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Loving The Summer's Waves

Fresh from her acting retirement, 27 years old Karina embarks for an all out vacation on her father's island resort. Well... that is until she met the annoying, uncultured swine owner of the most t

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Godless Crescendo - Cresthall Academy II (Multifandom - BTS, Stray Kids, Ateez, TXT,)

By MoonSun005 Updated
Characters Minho
With 104 chapters, 2 votes, 7 subscribers, 1660 views, 2 comments, 80598 words
Status [M], Completed

李旻浩x你 生肉 内🐍 捆绑(三观不正!)

By straykids-jisung Updated
Tags  straykidsleeknow 
With 280 views, 1 words

介于你在咖啡厅的表现,为了勾搭男人你理都没理过李旻浩,回家的路上李旻浩阴着脸,你却还是一副无所谓的样子,好像根本没有察觉到他身上的低气压。 回到家,你鞋也不脱衣服也不换就躺在了沙发上,东儿和顺儿还在阳台晒太阳,你又跑过去抱起东儿顺它的毛。 突然,身后传来李旻浩温柔的声音“宝宝,你换鞋了吗”,你有点被吓到了,拍了一下李旻浩,东儿跳下跑到卧室里去了,你准备去换鞋,却被李旻浩抓住手。 你一脸迷惑“干什么?”李旻浩二话不说就把阳台的门关上,又把窗帘也拉上,然后才阴着脸看你“干什么?呀宝宝是真的不明白吗”他的眼神像要杀人一样,你这才开始有点害怕“到,到底怎么了” 李旻浩突然把你拉进他的怀里,他抬起你的上颌垂下头狠狠地你,他软糯糯的唇在和你的碰撞的一瞬间你却只感觉生疼,他用拨开你的唇齿,在你的腔里胡乱搅着,你有点抗拒他想把他退出去,李旻浩却把你抱得更紧,丝毫不放松,你感觉他的好像都能碰到你的小了,你有种呕吐感,李旻浩及时地放开你,放开你的同时使劲咬了你的唇。 你的巴出血了。

Promise of the Blood Moon

By chennqingg Updated
With 10 chapters, 2 subscribers, 880 views, 18903 words

**Author's Note: The poster will eventually be fixed soon to the right title. I've been doing a lot of back and forth with this fanfic so (hopefully) this will be the final stages of me doing back and forth with this fanfic while I'm in the midst of editing.

A Ghost

By Ms4phantasi4 Updated
Characters Yang Jeongin, Han Jisung, Lee Felix, Kim Seungmin, Seo Changbin, Bang Chan, Lee Minho, Hwang Hyunjin
With 13 chapters, 1 votes, 110 views, 66757 words
Status [M], [TW], Completed, Members Only

Bleeding Jasmines

By Ms4phantasi4 Updated
Characters Kim Seungmin, Han Jisung, Lee Daehwi, Han Jisung, Lee Felix, Yang Jeongin, Bang Chan, Hwang Hyunjin, Lee Minho, Seo Changbin, Im Jaebom, Son Hyunwoo, Kim Yugeom, Park Jinyoung
With 10 chapters, 1 subscribers, 220 views, 55116 words
Status [M], [TW], Completed, Members Only

Everything is wrong, but you.

By Ms4phantasi4 Updated
Characters Han Jisung, Lee Minho, Seo Changbin, Lee Felix, Hwang Hyunjin, Kim Seungmin, Yang Jeongin/ I.N, Bang Chan
With 16 chapters, 6 subscribers, 740 views, 82364 words
Status [M], [TW], Completed, Members Only

Being a Wielder

By lonelytears Updated
Characters BangChan, Stray Kids, TBD
With 2 chapters, 2 subscribers, 2669 words

I try to live my life quietly. I don't care for what others push my to do. I just want to walk and find out who I am.   


By krisyffs6 Updated
Characters Lee Diana (OC) x Hwang Hyunjin | Geon Marciel (OC) | SKZ - Felix, Minho | ITZY - Ryujin | OCs - Isabella | OCs
With 17 chapters, 16 subscribers, 510 views, 1 comments, 12334 words
Status Members Only, Subscribers Only

A story where the leader of the rebellions kidnaps the prince. The prince trapped with the rebels for days and days. Although catching feelings to any royals or anyone who lives in the village are prohibited to rebels, for some reason, the rebel caught feelings. And although catching feelings for outsiders where also prohibited to royals, for som

The River

By Skyful_Poof Updated
Characters Choi Soobin, Choi Yeonjun, Choi Beomgyu, Kang Taehyun, Kai Kamal Huening, etc.
With 42 chapters, 3 votes, 74 subscribers, 1490 views, 36 comments, 145578 words
Status Completed, Subscribers Only

Five undergraduates simply wanted to live their life focusing on themselves - academics, friendships, love, happiness - but it all went downhill when mysterious creatures came crawling out of a river like a story out of a book, demolishing the city. However, when these five boys, along with many others, obtained the opportunity to put an end to the violent chaos, they put themselves and their newly gained powers to the test. It was up to them to save their city and the people they cared about

⇜ ɪɴᴄᴇꜱᴛ ɪꜰ ʏᴏᴜ ɪɴꜱɪꜱᴛ ⇝

By S3xmeup Updated
Characters Lee Juyeon, Lee Minho/ Lee Know, Hwang Hyunjin, Lee Felix, Eric Sohn, Kim Younghoon, Choi Chanhee, Ji Changmin, Kim Sunwoo, Bang Chan, Seo Changbin, Kim Seungmin, Kevin Moon
With 5 chapters, 8 subscribers, 180 views, 25880 words
Status [M], [TW], Members Only, Subscribers Only


By Kimkay Updated
Characters Lee Know x You x Ten x Taeyong
With 5 chapters, 1 votes, 6 subscribers, 470 views, 2 comments, 4897 words
Status [M]


By Llama_jinnie Updated
Characters Bang Chan, Lee Minho, Seo Changbin, Hwang Hyunjin, Han Jisung, Lee Felix, Kim Seungmin, Yang Jeongin
With 3 chapters, 1 votes, 5 subscribers, 150 views, 1134 words
Status [M], [TW], Members Only, Subscribers Only

The Stray District

By GaiyoFanfiction Updated
Characters Stray Kids, NCT Dream
With 11 chapters, 2 votes, 16 subscribers, 1160 views, 1 comments, 20792 words

The year is now 2018. The city you once called Seoul, South Korea has been deemed District 9. Teenagers have slowly been taking over. District 9, South Korea had one prominent, powerful gang, who dubbed themselves District 9, run by Ms. L/N Y/N. They knew everything that happened in the District, including who came and who went. That’s when a new set of players came into town. After having took over Daegu, they now came for Distri

all about him

By -redroses Updated
Characters Lee Minho (Lee Know), Kim Heejin (OC)
With 3 chapters, 1 votes, 8 subscribers, 1110 views, 2 comments, 3964 words
Status Completed

a series of drabbles of how a girl met Lee Minho

Trouble Next Door

By fourthpoltergeist Updated
Characters Han Jisung, Lee Minho
With 2 chapters, 2 votes, 26 subscribers, 1040 views, 5 comments, 1317 words

Han Jisung had never been lucky with his past relationships. And one night, when he once again drowned himself with alcohol after a break up, he somehow grabbed something he shouldn't. And that 'something' belonged to a guy wearing the face of his neighbor, Lee Minho. Now he has to pay the price. How expensive is this 'something'? Will Jisung be able to afford it?