The River

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Five undergraduates simply wanted to live their life focusing on themselves - academics, friendships, love, happiness - but it all went downhill when mysterious creatures came crawling out of a river like a story out of a book, demolishing the city. However, when these five boys, along with many others, obtained the opportunity to put an end to the violent chaos, they put themselves and their newly gained powers to the test. It was up to them to save their city and the people they cared about, even those they despised and felt threatened by.




Hey, it's Skyful_Poof back with another story!

When I tell you this is a story I have been anticipating to work on for the past 6 months, I mean it. I am just truly excited for this piece of work, and there are lots of new topics and themes and scenes that I wish to write, so please do look forward to that!

Anyways, this is a story focusing on TXT, but there are many other groups involved too. As I've briefly mentioned, there are certain aspects of violence, implied triggering topics and such. Please go through all the tags before beginning to read! If anything seems uncomfortable, do read something that suits your needs.

The cover for this story has been created by me! It was just a quick, simple edit, but I hope it gives off the vibe that I want it to! Anyways, if any cover was made by another creator, I will surely credit them.

Other than that, I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing it! Also, I will be writing as I update (and vice versa), so do bear with me!


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PLEASE READ: Although the characters in the story are not mine, all the ideas and the plot belong to me. This story is not and should not be plagiarised. This work can only be found on AFF and on AO3. If you find a work similar to this, it is pure coincidence. If you find my work posted elsewhere (other than AFF and AO3), please message me. Thank you.

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Just one more chapter left! I'll do my best to post it up tomorrow! <3
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