Here We Meet Again

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hello everyone, i'm back with another angst-inducing fic! it might or might not be worse than Tit for Tat, if you guys have already read it then you would know my style, hehe. If you haven't and wouldn't mind getting your heart continuously broken and fixed again, do give it a read and let me know what you think of it.

this time, however, it will be Actress!Bae x Lawyer!Son :] 

the plot is original and all mine, so please have a little mercy when giving criticism and i really hope you support this fic as much as you have supported the others!!




Six and a half years prior to where Wendy Son stands today - one of the most successful defense lawyers, as well as a prosecutor well known for her fairness and justice in the different courtrooms - she was a mere trainee back in South Korea where she was hardly noticed. At a young age, singing and covering various songs with completely different styles had garnered her attention from many. Perhaps it had something to do with her parents both having some musical backgrounds of their own; her elder sister, however, chose to go into criminal psychology and now works in behind bars as a psychologist for prisoners. To say that all three of them objected to her choice of a career was an understatement, but Wendy soon gave in and supported her as much as she could. See, Wendy originally wanted to become a singer in Seoul to pay homage to her country and to chase her dreams that didn't seem so far away at the time..... 

She just didn't expect to fall in love, and then get her heart crushed into a million pieces by the same person who vowed to be there with her to the end. Granted that they were young, foolish and absolutely stupid for believing puppy love would last. Wendy, at least, felt like a fool when faced with the undeniable truth: her own girlfriend... caught in bed with another trainee, one who became her best friend. 

“Thinking about her again?”

Wendy almost snorts at the comment; she has heard this question one too many. “Let's not get ridiculous now. She doesn’t deserve to be in my thoughts.”

Yes, Wendy is still the same girl.

Some things haven’t changed.

The only trait difference from then to now is her ability to be guarded, and to always question motives when vague. Wendy now knows how to protect her heart; she's no longer going to be the same foolish girl who thinks of love as a cure for many other problems on earth. 

Not now, not ever.

“Son Seungwan! Park Chaeyoung!” A loud voice calls from the main office in the right hand corner, a cheery giggle echoing right after – their boss must be on the phone with her wife again. “I have a big case coming up for you two! Get your y asses in here right now, ladies!”







“Do you know what this video leak has done to your reputation as an actress here in the country? And the company’s reputation, stocks, brand value?! I warned you time and time again to be more careful of your relationships! It’s bad enough I’ve had to bribe the reporters just to protect everyone else here.”


“Look… a video like this, I can’t change the outcome.”

With more than five pairs of anxious eyes fixated on the young woman sitting alone on a single sofa, fingers desperately clasped together as she prays for a way out. How is she to say anything else or come up with a solution when she was slapped in the face with a news report this morning? There was no time to react, no time to prepare her heart for this mess that was about to arise. Never once she did think a scandal like this would be the ruining factor of her life or career – her relationship, her life, everything – she was always careful. Yes, she was a cold, jaded lady with absolutely unimaginable wealth now but she too, had a heart that could be melted if it’s the right person.

“You’ll have to admit it before it gets leaked.”

“… okay. I’m sorry, again.”

They might be working in the entertainment industry but unlike other companies here in Seoul, this CEO has a decent soul and a good amount of empathy.

“I will hire two of the best lawyers from my wife’s company, and they will fly over as soon as the press conference begins. One of them is both a prosecutor and a defense lawyer, while the other specializes in cases like this. Both have handled many cases, hence their reputation in Canada. You won’t have to worry about much, except try to find out who leaked the video and the photos, okay?”


[BREAKING!] Irene Bae admits to being the person in the leaked tape and photos that have gone viral just this morning! 

[TRENDING!] Popular actress, Irene Bae, claims to be the victim in this whole fiesta! Sending her apologies to fans and the public who were shocked! 

#1 Article on Naver: Irene Bae takes full responsibility of the scandal, hopes for graciousness and prayers that the person behind the leak will be caught for infringement on privacy.






Rosé chokes on her drink when she finally finishes reading the articles flashing before her very eyes. She had been a tad bit curious about who her friend was gossiping about on their group chat… but she didn’t expect it to be this huge. A part of her suddenly gets hit with a huge wave of sadness, wondering the extent of which a person would go to ruin someone as successful as Irene Bae herself. Rosé sighs audibly, fingers casually reaching up to rub at her friend's back. She might be older and have more experience but having two different positions in courts? It's no wonder why Wendy encourages her to have other hobbies or ambitions to pursue while she can. 

“Have you seen this, Wendy?”

Wendy raises her head tiredly, fatigue visible on her face the moment she looks up to speak to Rosé. She can barely keep her eyes open as of now; working through day and night for the last week or so has taken a huge toll on her body. But of course, how could she miss the huge name written in bold? Plus, who doesn’t know Irene Bae?

Then again, it's none of her business.

For now.




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