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Professor Kang is Getting Married and I Want to Know with Whom

Popular yet secretive when it comes to her personal life, Professor Kang Seulgi surprised the whole university with a marriage announcement and it is Ahn Yujin's mission to know who the professor is going to marry. Do you want to know too?

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「 𝟏𝟒𝟎𝟏 」⚢ masterlist ⚢ commissions open (4/7 slots)

By julien1401 Updated
Characters bae joohyun | kang seulgi | son seungwan | park sooyoung | kim yerim | kim jennie | kim jisoo | park chaeyoung | lalisa manoban
With 36 chapters, 419 votes, 18769 subscribers, 303960 views, 479 comments, 3886 words
Status [M], [TW], Members Only, Subscribers Only

Love Is Everything!

By Shammu Updated
Tags  drama   fluff   familyau   wenrene   joygi   saeri   chaennie   lisoo   wense   jenrene 
Characters Wendy Irene Joy Seulgi Yeri Saeron Jennie Rosie Jisoo lisa
With 6 chapters, 17 votes, 753 subscribers, 6140 views, 23 comments, 33631 words
Status [M], [TW], Members Only, Subscribers Only

Sweet Potassium

By Mokamoca Updated
Tags  seulgi   girlxgirl   wendy   redvelvet   seuldy   wenseul   wenri   blackvelvet   jiseul   jenrene 
Characters wendy, seulgi, irene, yeri, joy, garam
With 21 chapters, 22 votes, 300 subscribers, 4890 views, 54 comments, 64789 words

Seulgi disguises herself as her brother, Kang Garam to go on a date with Wendy.

Fate of the Winx Saga

By Angelina266 Updated
Tags  adventure   magic   fairies   fantasyandromance   redvelvet   wenrene   seulrene   joyri   lisoo   jenrene 
Characters Seulgi Irene Wendy Joy Yeri Jennie Rose Lisa Jisoo Nayeon etc
With 10 chapters, 10 votes, 93 subscribers, 2370 views, 18 comments, 27059 words
Status Crowdfunded

I can't stop myself from searching for seulrene fanfic that contains a similar story as the Fate of The Winx Saga. I guess no one publishes or is interested to adapt that story for here I am. Trying my best to create one. I couldn't contain the wild fantasy I have and here I write it. Will take a while but I just want to enjoy it and let my fantasy run wild.

My sweet sin

By Narutinho1 Updated
With 3 chapters, 16 votes, 230 subscribers, 3340 views, 13 comments, 14536 words
Status [M], [TW], Members Only, Crowdfunded

Recommendation Collection♥

By MistressOfAngst Updated
Tags  2ne1   afterschool   browneyedgirls   chaera   fxband   jeti   missa   secret   sistar   snsd   yulsic   jungli   luntoria   girlxgirl   recommendations   ninemuses   dia   hyora   sowoo   9muses   fx0   mihyo   redvelvet   joyrene   seulrene   dreamcatcher   joyri   hyorinxbora   lesol   wheesa   seolna   wjsn   jensoo   loona   yoodong   jenrene   gidle   soyeonxsoojin   yveseul 
Characters Girl Groups/Ships ONLY
With 182 chapters, 80 votes, 5054 subscribers, 73660 views, 102 comments, 12418 words
Status Subscribers Only

Need some help finding some good fics to read? Well this is made to help you guys and save you some time! Hope you enjoy! There is a Table Of Contents chapter made to make the group/ship you enjoy easier to find.   You can also recommend me some stories to read (only stories for the ships and groups that are listed here)

Silhouette in the Neon Lights

By patatangina Updated
Characters Bae Joohyun (Irene), Kang Seulgi
With 20 chapters, 87 votes, 1522 subscribers, 266 comments, 82452 words
Status [M], [TW], Members Only, Subscribers Only

MID:NIGHT | rated oneshot collection [latest: wenrene] | slow updates

By darkcoast Updated
With 75 chapters, 452 votes, 12482 subscribers, 225010 views, 732 comments, 143628 words
Status [M], Subscribers Only, Crowdfunded

✨Damn Goddesses✨

By AutumnMelody Updated
Tags  redvelvet   seulrene   blackpink   jensoo   blackvelvet   jiseul   jenrene 
With 8 chapters, 31 votes, 719 subscribers, 5750 views, 67 comments, 18448 words
Status Subscribers Only

Irene, Jennie, Lisa and Yerim belong to a popular girl group. Seulgi and Jisoo are their fansite masters. Wendy, Rosie and Joy join up for a College music fest. What could possibly go wrong?

Here We Meet Again

By jihyoscactus Updated
Tags  angst   romance   chaesoo   wendy   irene   redvelvet   wenrene   joygi   blackpink   blackvelvet   wenrose   jenrene 
Characters Wendy Son | Irene Bae
With 11 chapters, 129 votes, 1385 subscribers, 16280 views, 176 comments, 46350 words
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

hello everyone, i'm back with another angst-inducing fic! it might or might not be worse than Tit for Tat, if you guys have already read it then you would know my style, hehe. If you haven't and wouldn't mind getting your heart continuously broken and fixed again, do give it a read and let me know what you think of it. this time,

Why Can't We Kill This Love?

By SapphicWhimsies Updated
Tags  redvelvet   seulrene   wenseul   fakedatingau   blackpink   blackvelvet   jenrene   jendy 
With 30 chapters, 127 votes, 747 subscribers, 21070 views, 362 comments, 80297 words
Status [M], Completed

Dancing With Your Ghost

By Angelina266 Updated
Characters Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, Joy, Yeri, Blackpink member, Mamamoo
With 12 chapters, 6 votes, 67 subscribers, 2380 views, 11 comments, 39084 words
Status Crowdfunded

Another story from me. Hope you're not tired of me. Hehe...This story is inspired by a song by Sasha Sloan. The title itself are the same as the song too. Might listen to it on Youtube or any other platform. It's a good song and have deep meaning.  So again it's Seulrene fanfi

5 Ways To Avoid Being Kissed [Jennie x Irene]

By YeriIsBritish Updated
Tags  fluff   jenniekim   redvelvet   irenebae   blackpink   blackvelvet   jenrene 
Characters Irene Bae || Jennie Kim
With 2 chapters, 26 votes, 133 subscribers, 7090 views, 17 comments, 2109 words
Status Completed

Irene is trying. But Jennie is an expert.

Film Favorit

By kimchaejigae Updated
Tags  bahasa   karina   gxg   irene   redvelvet   jenrene   aespa   jiminjeong   renerina   irenexkarina   aespavelvet 
Characters Irene, Karina, Jennie, Winter
With 1 chapters, 4 votes, 9 subscribers, 410 views, 4 comments, 1100 words
Status Members Only

Sama seperti di film favoritmu~ atau Jimin yang selalu berhayal tentang menjadi pemeran utama dalam dramanya dan joohyun yang entah mengapa selalu saja merubah jalan ceritanya.

for you, i would ruin myself a million little times

By velvetpinks Updated
Tags  angst   cheating   oneshot   bittersweet   jennie   irene   redvelvet   blackpink   blackvelvet   jenrene 
Characters irene, jennie
With 1 chapters, 5 votes, 23 subscribers, 760 views, 3 comments, 3935 words

yet another fanfiction inspired by taylor swift's illicit affairs. 


By Latte908 Updated
Tags  chaesoo   wenrene   seulrene   wenseul   chaennie   jensoo   jiseul   jenrene 
With 23 chapters, 12 votes, 96 subscribers, 6150 views, 34 comments, 30204 words

Base on life experience. .......... I lost sleep for nights and last night, I decided to check my old phone. One particular app caught my eyes, "NOTE" This will be one shot collections featuring Chaennie, Seulrene, Wenrene, Jensoo, Wenseul or Chaesoo.

High Society

By harubp Updated
Characters Jennie, Irene, Suho, And Kai
With 2 votes, 78 subscribers, 880 views, 3 comments, 2416 words
Status [M], Subscribers Only

Red Velvet Fear Shots

By renny010 Updated
Tags  horror   mystery   wenrene   seulrene   wenjoy   joyri   blackpink   jenrene 
Characters Kang Seulgi, Bae Joohyun, Kim Yerim, Park Sooyoung, Son Wendy
With 33 chapters, 52 votes, 403 subscribers, 12570 views, 202 comments, 84657 words
Status [M]

Lil Kitty

By Boboprooo Updated
Tags  fluff   wenrene   blackvelvet   jenrene   jendy 
Characters Bae Joohyun, Son Seungwan and Kim Jennie
With 1 chapters, 60 votes, 1181 subscribers, 4860 views, 25 comments, 913 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

Irene isn’t really the jealous type, she really isn’t – that’s what she always says to herself and to her wife Wendy, but she can’t believe the audacity of her wife to let someone sit on her lap during chilling snuggle time on the soft sofa beside her. And she is furious about what she’s seeing.

up in the air

By ourjoohyun Updated
Tags  fluff   seulgi   yeri   rose   joy   nayeon   jennie   wendy   irene   redvelvet   seulrene   irenexseulgi   jenrene   joyse   aseul 
Characters Bae Irene, Kang Seulgi, Son Seungwan, Park Sooyoung, Kim Yerim, Im Nayeon, Kim Jennie, Park Rosé
With 5 chapters, 15 votes, 392 subscribers, 2380 views, 8 comments, 7224 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

“So what’s your story?” For as long as she can remember, Seulgi has suffered from prosopagnosia, unable to recognise faces. That is, until she meets her seatmate whose face is instantly clear to her.  These are the short coming-of-age tales of the passengers on flight RV0801 about their dreams, struggles and rebirths as they embark on a new chapter of their lives.

It's Fate that's Playing with us

By winters_rain Updated
Characters Kim Taehyung, Bae Joohyun, Kim Seokjin, Chou Tzuyu, Jeon Jungkook, Kim Jennie, Kim Namjoon
With 5 chapters, 22 votes, 271 subscribers, 4810 views, 70 comments, 41263 words
Status Subscribers Only

Never has this cross their minds, he never thought things would turn out this way and she hoped that their frail love would last for eternity, but fate was playing with them. Perhaps, they are fated to meet one another but are destined to end with a horrible ending…   Characters Descriptions


By Limmy2909 Updated
Characters Kim Jennie, Bae Irene, Kim Jisoo, Kang Seulgi, some other red velvet and blackpink members
With 8 chapters, 75 votes, 2605 subscribers, 20190 views, 54 comments, 22700 words
Status [M], Completed, Subscribers Only

Come, Now

By Iskavenger Updated
Characters Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, Joy, Yeri, Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo, Rosé, Kai, Dahyun etc
With 14 chapters, 18 votes, 1169 subscribers, 7190 views, 14 comments, 44559 words
Status [M], Completed, Subscribers Only

Begin Again

By kimchaejigae Updated
Tags  indonesian   bahasa   jennie   gxg   irene   redvelvet   twice   blackpink   blackvelvet   jenrene   jenniexirene 
Characters Irene, Jennie, Red Velvet, Blackpink, TWICE
With 1 chapters, 1 votes, 13 subscribers, 520 views, 4 comments, 1242 words
Status Members Only

SM Entertainment mengkonfirmasi bahwa Red Velvet Irene dan Blackpink Jennie tengah berkencan. But the thing is, they are not. Dan tau apa yang lebih buruk? They are an ex.

Of Idols & Bodyguards

By OffTheChaeng Updated
Tags  snsd   girlxgirl   redvelvet   mamamoo   moonsun   twice   blackpink   blackvelvet   jenrene   joyse 
Characters Blackpink | Red Velvet | Twice | Taeyeon | & Others
With 16 chapters, 19 votes, 728 subscribers, 5990 views, 43 comments, 26080 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

Blackpink, a 4 member squad designed to protect female idols, are assigned to protect Red Velvet. What could go wrong? Will some fall in love or become enemies? Who knows.    What if there was more than what it seems?

Strawberry Panic

By runrosierun Updated
Tags  rose   jennie   irene   redvelvet   blackpink   chaennie   blackvelvet   jenrene   renese   jenrenese 
Characters Irene Bae, Jennie Kim and Rosé Park
With 3 chapters, 26 votes, 555 subscribers, 4880 views, 35 comments, 16507 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

A three part Christmas special story between Jennie, Rosé and Irene. The not so typical ship/tandem. 


By JamieStardust Updated
Tags  angst   drama   fluff   romance   girlxgirl   redvelvet   seulrene   blackpink   jensoo   blackvelvet   jenrene 
Characters Kim Jennie, Bae Joohyun, Kang Seulgi, Kim Jisoo
With 5 chapters, 59 votes, 1080 subscribers, 11250 views, 61 comments, 7924 words
Status Subscribers Only, Crowdfunded

In the dead of the night, Bae Joohyun and Kim Jennie discuss their secret relationship.

Percy Jackson should've warned me about this

By AleAbuela Updated
Tags  redvelvet   wenrene   blackpink   jensoo   jenrene 
Characters Blackpink/RedVelvet.
With 17 chapters, 89 votes, 1468 subscribers, 18340 views, 182 comments, 29612 words
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

DemiGodAU! Jennie, a daughter of Ares "God of war", falls under the spell of Jisoo, one of the most notorious daughters of Aphrodite "Goddess of love". It's like watching the story of their parents being renacted again. Though, Jisoo is not the only daughter of Aphrodite with their eyes set on the badass girl. With a side Chaelisa's something. 

Always & Forever

By PinkMagneticMoon Updated
Tags  seulgi   yeri   girlxgirl   joy   wendy   irene   redvelvet   joyrene   wenrene   seulrene   blackpink   blackvelvet   jenrene 
Characters Irene, Seulgi, Jennie, Wendy, Joy, Yeri
With 1 chapters, 4 votes, 3 comments, 1623 words
Status Members Only

• LOVE • LIES • HEARTBREAK • MYSTERIOUS SECRET "ADMIRERER" • "We'll be together, always and forever." said Seulgi. But that was a lie. When Seulgi got an opportunity of a lifetime she left Irene.

No You No Life

By kapshida_love Updated
Tags  mina   yeri   collegeau   princess   dahyun   wendy   irene   chaeyoung   2yeon   redvelvet   wenrene   sana   twice   samo   michaeng   dubchaeng   saeri   blackpink   seulmo   jenrene   blackvelvettwice   wensana   twicepinkvelvet   minaxlisa 
Characters Twice red velvet blackpink nayeon jeongyeon momo sana jihyo mina dahyun chaeyoung tzuyu irene bae Joohyun seulgi wendy son seungwan joy park sooyoung yeri kim yerim jisoo rosé lisa jennie
With 8 chapters, 25 votes, 422 subscribers, 4220 views, 40 comments, 51851 words
Status Subscribers Only

Red Velvet are broke students who find a sketchy babysitting job through their equally as sketchy friend, Son Chaeyoung. Involving them babysitting a Japanese Princess who has  been locked away for far too long.

55,365 minutes

By Reveluvff Updated
Tags  romance   seulgi   soulmate   yeri   joy   jennie   wendy   irene   redvelvet   wenrene   blackpink   blackvelvet   jenrene 
With 22 chapters, 550 votes, 2800 subscribers, 51420 views, 855 comments, 86743 words
Status Completed

To Seungwan, love is a series of numbers counting down to others happiness. She has spent her life watching people find their soul mates, happy to be on the sidelines. She had accepted her fate till one spring day when someone would step into her life and make her wonder, “Why not me?”

She is the star

By Chaeng1102 Updated
Characters Roseanne, Jennie, Irene
With 1 chapters, 15 votes, 158 subscribers, 4130 views, 16 comments, 9932 words
Status [M], Completed


By alexistata Updated
Characters Bae Irene, Son Seungwan, Wendy Son, Bae Joohyun, Kang Seulgi, Park Sooyoung, Kim Yerim, Kim Jennie, Rose Park, Kim Jisoo, Lisa Manoban,
With 2 chapters, 9 votes, 644 subscribers, 3970 views, 17 comments, 2233 words
Status [M], Subscribers Only

Master's Will

By maester Updated
Characters Park Sooyoung, Bae Joohyun, Kang Seulgi, Kim Yerim, Son Seungwan, Jennie Kim, Jisoo, Lisa
With 5 chapters, 35 votes, 2308 subscribers, 15140 views, 28 comments, 11226 words
Status [M], Members Only, Subscribers Only, Crowdfunded

i don’t do vanilla .

By Acelinenn Updated
Characters baeirene sonwendy kimyeri parkjoy kimjennie kimjisoo lalisa, etc.
With 6 chapters, 28 votes, 2072 subscribers, 11900 views, 28 comments, 18517 words
Status [M], [TW], Members Only, Subscribers Only

a song for you

By capster Updated
Characters irene seulgi jennie jisoo joy wendy yeri lisa rose
With 2 chapters, 7 votes, 240 subscribers, 1060 views, 4 comments, 2320 words
Status [M], Subscribers Only

sleeping buddy duty

By TheBritneySpears Updated
Tags  redvelvet   seuldy   wenseul   joyri   jenrene   wangi 
Characters Yeri, Seulgi, Wendy, Joy, Irene, Jennie from the block, Taeyeon, Rosé
With 1 chapters, 6 votes, 107 subscribers, 2190 views, 14 comments, 1859 words
Status Members Only

Sharing a bed trope. What if it's overused, sue me. wenseul × joyri / background jenrene (plus a tiny bit of wentae because)

i'll protect you.

By melanchonysleeper Updated
With 3 chapters, 11 votes, 864 subscribers, 3910 views, 11 comments, 1665 words
Status [M], [TW], Members Only, Subscribers Only

A Journey to Forever ( Life Is Too Short Sequel)

By Natzki25 Updated
Characters Seulgi Kang, Irene "Joohyun" Bae, Jennie Kim, Lisa Manoban
With 18 chapters, 31 votes, 1236 subscribers, 8470 views, 60 comments, 25800 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

After three long years, Lisa decided to touch her late girlfriend's things. From there, she found out a letter telling her to search for Jennie Kim. In order to do that she asked Seulgi's help to find her. But what will happen if they also found out that Irene, Seulgi's girlfriend have survived the car accident, lost her memories and was living together with Jennie? And what if Jennie Kim was a part of the past that Lisa have forgotten?  Find out what will happen to SEULRENE and JENLI

my salvation

By kimchaelisa Updated
Characters seulgi irene
With 3 chapters, 20 votes, 1205 subscribers, 6860 views, 33 comments, 5963 words
Status [M], Subscribers Only, Crowdfunded

Break up with your Girlfriend, I'm bored.

By idktae Updated
Characters Jennie, Irene
With 4 chapters, 11 votes, 713 subscribers, 3870 views, 24 comments, 5074 words
Status [M], [TW], Members Only, Subscribers Only

you're the reason (open my eyes)

By bloomingmisfits Updated
Tags  bullying   seulgi   highschoolau   jennie   wendy   irene   redvelvet   seulrene   jenrene 
Characters seulgi, joohyun, sooyoung, sunmi, seungwan, yerim, chaeyoung and others
With 2 chapters, 8 votes, 107 subscribers, 2020 views, 5 comments, 2530 words
Status [M]

Kiss Land

By TEZMiSo Updated
Characters Seulgi, Irene.
With 12 chapters, 119 votes, 952 subscribers, 19910 views, 213 comments, 60336 words
Status [M], Completed

(extended) One shot Jennie x Irene

By psreekumar Updated
Tags  oneshot   jennie   irene   jenrene 
Characters Jennie, Irene
With 2 chapters, 18 votes, 135 subscribers, 3020 views, 34 comments, 3931 words

Jennie wants to find a quick way to earn some money. While looking for a sugar daddy, she gets surprised when a sugar mommy messages her.

Selcouth Querencia

By louyove Updated
Tags  angst   comedy   drama   romance   sliceoflife   jisoo   jennie   blackpink   jensoo   jenrene 
Characters kim jennie ; kim jisoo ; rose and lisa will appear along with im nayeon, bae joohyun and a couple of 95-96 liners
With 1 votes, 12 subscribers, 610 views, 1 comments, 592 words

KIM JISOO X KIM JENNIE Selcouth (adj.)


By kimchaelisa Updated
Characters irene seulgi
With 1 chapters, 64 votes, 3344 subscribers, 16830 views, 29 comments, 5458 words
Status [M], Completed, Subscribers Only, Crowdfunded