The River: Origin

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Three years had passed since the disaster by the river. However, strange events and incessant warnings force the team to leave behind their seemingly normal lives and reunite at the university campus, where they are given the chance to make everything right once again, but when they learn that they must face obstacles vastly different from last time, they are burdened with doubtful thoughts – with missing members, fading powers, and painful extraction of their worst fears, they realise that the origin of the chaos is far more ominous than they could ever imagine.





I'm back, after such a long time, but here it is. The sequel to 'The River', a story I published almost two years ago. This one won't make any sense if you haven't read the first one, I'm sorry! I really didn't expect it to take so long to write, and it really didn't. Believe it or not, but I wrote the entirely of this sequel in three-to-four months. It was delayed until this summer because I was busy with school and university, and I was working on some other stories.

Honestly, this sequel probably isn't as good as the first part, but I thought I needed to give my reader some closure about what exactly caused the plot of the first one, what happened later, and so on. This is a much shorter story, but I put in a lot of effort, so I hope it's still good overall. Please go through the tags and make sure you're comfortable with the themes. Again, this is a story with all the TXT members, as well as other members from other groups. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did while writing it!

Please also note that this story's cover is something quick and easy that I made, so it doesn't look... great. Anyways, credits for original images go to the rightful owners, but all the editing and touches are my work.


PLEASE READ: Although the characters in the story are not mine, all the ideas and the plot belong to me. This story is not and should not be plagiarised. This work can only be found on AFF and on AO3. If you find a work similar to this, it is pure coincidence. If you find my work posted elsewhere (other than AFF and AO3), please message me. Thank you.

[Do not be silent readers! I read every single comment and I reply to all of them. I would really appreciate hearing your feedback. Comments are truly motivational for writers! Thank you!]

Sorry that it took so long to get all the chapters out, but we made it to the end. I will say; this sequel is definitely not as heavy and interesting as the original, but I couldn't just leave so many questions about what happened and why it happened, so I hope this sequel answers those questions.


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I just saw this! I'm so glad you wrote a sequel, since I really liked the characters and wanted more. It's cool that you skipped a few years. I like that.