What should I change my username to? Final poll!

  • Skyful_Treasure (initial choice)
  • Skyful_Poof (a nickname my friend gave)
  • Adi_Skies (half my name + skies (they're significant to my name))
  • IcySummers (blue + orange)
  • BlueBubbles_o.O_ (an inside joke)
  • BlueAquarii (based on my star! thanks to a wonderful suggestion)
  • AzureAquarii
  • StarryCelestial

Personal Message

Hi, before you read anything, I just wanted to share that I have a podcast! It's a really simple, silly podcast, and it'd be really nice if you'd check it out! You can listen to my podcast on Anchor.FM (through this link: or on a few other platforms! If you want to find a suitable platform, check out the link and find your best choice! <3

About Me

"We've all got strength inside of us, it's only a matter of time before we see it and wisely use it, we're all strong and we'll get through every obstacle out there."

"Believe in yourself."

Bonjour, fellow homo sapiens and non-homo sapiens - and trees, I love trees. Anyways, hello! You have now reached the 'About Me' section that might end up being dreadfully long; beware.

The name's Aditi, or Adi in short. I'm a friendly little human (I want to grow up to 170 cm tall, please pray for me), and I will now take a few minutes to introduce myself.

*clears throat*

Hi! My name's Aditi, but you can call me Adi in short! I'm currently 16 (Aquarius gang, where you at?) and I'm a writer (or I try to be) on AFF! I've written a handful of stories, and do check them out if you can as any form of feedback makes a certain someone very gleeful, hehe... I also have an account on AO3 with the same stories published. You can click here to view my profile on AO3 (under the same username). Moving on! I don't bite (unless you're food), so don't hesitate to talk to me! In fact, I'm open to making new friends, so leave a message on my wall or privately message me anytime, and I will try my best to reply as soon as I can. There's honestly not much I have to say for the rest of my introduction, so I suppose I'll just end on a small note: I love and listen to several K-artists (bands, groups, solos, etc.), so feel free to talk to me about anything and everything!

*dramatic bow*



Quick Facts!



From Bangladesh, living in UAE, fluent in English and Bengali (a little familiar with French, Arabic, Korean and Japanese)



Mayhaps I like singing, and I obviously enjoy writing (stories and poems actually) and watching anime, also a few dramas



9th Februrary, Aquarius, a sleep-deprived student in year 11



British English (my spellings and grammar will be different to American English)




AFF Family & Friends!

Oh, no, no, no - I'm not creating a table of friends that I consider special because I'd just like to clear out that each and every single person on my friends list are my family; you all are my family, my friends. I love you all, and even if you're a stranger reading this, perhaps you're included too. On that note, if any of you dare hurt any of my friends and be mean to anyone in general for no reason, watch out! I'm coming with my team, and we're going to bring justice! By the way, I'd like to be a biomedical engineer, nowhere close to being a police officer or a lawyer, hehe.


You have now reached the end of this section; at last, you are set free, now fly, little bird, fly! I'm kidding. I mean, if you want to fly... Fly? Anyways, that's pretty much it. I'm a simple human with a simple life, and I hope the world grows more peaceful with every passing day. You, yes, I'm talking to you: take care, have a great day or night! <3