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the flames won't burn us

Life didn't get any easier as Joohyun grew up, especially when she was the heir to the throne. On top of that, she was starting to catch feelings for Seungwan who had no drop of royal blood in her. wenrene avatar/royalty au, completed.

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Strung Apart by Fate

By akirasanogame Updated
Tags  txt   soulmateau   cravity   enhypen 
Characters TXT, Enhypen and other Kpop idols~!
With 10 chapters, 1 votes, 8 subscribers, 1380 views, 4 comments, 13492 words

Soobin is your ordinary college student, going through school, and simply just trying to live his life. Beomgyu is a seemingly random stranger that feels oddly familiar to Soobin, but he can't figure out why for the life of him. And Taehyun? He was Soobin's best friend, but even he had his own secrets that Soobin couldn't figure out.

Shadow Song: Cresthall Academy I (- Stray Kids, BTS, Ateez, TXT - FF Multifandom)

By MoonSun005 Updated
Characters Seonghwa, Hyunjin, Lee Know, Felix, Wooyoung, Yeonjun, Changbin, Han, Bangchan
With 71 chapters, 2 subscribers, 330 views, 71488 words
Status [M], Completed

Loud Silence

By Muko789 Updated
Tags  kpop   band   txt   fae   yeonjuntxt   enhypen   niki   enhypenniki   nikifae 
Characters Yeonjun Ni-ki
With 4 chapters, 20 views, 769 words

Related to Don’t Hide & Self Sacrificing Love Riki didn’t expect getting stuck in an elevator with an pink hair Korean. Main Pairing: Yeonjun & Ni-ki Tags: Platonic, Fae, Telekinesis, Protective 

Don’t Hide

By Muko789 Updated
Tags  kpop   vampire   band   txt   soobin   platonic   hueningkai   soobintxt   hueningkaitxt   vampiresoobin 
Characters Soobin Huening Kai
With 6 chapters, 20 views, 2072 words

Related to Self Sacrificing Love. Huening Kai just witnessed Soobin’s sharp fangs pulled out of Beomgyu’s skin, who seemed too causal about it as if they been doing this Main Pairing: Soobin & Huening Kai ( Sookai ) Tags:Alternate Universe - Vampire, Possessive Behavior, Vampire Choi Soobin

Self Sacrificing Love

By Muko789 Updated
With 10 chapters, 30 views, 1 comments, 1916 words

Related to Don’t Hide. Half Vampire Beomgyu didn’t take notice of Taehyun for a long time, until recently.  Main pairing: Beomgyu & Taehyun ( Taegyu ) Tags: Alternate Universe - Vampire, Possessive Behavior, Non-Traditional Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Vampire Choi Beomgyu, Beta Kang Taehyun, Omega Choi Beomgyu, Half Vampire Beomgyu

The Last Mission

By SKWrites Updated
Tags  kai   txt   seulrene   itzy   ryeji   winrina   jiminjeong 
Characters Karina, Winter, Ningning, Giselle
With 11 chapters, 16 votes, 378 subscribers, 3000 views, 44 comments, 26078 words
Status Subscribers Only

Wherein swimming prodigy Krystal Yu (Karina) got into an accident that lead her to being blind.  While Nite Kim (Winter) is an angel- a clumsy stubborn angel who happens to be in the scene of the accident, saved krystal which is not her assigned job, and this will lead her into some consequence

Cute Bunny - One-shot Request Shop [Open~]

By Charlot1081 Updated
Tags  b1a4   boyxboy   oneshot   request   shinee   superjunior   exo   bts   treasure   txt   seventeen   idolxoc   got7   monstax   nct   nct127   oneus   ateez   wayv   onewe 
Characters Your One-shot Requests
With 188 chapters, 25 votes, 95 subscribers, 14260 views, 348 comments, 417083 words

[CONTENTID1] 1. Don't repost without permission 2. Don't submit another request until the first is finished. 3.  Please do subscribe so you can know when your request is up.* 4. Comment when you request.* *Non-aff users are allowed to request [/CONTENTID1] [CONTENTID2] 1. Kyotastic-baby -- 2. Ann1914 -- 3. Parkjimins_tinywifey -- 4. Sway10 -- 5. FakyManiaSeries -- 6. 7.


By VVitaminwoo Updated
Tags  juyeon   txt   theboyz   yeonjun 
Characters 16392
With 1 subscribers, 500 views, 16 words
Status [M], Completed

I Love It

By kai_appreciator Updated
Characters Choi Yeonjun, Yoo Jimin
With 1 chapters, 9 votes, 88 subscribers, 1090 views, 4 comments, 3499 words
Status [M], Completed, Subscribers Only

Say You Love Me

By iheartkpopXD Updated
Characters Jeon Jiwoo (OC) | Huening Kai | Kang Taehyun | Choi Beomgyu | They are the mains of this story | They are the secondary > | Choi Yeonjun | Choi Soobin | Jeon Wonwoo | Jeon Seonwoo (Sunoo) | Cameos include SVT & Kai's sisters for now
With 4 chapters, 1 subscribers, 380 views, 30875 words
Status [M]


By EyesToufu Updated
Tags  txt 
Characters 崔秀彬 崔杋圭
With 6 chapters, 5 subscribers, 360 views, 48 words
Status [M]


By EyesToufu Updated
Tags  txt 
With 1 chapters, 250 views

13/21/23,燃尽站街,自行避雷。   原发在豆瓣,存个档,用花名写的浅成大名了要是没换干净请告诉我……。


By EyesToufu Updated
Tags  txt 
With 140 views

13/21/23,自行避雷。     【01】 崔然竣穿好衣服送走客人之后看见了崔杋圭,留着妹妹头的崔杋圭走进发廊,发现发廊里只有两个人,于是问崔然竣这里有没有在营业,他要剪头发。 崔然竣和另外一个人交换了眼神,发廊在小巷里,门口放着个旋转彩灯,今天只有两个人在,地上脏兮兮的却一点碎发都没有,一看就知道是做皮肉生意的。但听说最近有条子在这片区域钓鱼执法,所以他们不敢随便把崔杋圭赶走。崔然竣拿起桌上当作摆设的剪刀,问崔杋圭要剪什么发型。 崔杋圭说剪成常见的短发就行,崔然竣松了口气,现在留在发廊的两人都不会理发。 崔然竣咔嚓咔嚓剪着崔杋圭的长发,崔杋圭自来熟地跟他聊天,还叽叽喳喳问了一堆问题,他谨慎地挑着回答,愈发怀疑崔杋圭是便衣。 剪完以后他们两个都很惊讶,崔杋圭说剪得真不错,崔然竣想原来自己还有理发的天赋。 崔杋圭说下次还来找你,然后开心地离开了。     崔然竣以为崔杋圭是说说而已,没想到半年后他真的来了


By guguniao Updated
Tags  txt 
Characters 崔秀彬 崔然竣 彬准
With 190 views, 20 words

签完的话记得去跟然竣吃个饭。” “知道”崔秀彬收拾着签字的结婚文件,两崔家联姻的事早早就在荣城引起了不少的热度,毕竟荣城两大家家都姓崔各自占着商界和政界,这次联姻也是强强联合了,更是不可动摇的存在了。 “嫁到崔秀彬那你要稍微收敛一点,不要动不动就往酒吧跑,不然被拍到了都让人看笑话。” “我哪有这么过分?”崔然竣翻着白眼回到。 “我就是跟你说一下!都是把你惯的,对了,今天去跟崔秀彬吃个饭” “吃饭?怎么没提前跟我说啊,我都没时间收拾了” “差不多应付一下就行,给那些媒体一点素材。” 虽然说是应付吧但是崔然竣没想那么随意,毕竟两个人单独相处的话这是第一次,想了半天的穿搭,还是觉得没必要太正式,就穿了一件休闲版的白衬,虽然是omega但是崔然竣也有181,在omega里算是很罕见的身材了,高挑的身材穿什么也是天生的衣架。崔然竣到餐厅的时候崔秀彬已经在等他了,显然崔秀彬穿的就正式多了,一身黑色的西装加上没有褶皱的白色衬衣。在崔然竣眼里看起来,嗯,有一丝禁欲? 餐

A Glimpse of Freedom

By reneverii Updated
Characters winter, jaemin, jeno, yeji, ryujin, beomgyu, yeonjun
With 7 chapters, 2 subscribers, 160 views, 17470 words
Status Completed

Just a group of strangers who spent the best night of their lives with people they just met.

无解的恋爱法 4399

By Whitepeach1019 Updated
Tags  txt 
With 810 views, 7 words

  ooc 灵感来源日番《测不准的阿波连同学》和日影《濑户内海》 风格平淡、文笔稀碎、随缘填坑、谨慎阅读


By BangingDae Updated
Characters Zhou Zixin (OC) | Lee Hoseok (Wonho)
With 2 chapters, 60 views, 2955 words

Hoseok as a werewolf tries really hard to work in a business where most if not all his staff were humans who didn't understand. Problem was his new assistant, a vampire, wasn't all that thrilled to work with a werewolf despite Hoseok's excitment to work with Zixin.


By Gimpsedream Updated
Tags  txt 
With 2170 views, 3 words
Status [M], [TW], Members Only


By Choioholic Updated
Tags  txt 
With 2430 views, 2 words


[准奎] 生日礼物

By Nicoleninico Updated
Tags  txt   yeonjun   beomgyu   yeongyu 
Characters yeonjun,beomgyu
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 3 subscribers, 930 views, 7 words
Status [M]


By Nicoleninico Updated
Tags  txt   yeonjun   beomgyu   yeongyu 
Characters yeonjun,beomgyu
With 1 chapters, 1 subscribers, 860 views, 13 words
Status [M]

Together Even Tomorrow

By jewel_09 Updated
Characters TXT, Lee Juri (You)
With 18 chapters, 3 votes, 134 subscribers, 1890 views, 9 comments, 31711 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

You had just landed your first job after becoming legal, and perhaps it was your luck or your doom that you were hired to be the housekeeper of five teenagers who were training to be idols. The pay wasn't so fancy, considering they were trainees who could barely afford your services, but it was enough to buy your necessities through the month, and if you spent carefully, you could afford those cute cl

Town of Lost Soul

By Kaxura Updated
Tags  gangster   taegyu   sakura   chaewon   txt   sunwon   enemiestolovers   izone   sakuramiyawaki   ssamkkura   enhypen   aespa   winrina   lesserafim   heejake 
Characters Sakura Miyawaki and Kim Chaewon
With 24 subscribers, 460 views, 102 words
Status [M], [TW], Members Only, Subscribers Only

free love

By drnkdzd Updated
Tags  fluff   tagalog   crack   txt   nct   purplekiss   aespa   ningselle   jiminjeong 
Characters Ningning, Giselle, Winter, Karina, Jeno, Hendery, Yangyang, Soobin, Chaein, Beomgyu, Hueningkai (cameo)
With 1 chapters, 2 votes, 19 subscribers, 1 comments, 1437 words

Hindi alam ni Yizhuo kung hihingi ba siya ng tulong sa kaitaas-taasan o gagamit na siya ng dahas para lang tigilan ni Aeri ang pamemeste sakanya sa araw-araw.

My Handsome Twins

By LixingYifan Updated
Characters Irene [RED VELVET],Yeojun,Soobin [TXT]
With 2 chapters, 4 subscribers, 140 views, 8050 words
Status [M], Subscribers Only