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--<-{@Love me tender, and feel my passion flow,

                          Piss me off and I'll become bitter as Winter's snow

                                  Resepct, loyalty and honesty I value much

                Betray me and your worthless heart I'll crush! @}->--


Diana poem to meeeee~


When we first met, a bittersweet pleasure it was.
Never before I would give a smile for you and make it a cheer.
The price was no existent because it was for free.
The smile that could only light up a few was given to you.
Those who never treasure you lost their precious Jew.
A smile that meant to embrace the lonely lovers.
And those who hid behind the covers.
You can make someone happy when they are mad.
We hope for the blessings but your smile is stronger than any pray.
Even a prayer is something we can't keep. But a smile is the only thing you can have without you giving it away.


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