Have We Met Before?

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Kim Taehyung was a florist with a big heart - an ordinary person living an ordinary life, until there came a day when he found himself chasing after something he didn't even know of. Nothing felt right, nothing felt normal, nothing felt enough. When he meets a strangely intriguing Park Jimin at his favourite place, things start falling into place even with some difficulty. Suddenly, there was a new life that he wished to protect. He was starting to feel complete again. However, he realised that letting the stranger into his life would require him being there for the other too - and Jimin had a huge vessel of sorrow on his back.




Hey, it's Skyful_Poof back with another story! This is a one-shot that revolves around Taehyung and Jimin, and the idea (mainly the atmosphere and the setting) was inspired by Sarah Barrios and Eric Nam's song: 'Have We Met Before?'

I'm not a er for those cafe AUs, but I thought that I needed to write a short and adorable little story revolving around the themes of friendship and new beginnings. It's really just a slice-of-life story, and it's really your choice on how you want to perceive their relationship, but I'd just like to state that I had written this with the thought of friendship. Anyways, VMin are soulmates, and this is obviously dedicated to their amazing friendship.

Although the story has light themes, please do go through all the tags and make sure you're comfortable with them before you begin to read! And if you're still here, thank you for giving this story a chance. I hope you enjoy it, and do feel free to leave a comment to show support!


Also, did you see the beautiful cover for this story? I am genuinely so in love with it; the whole vibe of it just makes me feel so joyous, and it's all thanks to one wonderfully talented designer! Please do check out the shop by clicking on the banner below! I thank My Shop once again, for this amazing poster!

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PLEASE READ: Although the characters in the story are not mine, all the ideas and the plot belong to me. This story is not and should not be plagiarised. This work can only be found on AFF and on AO3. If you find a work similar to this, it is pure coincidence. If you find my work posted elsewhere (other than AFF and AO3), please message me. Thank you.

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Ahhh, I'm actually quite happy with how this turned out! I know it's a really simple one with not much of a heavy plot, but I hope it was a nice read! <3
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