Promise of the Blood Moon


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Ji Minyoung is the only daughter and princess of the Ji Kingdom,
who tends to cause a lot of trouble for her family and the people around her.

Kim Gunhak is a knight of the Ji Kingdom.
Not much is known about him, but he's known for his unwavering loyalty,
skills & intelligence according to his fellow knights.

 Princess Minyoung becomes a worrisome problem to her father, the King of the Ji Kingdom.
He deeply cares about his daughter's safety and his kingdom's safety equally;
however, Minyoung's stubborness comes a challenge for the several bachelors of nobility.
Only Gunhak is capable of breaking Minyoung's unyielding attitude

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With the rise of war, it causes more stress on Minyoung's father;
as he's also dealing with his daughter's stubborn behavior. 
He has one option that's his last resort, he needs someone to
protect his daughter while trying to figure out

the past neighboring kingdoms and reowned noble families mysterious & sudden disappearances.  
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Little did the Kingdom of Ji know...that they had a deep rooted history
with one of the kingdoms that mysteriously disappeared all those years ago...




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Guide: [Character's name] | Affiliation | Position/Title

**Disclaimer: all photos/icons that are used are not mine, credits goes to all of the original owners.**

Kim Gunhak (Leedo from Oneus) | Kingdom of Ji | Knight

He is a loyal knight to the Royal family of Ji who was originally stationed at the kingdom's border. Not much is known about him or his past, but with the skills he has, he's given the task to be the bodyguard of Princess Minyoung.

Ji Minyoung (OC) | Kingdom of Ji | Princess; future Queen

The only child & princess of the Ji Kingdom. She's quite clever, which causes her to get in loads of trouble. This causes her to be under the watch of Kim Gunhak who becomes her bodyguard.

»»————- ♔ ————-««


Cha Hakyeon (N from VIXX) | Kingdom of Cha | King

Ji Minyoung's eldest cousin from her mother's side. He sees Minyoung as his little sister since he's one of the closest people to her and they're both the only child. He's a humble king and rarely has any enemies.

Seo Joohyun (Seohyun from Girls' Generation) | Kingdom of Cha | Advisor

Cha Hakyeon's trusted advisor, she's known for her wisdom and her kind-hearted nature to civilians and the people around her.

Lee Geumhyuk (St. Van from VAV) | Kingdom of Cha | Commander-in-Chief

Cha Hakyeon's Commander-in-Chief and right-hand man. He's very popular with the women of each kingdom due to his charming looks and his talent of cooking. 

Jung Taekwoon (Leo from VIXX) | Kingdom of Cha | Vice Commander


Cha Hakyeon's Vice Commander and other right-hand man. He's the older brother of Jung Seungbo and he's popular with the children in each kingdom as he adores being around children. 

Jung Seungbo (Dann from Kingdom) | Kingdom of Cha | General

Cha Hakyeon's general who is the younger brother of Jung Taekwoon. He has a very lively and playful personality, but also has a great sense of responsibility. 

»»————- ♔ ————-««

Lee Minho (Lee Know from Stray Kids) | Kingdom of Lee | King

A young King who has a history of his bloodline destroying smaller kingdoms. Once he took the throne after his late father’s death, he is immediately betrothed to Princess Ji Minyoung by the wish of his father and advisor.

Jung Sukwon as Yi Sungil | Kingdom of Lee | Advisor

The advisor of Lee Minho, he's known for his scheming plans and is always ahead of most advisors. Taking advantage of the fact that his new king is young, he intends to keep his late monarch's plans in action.

»»————- ♔ ————-««

Kim Youngjo (Ravn from Oneus) | Former Kingdom of Kim | Former soldier/knight

A former knight from the fallen Kingdom of Kim and the younger brother of Kim Minji. He lays low in secret in order to search for the missing prince.

Kim Minji (JiU from Dreamcatcher) | Former Kingdom of Kim | Shopkeeper & Apothecarist

A apothecarist from the fallen Kingdom of Kim and the older sister of Kim Youngjo. She owns a pastry shop in the Kingdom of Ji to stay low

Lee Yubin (Dami from Dreamcatcher) | Former Kingdom of Kim | Psychic

Childhood friend to Princess Minyoung & the younger sister to Lee Jaehwan (Ken), she's a psychic who's able to interpret dreams, nightmares & phenomenons.

Lee Jaehwan (Ken from VIXX) | Former Kingdom of Kim | Cartographer

Older brother to Lee Yubin, he is a cartographer and uses his knowledge of making maps to his advantage to help restore the Kingdom of Kim. 

Son Dongju (Xion from Oneus) | Kingdom of Ji | Restaurant owner, Former soldier trainee

Kim Gunhak's close childhood friend and a small restaurant owner who resides in Kingdom of Ji. He used to serve as a knight for the Kingdom of Ji, but decided to step down from the position to help out his parents.

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 Inspired/Recommended Tracklist/Songs

**Songs are still a work in progress, new songs may/may not be added**

탑현 - 호랑수월가 (Cover by Oneus Seoho & Leedo)

Dreamcatcher (드림캐쳐) - Entrancing (황홀경 (极夜)) (Siyeon Solo)

Kingdom (킹덤) - The Song of Dann (Promise) 단심가

Oneus (원어스) - LUNA (월하미인 | 月下美人)

Oneus (원어스) - Intro:  (窓:Window) (Feat. Choi Ye Lim 최예림)

VIXX (빅스) - 도원경(桃源境) (Shangri-La)

Lee Sun Hee (이선희) - 인연 (Fate) Original OST from The King and the Clown 

A.C.E (에이스) - 진도 아리랑(전사(前史) (Jindo Arirang)

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