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Moon Byulyi, illegal car racer by night, full-time book delivery driver in the day, was lost in SNU, trying to deliver books to the main library. The only problem was there was only a college girl she could ask for directions. Damn, that sweet-looking girl must have tricked her by giving her the wrong directions! Fine, she shall force that girl to her personally to the library. Would this be an opening act to a beautiful romance that overcome social classes?

Back with another omegaverse AU with Alpha Moonbyul and Omega Solar. Inspired by a real story and MAMAMOO+ album, ‘ACT 1 Scene 1’.


Solar, youngest daughter of CEO Kim Jung Hoon, sophomore at SNU, reading music. She had her life all planned out, graduate top of her cohort, marry her long-time boyfriend Eric Nam and have a family. Until a certain gritty-looking delivery person with long silver hair badgered her rudely for directions to the library and eventually forced her to her personally to the library.

Inspired by Solar in spectacles!


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Chapter 5: Ohhh that's smooth of Yongsun. 🤭
_moongalaxy #2
Chapter 4: aigoooo poor yong and byulie🥺
both of them have insecurities🥺with yong as the youngest granddaughter of Kim clan and byulie with commitment🥺
i hope that one day yong's grandpa see how those soulmate interact with pure love🥺and hope that byulie would let go everything that make her down🥺
but, at least glad that 2YG were there for byulie🥺unlike yong, who doesn't have anyone to confide in to🥺
_moomoo_nim #3
Chapter 4: go for it byul we have your back too🔥
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Chapter 4: I wonder how the story will go 🤔 tho for now, i hope yong will no longer be lonely at school with 2yg going to snu as well.
Btw, great chapter title 🙌🏻 very fitting to both of them
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Chapter 2: Ohh my that was very attractive 🙈
Chapter 3: awwww yong opening up and meeting the 2young girls is so sweet! I love this dynamic for moonsun and hope they get to keep getting ti know each other in this sweet way 😊😊
Skye1234 #7
Chapter 4: Thank you for the update.
_moongalaxy #8
Chapter 3: auwwwww🥺❤🙈yong fall for the 2 young girls charms😆👏🏻
glad that byul introduced yong to them and they befriended each other🥺🙈❤
and 2 young girls got another unnie😆👏🏻and byul got 2 young girls as her eyes and ears at SNU😆
let's go byul!! let's end the FWB thingy!! fighting!!!
Chapter 3: Damn! Sth is wrong with that nam. I feel so bad for Yongsun, she has no control of her life. I hope with Byulyi and the two girls, her life will be better.

I'm pretty sure it's difficult to cut ties with Krystal given her wonky behaviours when Byul chased her out.
_moomoo_nim #10
Chapter 2: yeah don't need to give a look at that peasant!!!