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Igniting a Heartbeat

Wherein Karina Ellyse Riego, a playful, strictyly no love bull, 2nd year Business Ad student in Ateneo, suddenly felt those unfamiliar igniting feelings the fi

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Journey to Love

By waake_me_upp Updated
Characters Moon Byul-yi, Kim Yong-sun, Jung Whee-in, Ahn Hye-jin, Moon Byul, Solar, Whee-in, Hwasa, Seok-jin
With 26 chapters, 13 votes, 332 subscribers, 4170 views, 17 comments, 39547 words
Status Subscribers Only

"I told people I was happy alone, but it wasn't because I truly was. It was because if I loved again and it didn't work out, I might not make it.  But you, Kim Yong-sun, you're worth the risk, and I'll work hard to become a better person for you." - Moon Byul-yi  "You haven't been in my life for long but I can't imagine it without you,  I'll be the sun to your moon for as long as you'll let me." - Kim Yong-sun Four years ago,

Outcast Girls 2

By Neonlightsonmyface Updated
Characters Irene Seulgi Wendy Joy Yeri Jiu Yoohyeon Siyeon Sua Handong Dami Gahyeon Moonbyul Solar Hwasa Wheein Sunmi Hani Taeyeon Tiffany
With 104 chapters, 60 votes, 538 subscribers, 31970 views, 360 comments, 103177 words
Status [M], [TW], Members Only


By wudyoo Updated
Tags  fluff   seulgi   irene   seulrene   moonsun 
With 11 chapters, 75 votes, 835 subscribers, 12200 views, 77 comments, 38131 words

BREAKING NEWS: Red Velvet's leader Irene and Singer Kang Seulgi to join 'We Got Married' 

While We’re Young

By boycottlove Updated
Tags  moonsun 
Characters Moon Byul-E, Kim Yong-Sun, Jung Whee-In, Ahn Hye-Jin
With 3 chapters, 70 subscribers, 310 views, 6669 words
Status Subscribers Only

Re-upload. Band AU. Moonbyul puts together a band as a last-ditch effort to live out her and her best friend, Wheein's, dream.  With new friendships being made and secrets being kept, will they make it or fall apart trying?

All the watersports fun

By BlowYourMind110 Updated
Characters Super Junior (ot15), Exo, (G)-Idle, Mamamoo, SNSD, VIXX, BTS, Nu'est, TVXQ (ot5), Blackpink, 2ne1, Troublemaker, Shinee, GOT7, BAP, Block B, fx, Chanmina, etc
With 5 chapters, 3 votes, 389 subscribers, 2360 views, 5 comments, 3485 words
Status [M], Subscribers Only, Crowdfunded

Beauty and The Moonster

By Badzzz Updated
Tags  byul   romance   hyejin   omegaverse   wheein   moonsun   wheesa   yongsun 
With 29 chapters, 120 votes, 1679 subscribers, 37760 views, 405 comments, 134115 words
Status [M], [TW], Members Only, Subscribers Only

The War of Heirs

By iheart_wheein Updated
Tags  fantasy   magic   actionadventure   mamamoo   wheein   solar   moonbyul   hwasa   moonsun   wheesa 
With 3 votes, 36 subscribers, 200 views, 5 comments, 430 words
Status Subscribers Only, Crowdfunded

5 years ago, a war broke out in a magical realm inhabited by elementalists and demons. Byul and Yong escaped that war and have lived quiet lives in the non-magical realm since then. But a sudden visit from a former school mate is about to turn their world upside down and the war they left behind, is closer than they think. Book 2 of #iheart_yours. Read Book 1 here.


By Lupiawq Updated
Tags  moonsun 
Characters Moon Byulyi, Kim Yongsun, Ahn Hyejin, Jung Wheein
With 14 chapters, 34 votes, 252 subscribers, 5770 views, 31 comments, 51660 words
Status [M]

Something Shifted

By DelThor Updated
Characters Moon Byulyi, Kim Yongsun, Ahn Hyejin, Jung Wheein, Moonbyul, Solar, Hwasa, Wheein
With 6 chapters, 27 votes, 235 subscribers, 3290 views, 43 comments, 26079 words
Status [M]

Sweet Like Ice Cream

By Tokki_Writer Updated
Characters Moon Byulyi, Kim Yongsun, Ahn Hyejin, Jung Wheein
With 1 chapters, 22 votes, 225 subscribers, 730 views, 9 comments, 2647 words
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

A basketball coach in all-girl high school had a crush on the school nurse. Despite her athletic figure and unbearable charm plus her handsome pretty face, she's a shy one when it comes to expressing her feelings. With the help of the students, she would do random things to get close with the nurse and hopefully ask her out. 

Another Me

By tftmtrise Updated
Tags  angst   drama   trauma   ceoau   moonsun   moonhee   byulhee 
Characters Kim Yongsun, Moon Byulyi, Jung Wheein, Ahn Hyejin, Other idol cameos
With 32 chapters, 57 votes, 918 subscribers, 19210 views, 324 comments, 98830 words
Status [M], [TW], Members Only, Subscribers Only

We Got Married In Omegaverse

By Wake2sleep Updated
Characters Moonbyul Solar
With 27 chapters, 62 votes, 851 subscribers, 23520 views, 124 comments, 134708 words
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only, Crowdfunded

Solar, leader of MAMAMOO, a female alpha, was asked by her company to join the latest season of We Got Married. It was meant to be a pretend marriage: the sort of fairy tale marriage of two celebrities. When she was finally introduced to her partner, a beautiful female omega by the name of Moonbyul, she was shocked speechless. The enigmatic flirt turned out to be someone she knew

In Disguise

By summer_pongs Updated
Characters Kang Seulgi, Bae Joohyun, Kim Junmyeon, Park Bogum, Son Seungwan, Park Sooyoung, MoonByul, Kim Yerim, Yongsun, Kim Heechul, Jung Soojung, Jung Yunho, Kang Haneul
With 12 chapters, 33 votes, 660 subscribers, 73 comments, 91840 words
Status Subscribers Only

It all started when a Despair Doctor Bae Joohyun was transported back in time to the Joseon Dynasty..

FACE to face

By JanaMontes Updated
Characters Kim Yongsun, Moon Byul-yi, Solar, Moonbyul
With 1 chapters, 15 votes, 282 subscribers, 710 views, 8 comments, 3789 words
Status [M], Completed, Subscribers Only

Soulmates can be friends, right?

By mattguitarist Updated
Characters Moonbyul, Solar, Jung Wheein, Hwasa
With 1 chapters, 19 votes, 69 subscribers, 540 views, 10 comments, 4543 words
Status Completed

Yongsun thinks that she and Byul are soulmates but as best friends. But when the world is giving her signs that suggest otherwise, she finally examines their relationship a bit more closely.

In Plain Sight

By AsianPersuasion90 Updated
Tags  angst   drama   fluff   life   slice   mamamoo   moonsun   wheesa 
Characters Kim Yongsun//Moon Byulyi//Jung Wheein//Ahn Hyejin
With 49 chapters, 47 votes, 515 subscribers, 17140 views, 49 comments, 56777 words

A marriage hidden...In Plain Sight.

Finding Sol

By Wake2sleep Updated
Characters Moonbyul Solar Wheein Hwasa
With 3 chapters, 13 votes, 153 subscribers, 1830 views, 8 comments, 29373 words
Status [M], [TW], Members Only, Crowdfunded

The enigmatic viewer in the second row

By JanaMontes Updated
Tags  fallinginlove   admirer   artist   fascination   moonsun 
Characters Moon Byul-yi , Kim. Yongsun
With 9 votes, 123 subscribers, 490 views, 6 comments, 143 words
Status Subscribers Only

The talented singer Solar stars the Korean version of the Mata Hari musical and is acclaimed by critics and audience. After performing the play for several days, the gorgeous artist notices a particular face in the audience that soon becomes very familiar. Solar gets curious with the mysterious blonde who leaves before the others but doesn't miss any performance. One evening, the singer hears a commotion at the box office and she hears the blonde throwing a tantrum bec

Passacaglia Soli

By Marz009 Updated
Tags  vampireau   mamamoo   wheein   solar   moonbyul   hwasa   moonsun   wheesa   mamamooau   werecreatureau 
With 5 chapters, 9 votes, 77 subscribers, 1320 views, 19 comments, 12914 words

With a new alliance bringing in the dawn of a new age, two opposing societies join as one during a dire time.  Can the struggle of 4 people trying to find their place alter the course of history or are they doomed to being nothing but puppets? Well, if they survive that is. 

Devil in disguise

By JanaMontes Updated
Characters Kim Yongsun, Moon Byul-yi , Jung Wheein, Ahn Hyejin
With 11 chapters, 23 votes, 574 subscribers, 6400 views, 46 comments, 18136 words
Status [M], Subscribers Only

Are You The One??

By ermanadia Updated
Tags  genderbender   seulrene   moonbyul   moonsun   yongsun 
Characters Moonbyul, Yongsun,Seulgi,Joohyun
With 17 chapters, 25 votes, 664 subscribers, 9820 views, 89 comments, 40024 words
Status [M], Subscribers Only

Achievement Unlocked 2.0

By Thir13en Updated
Characters You, Sunny, Taeny. Minor characters: the rest of snsd.
With 37 chapters, 34 votes, 473 subscribers, 62 comments, 39374 words
Status Members Only, Crowdfunded

A simple love story with some twists and turns. Will you get the girl in the end?  

Accidental Marriage

By Tokki_Writer Updated
Tags  comedy   fluff   romantic   wedding   romanticcomedy   mamamoo   moonsun   wheesa 
Characters Moon Byulyi, Kim Yongsun, Jung Wheein, Ahn Hyejin
With 26 chapters, 122 votes, 1643 subscribers, 29650 views, 461 comments, 94363 words
Status [M], Completed, Members Only, Subscribers Only

Past | Present | Future > Perfect ~

By WeissWolf Updated
Tags  mamamoo   solar   moonbyul   moonsun 
Characters moonbyul, solar, moon byulyi, kim yongsun
With 3 chapters, 5 votes, 85 subscribers, 480 views, 9 comments, 12765 words
Status Subscribers Only

The future was supposed to be theirs; that's what they had vowed to each other all those years ago. But life happened. And now here they are, on the verge of a precipice, with only two choices before them: forgive and forget or let go and move on.

Where are we now?

By JanaMontes Updated
Characters Kim Yongsun, Moon Byul-yi , Jung Wheein, Ahn Hyejin
With 9 chapters, 14 votes, 331 subscribers, 3460 views, 10 comments, 13524 words
Status [M], [TW], Members Only, Subscribers Only

Scorching Fever

By kingdom_come Updated
Characters Yongsun, Byul, Hwasa, Wheein, Dahee, Eric, YooA, Joohyun (side), Seungwan (side)
With 10 chapters, 55 votes, 910 subscribers, 10450 views, 59 comments, 28444 words
Status [M], Members Only, Subscribers Only, Crowdfunded

Sorry but I love you

By JanaMontes Updated
Characters Kim Yongsun, Moon Byul-yi, Kim Seo-hyung
With 39 chapters, 58 votes, 888 subscribers, 20850 views, 260 comments, 78707 words
Status Subscribers Only

Yongsun never understood why her father banished his own sister from the family and for years, the girl tried to find her aunt. Kim Seo-Hyung had to start a new life out of Korea when she was 27. And twenty years later, she is the owner of a huge empire in New York. Going against the father, Yongsun contacts her aunt and asks for a job  The powerful CEO ends up accepting her niece's request and her second in command ( a young who has been working with her for several y


By RikuAino7 Updated
Tags  moonsun 
Characters Moon Byulyi | Kim Yongsun | Jung Wheein | Ahn Hyejin
With 6 chapters, 27 votes, 457 subscribers, 3770 views, 57 comments, 22275 words
Status [M], [TW], Members Only, Subscribers Only


By SophieAnderson03_ Updated
Tags  pregnancy   miscarriage   fluffandangst   solar   moonbyul   moonsun   yongsun 
With 14 chapters, 21 votes, 518 subscribers, 5540 views, 23 comments, 48661 words
Status Subscribers Only

"Bestfriends should have informed the other about their pregnancy," Yongsun pouted. or it all started with a small, long, white stick whose screen displayed a single word, "Positive".

The Hardship of Desire

By Yongstreet_ Updated
Characters Jung Wheein, Moon Byulyi, Ahn Hyejin, Kim Yongsun
With 19 chapters, 24 votes, 141 subscribers, 5160 views, 95 comments, 94981 words

  or, Slice of Life at Hogwarts but with romantic feelings in the mix.  

Honey for the B

By JanaMontes Updated
Tags  idollife   love   desires   solar   coupleproblem   moonbyul   moonsun   sapphic 
Characters Solar, Moonbyul, Kim Yongsun, Moon Byul-Yi
With 1 chapters, 25 votes, 495 subscribers, 1280 views, 10 comments, 2884 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

Moonbyul's last day of promotion for Cheese in the trap. She goes visit Solar during the rehearsal for Mata Hari but doesn't receive the best response. Once the younger one leaves, Solar immediately regrets her reaction and decides to make up for her mistake.

Personal Bad Girl

By sunny_solar Updated
Tags  drama   romance   highschoolau   mamamoo   wheein   solar   moonbyul   hwasa   moonsun   solarxmoonbyul 
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 62 subscribers, 200 views, 918 words
Status Subscribers Only

Yongsun just moved to a new High school, but she is already confronted by the resident's bad girl, Moonbyul.