Queen Yongsun married Prince Moonbyul to save her kingdom from an approaching war. Little did she know, that she would also save the prince from herself.

Princess Kim Yongsun, the heiress of the Kingdom of Solaris was arranged by her parents to wed the only heir of Lunaria Empire.

She didn't have any strong opinions about the marriage. Kim Yongsun was born and raised to love and protect her kingdom. At such a young age, she accepted the fact that she's not supposed to fall in love with anyone but her kingdom. And so if it meant the well-being of the kingdom she has sworn to protect, then marrying someone she didn't personally know wasn't an option, but her duty.

Prince Moon Byulyi, the first female-born proclaimed as the heiress of the Ice Queen's Pass, also known as the Lunaria Empire, was Solaris' saving grace from the impending war that could lead the Kingdom into ruins.




Queen of Kingdom Solaris

  • Ruler of the medium-sized kingdom of Solaris also known as the Emberland Valley
  • Inherited the throne at the age of 20 due to her parent's sudden demise
  • A pacifist, despite her inexperience, she managed to keep her kingdom peaceful using her own wisdom and wits
  • She's stern and almost emotionless resembling the Ice Queen, but aside from that, she was kind and warm to her people
  • She was always prim and proper, and is always by the book


Prince of the Empire of Lunaria

  • One and only heir of Lunaria Empire, the largest empire of the North, also known as the Ice Queen's Pass
  • First female heir of their bloodline 
  • Stubborn and Self-centered prince who always gets what she wants
  • She is beautiful as she is deadly


1st Princess of Solaris Kingdom

  • Next in line to the throne, second daughter of the Late King Nam Joon and Queen Bo Ra
  • Unlike her older sister, Princess Wheein has no interest in politics nor her position on the throne
  • Hopeless romantic and carefree
  • Her beauty resembled the angels
  • She's sweet but she's also rough around the edges
  • She has a strong passion for archery; she would sometimes sneak from the castle and go into the woods to practice


2nd Princess of Solaris Kingdom

  • Second in line to the throne, youngest daughter of the Late King Nam Joon and Queen Bo Ra
  • She's a fierce leader, and unlike her pacifist sister, she encourages aggression towards other kingdoms if she sees fit
  • Despite their different political views, she's been supportive of the Queen and has been very supportive of her sister's reign
  • She's practicing meditative practices with the guide of the kingdom's High Priestess
  • She sometimes comes with Princess Wheein outside the castle to practice her swordsmanship



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