (Rewrite and story would

By girly_author-nim457 posted

Should I ask my crush out to the beach?

By pockytaemin posted

This story is quite long. Actually my first to involve that many ships. To continue or no?

By TWICEisDaebak posted

1 should be...

By Mochimchim_00 posted

Should Hoseok be a wingman and help Taegi or a secret lover?

By Yoonminyoon posted

Who do you think will own the next round?

By ShizukaAmaya posted

Should I Make a Continuation? And so, in who's perspective?

By SinfulPerson posted

I’m curious, which story is your favorite between these ?

By Sun-Gee posted