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Mere Exposure Effect [HAPPY SEULRENE DAY]

A psychological phenomenon in which people develop a preference for familiar things; a.k.a. the familiarity principle. See also: Joohyun wishes Seungwan would stop fangirling over top star Kang Seulgi.

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Lecanorchis nigricans

By YouYou_4withsun Updated
Characters Moonbyul, Yongsun, Wheein, Hyejin
With 20 chapters, 32 votes, 677 subscribers, 9820 views, 35 comments, 47870 words
Status [M], [TW], Members Only, Subscribers Only, Crowdfunded

19.The Fallen God

By KJealous Updated
Characters Moonbyul, Solar, Hwasa, Wheein, among others
With 95 chapters, 49 votes, 2124 subscribers, 40730 views, 278 comments, 267410 words
Status [M], [TW], Members Only, Subscribers Only


By autctelic Updated
Tags  mamamoo   moonbyul   wheebyul   jungwheein 
Characters Jung Wheein, Moon Byulyi
With 1 chapters, 4 votes, 31 subscribers, 290 views, 9 comments, 1280 words

Aside for her beauty and brains, she is also well known for her cold disposition when it comes to her work. She tends to be strict to her employees, wanting everything to be perfect because Jung Wheein never settles for less, and quite frankly only a handful of them have seen her dazzling smile. So it has come to a shock for herself that exactly a year ago, she divulge in a thirst that surely change her life forever.


By RockandJems101 Updated
Tags  fantasy   kingdom   moon   jung   hyejin   kim   fantasyromance   fantasyau   ahn   mamamoo   wheein   moonsun   wheebyul   yongsun   jungwheein   ahnhyejin   byulyi   kimyongsun   moonbyulyi   queendom 
Characters mamamoo, kim yongsun, moon byulyi, jung wheein, ahn hyejin
With 7 chapters, 26 votes, 179 subscribers, 2300 views, 46 comments, 18205 words

Queen Yongsun married Prince Moonbyul to save her kingdom from an approaching war. Little did she know, that she would also save the prince from herself. Princess Kim Yongsun, the heiress of the Kingdom of Solaris was arranged by her parents to wed the only heir of Lunaria Empire. She didn't have any strong opinions about the marriage. Kim Yongsun was born and raised to love and protect her kingdom. At such a young age, she accepted the fact that she's not supposed to fall in

if there's anything sweeter than this, it's probably love.

By shadesofjoyuri Updated
Tags  fluff   oneshot   highschoolau   mamamoo   wheein   moonbyul   wheebyul 
Characters jung wheein, moon byulyi
With 2 chapters, 22 votes, 55 subscribers, 1270 views, 30 comments, 16292 words
Status Completed

in which jung wheein is often misunderstood because she barely speaks, and moon byulyi is an infatuated fool who just wants her attention.

A Reason to Live

By RockandJems101 Updated
Tags  angst   romance   mamamoo   wheein   moonbyul   hwasa   moonsun   wheebyul 
Characters mamamoo (moonbyul, solar, wheein, hwasa)
With 18 chapters, 52 votes, 734 subscribers, 10300 views, 163 comments, 34063 words
Status Subscribers Only

Moonbyul didn't want to learn how to live without the love of her life...until one night she has to...and she did.

in the middle of my chaos, there was you.

By shadesofjoyuri Updated
Tags  mamamoo   wheein   moonbyul   wheebyul 
Characters moon byulyi, jung wheein
With 3 chapters, 8 votes, 33 subscribers, 370 views, 14 comments, 7580 words

the playground was deserted, the night was bleak, the wooden bench was breaking down. everyday may be agonising, but it was also agony that brought them together.   or; moon byulyi and jung wheein are just two broken teens who had long succumb to their lives filled with misery. their story begins and continues every night at an unfrequented playground.

Secretary Jung Wheein

By RockandJems101 Updated
Tags  fluff   romance   humor   wheebyul 
Characters mamamoo, wheein, moonbyul, hyejin
With 2 chapters, 12 votes, 124 subscribers, 1580 views, 24 comments, 6362 words

Secretary Jung Wheein has been working for CEO Moon Byulyi for the most part of her young adulthood. For seven years, she's served as the hardworking secretary of the Chief executive officer of the MGC (Moon Group of Companies). Now that she's reached the age of 25, she began thinking about her future; about actually starting to live her life for herself. And when she told her boss about resigning from her job, well...let's just say the young CEO didn't take it well.

Fatal Love, Pretty Foolish Love, Puppy Love

By RockandJems101 Updated
Tags  angst   drama   fluff   romance   mamamoo   moonsun   wheebyul   hwabyul 
Characters mamamoo, moonbyul, yongsun, wheein, hyejin, seulgi, minhyuk, sowon, taehyung, irene, xiumin
With 30 chapters, 27 votes, 1030 subscribers, 14440 views, 201 comments, 79848 words
Status Subscribers Only

Moonbyul realizes that falling in love with your best friends is so much easier than being in love with your best friends.

Alter Ego

By staryiahn Updated
Tags  angst   dark   death   aufic   supernatrual   introspection   doctorau   slowburn   mamamoo   wheein   solar   moonbyul   hwasa   moonsun   wheebyul   hwabyul   timewarp   realityjumping 
Characters Moonbyul Hwasa Solar Wheein
With 17 chapters, 2 votes, 157 subscribers, 940 views, 6 comments, 21922 words
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

A woman (Moonbyul) who thinks of killing herself is transported to different realities without knowledge of it happening. She starts to wonder whether or not her thoughts are herself or whether she is the culmination of difficult situations. Jung Wheein, a young "anomaly" searches for a replacement for her cousin Moonstar.  

Crying At The Moon

By RockandJems101 Updated
Tags  angst   heartbreak   romance   unrequitedlove   mamamoo   moonsun   wheebyul   wheesa 
Characters Mamamoo, moonbyul, wheein, solar, hwasa
With 13 chapters, 31 votes, 285 subscribers, 6580 views, 85 comments, 20684 words

People always talk about how the sun loved the moon but rarely talk about how the wolf cries for the moon every night. Non AU-fic.

The Bro Code

By RockandJems101 Updated
Tags  mamamoo   moonsun   wheebyul 
Characters mamamoo, minhyuk, moonbyul, wheein, yongsun, hyejin
With 14 chapters, 40 votes, 408 subscribers, 7410 views, 90 comments, 32574 words
Status Subscribers Only

Minhyuk and Wheein are best friends, and its all good and well...but apparently there's this code between best friends that you shouldn't sleep with your best friend's sister, and that's proven hard not to break when Wheein meets Moonbyul. Lee Minhyuk and Moon Byulyi shares the same interests, and its all good and well...until Byul find out that the girl she likes is her twin's girlfriend; Yongsun.

Secretly Mine

By RussetMeng Updated
Tags  mamamoo   wheein   moonbyul   wheebyul   wheeinxmoonbyul 
Characters Jung Wheein, Moon Byulyi
With 23 chapters, 45 votes, 417 subscribers, 10030 views, 186 comments, 40903 words

Wheein has a crush on her catsitter Byul, but this catsitter has an unexpected secret...

Eu te Amo~ 🍩

By Sharine Updated
Tags  fluff   wheebyul 
Characters Moonbyul, Wheein
With 1 chapters, 4 votes, 520 views, 4 comments, 6578 words
Status Completed, Members Only, Subscribers Only

Wheein is on a speed date. And she's sleepy. It's easy to miss the most eligible date in that phase. Not to mention awkward situations ensues.  ​​​​​​

Love Radio

By RockandJems101 Updated
Tags  fluff   radio   wheein   moonbyul   wheebyul   moonrene   djwheein 
Characters jung wheein, moon byulyi
With 1 chapters, 7 votes, 35 subscribers, 220 views, 13 comments, 10616 words

AU: Jung Wheein is a famous radio DJ and Moonbyul is an average employee. Both came from their own heartbreaks. Will they mend each other's hearts? Or will they end up as another heartbreak? Wheebyul three-shot/two-shot.

Mamamoo Stories and Adventures

By Prout101 Updated
With 18 chapters, 48 votes, 347 subscribers, 13840 views, 63 comments, 60478 words

Just a cluster of short (or not so short) one shots and miscelanious ideas :D  Welcome to Mamamoo Stories and Aventures!

our secret

By gloria_16 Updated
Characters moonbyul/byul, kimyongsun/solar, ahnhyejin/hwasa,jungwheein, cung-ha, yuri.
With 15 chapters, 17 votes, 921 subscribers, 6690 views, 31 comments, 19908 words
Status [M], Completed, Members Only, Subscribers Only

Strange Attractors

By Marz009 Updated
Tags  ocs   hyejin   fantasyau   mamamoo   wheein   solar   moonbyul   godsau   moonsun   wheebyul   wheesa   lemak 
With 6 chapters, 8 votes, 75 subscribers, 1930 views, 12 comments, 28221 words
Status [M]

Orange Voice

By staryiahn Updated
Tags  bullying   sliceoflife   slowburn   wheein   solar   moonbyul   hwasa   deafau   wheebyul 
Characters Moonbyul, Wheein, Solar, Hwasa
With 5 chapters, 5 votes, 127 subscribers, 1100 views, 8 comments, 15089 words

Byul Yi tries to better her relationship with Jung Whee-In, the girl she treated foolishly in middle school. Maybe one day, she'll finally listen to the letters she recieves from herself. Inspired by "A Silent Voice" and "Orange" anime.

Just like every normal day

By ThatOneBi Updated
Tags  idolcameos   gangau   mamamoo   wheein   solar   moonbyul   hwasa   wheebyul   hwasun 
Characters MoonByulyi Jung Wheein Ahn Hyejin Kim Yongsun
With 51 chapters, 49 votes, 863 subscribers, 16120 views, 325 comments, 76248 words
Status [M], [TW], Members Only, Subscribers Only


By staryiahn Updated
Tags  angst   drama   horror   lovetriangle   psychological   historical   historicalau   zombieau   mamamoo   wheein   solar   moonbyul   hwasa   moonsun   wheebyul   wheesa   mamamooau 
Characters Solar, Moonbyul, Hwasa, Wheein, Jin, Seulgi, Minhyuk
With 10 chapters, 8 votes, 238 subscribers, 2060 views, 6 comments, 30204 words
Status [M], [TW], Members Only, Subscribers Only

Love Support

By bakwoongang Updated
Tags  fluff   oneshot   mamamoo   wheein   moonbyul   wheebyul 
With 3 chapters, 10 votes, 304 subscribers, 1530 views, 15 comments, 8619 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

Radio DJ Moonbyul who is in love with the famous female solo singer Jung Wheein

Love and College.

By trashbagget Updated
Tags  joohyun   aufic   redvelvet   mamamoo   wheebyul   moonrene   wheebyulau 
Characters Wheein, Moonbyul, Irene
With 4 chapters, 3 votes, 54 subscribers, 840 views, 11 comments, 4715 words

Byul suffers from a break-up. Wheein transfers to a University, The two meet in the campus and clicked instantly.   

Someone Like You

By RetardBoey Updated
Tags  wheebyul 
With 1 chapters, 7 votes, 19 subscribers, 710 views, 2 comments, 2505 words
Status Completed

I owe someone. And I wanted to share something that I have learnt. 

Love and Happiness

By D-o-dol Updated
Tags  mamamoo   moonsun   wheebyul   wheesa   moonseul 
Characters Moon Byul Yi, Jung Whee In, Ahn Hyejin, Kim Yongsun, Kang Seulgi, Bae Joohyun
With 15 chapters, 10 votes, 3420 views, 42 comments, 21062 words
Status Subscribers Only

This is quite a dramatic story so please don't expect a happy ending. I just realize people needs a little bit of pain in their lives. And also sorry for the grammar and spelling mistakes I am not a good writer and english is not my first language. Hope you enjoy my first story here. Ciao~

Reader's Digest/Q&A

By tif152 Updated
Tags  backstory   redvelvet   mamamoo   wenrene   seulrene   moonsun   wheebyul   mamavelvet   moonrene   logbook 
With 1 chapters, 5 subscribers, 560 views, 366 words
Status [M]

I Never Told You

By RetardBoey Updated
Tags  wheebyul   wheesun 
With 5 chapters, 14 votes, 51 subscribers, 1280 views, 12 comments, 12889 words
Status Completed

i never told you many things. i regret not telling you. i wish i have more time to tell you. for all the things i never told you. 

Sunday Morning

By remm_remm Updated
Tags  fluff   girlgroup   proposal   cuddling   fluffyandcute   bedroom   gxg   mamamoo   nonidolau   wheein   solar   moonbyul   hwasa   wheebyul   hwasol   hwasun   lemak   hwasaxsolar   solarxhwasa 
Characters Ahn Hyejin, Kim Yongsun, Jung Wheein, Moon Byulyi
With 1 chapters, 7 votes, 15 subscribers, 590 views, 7 comments, 802 words

The morning sun slowly heats up the wide bedroom. The weather is going to be very nice today.

Happier (Wheebyul Version)

By soshimoo Updated
Tags  angst   mamamoo   wheein   moonbyul   wheebyul   byulyi 
Characters Moonbyul | Wheein
With 1 chapters, 4 votes, 241 subscribers, 1020 views, 5 comments, 5137 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

A universe where Byulyi made falling in love easy for Wheein. . .

Suited Words

By Fallent Updated
Tags  angst   wheebyul   hwabyul   wheesun 
Characters Wheein Solar/Yongsun Sodam Hwasa Moonbyul
With 6 chapters, 7 votes, 69 subscribers, 1790 views, 20 comments, 11219 words

Wheein's aim is to protect the sun, in her field in which freedom could also be mean as banned.

Moonbyul’s 3 notes (one shot)

By wendyslamp Updated
Tags  mamamoo   wheein   solar   moonbyul   hwasa   moonsun   wheebyul   hwabyul 
Characters Moonbyul Wheein Hwasa Solar
With 1 chapters, 4 votes, 28 subscribers, 1150 views, 5 comments, 5099 words
Status Completed

Moonbyul's diary has only three notes. Each one telling about different story she has experienced. ship: wheebyul, hwabyul, moonsun (in that order)

my newbie collection

By cessstartstowrite Updated
Tags  girlgroup   kpop   twoshots   exo   oneshots   girlxgirl   parkchanyeol   mamamoo   moonsun   wheebyul   jungwheein   ahnhyejin   kimyongsun   moonbyulyi 
Characters moonbyul wheein hyejin yongsun chanyeol
With 9 chapters, 4 votes, 3790 views, 13 comments, 7880 words
Status Completed

i might be abandoning this collection thingy. maybe i'll just post my stories separately.

Heart Of Glass

By chocomint89 Updated
Characters Kim TaeYeon and Tiffany Hwang, Mamamoo Moonbyul and Solar
With 22 chapters, 7 votes, 432 subscribers, 3510 views, 15 comments, 19068 words
Status [M], Completed, Subscribers Only

Mamamoo Shots

By Aiko04 Updated
Characters Solar Moonbyul Wheein Hwasa Moonsun Wheesa Hwabyul Wheesun Hwasun
With 18 chapters, 27 votes, 2443 subscribers, 23330 views, 75 comments, 14600 words
Status [M], Subscribers Only


By RadioMon Updated
Tags  mamamoo   wheein   moonbyul   wheebyul   yongsun   wheesun 
Characters Wheein, Yongsun
With 1 chapters, 8 votes, 240 subscribers, 1140 views, 7 comments, 1679 words
Status Completed, Members Only, Subscribers Only

She had her eyes closed because she believed that if she pretended enough then it would end up coming true.