Fake it Till We Fall in Love

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They say all good boys go to heaven but bad boys bring heaven to you. First of all, who's "they"? Second of all, let's test that theory. 

People call him the Medical Major Manwhore. Turns out he's not too shabby once you get to know him. Eye smile, cheese-grater abs, and a y brain, oh, Lee Jeno's got it all. But damn, I would give absolutely anything to slap him...or maybe kiss him?


A/N: asdfghjkl- Jeno x Jang-mi in an alt universe. Fluff. Spice. Squeal into your pillow type of Lee Jeno. ;)

A short love story. 

All the love, xoxo

In the few hours that I’ve been blessed with his presence, I’ve learned three things about Jeno. One, handshakes are his thing. Two, he’s SMU’s Mr. Popular. And three, he is one unpredictable who’s fixated on torturing me.

“I’m Lee Jeno,” he introduces himself, and Jaemin twists in his seat, smiling like a silly schoolboy.

“I know who you are. You’re the Med Major Manwhore,” Jaemin gushes.

“Jaemin!” I gasp. “That’s mean!”

Jeno shrugs. “No, that’s actually what people call me. Don’t worry, I wear the title like a badge of honor.”

I scowl at him and Jaemin adds. “I’m her best friend. Not by choice. She imprinted on me during freshman orientation and has stuck to me like gum under a shoe for years.”

Jeno chuckles. “Cool. I’m her boyfriend,” he says cooly.

“No!” I exclaim, throwing my hands in the air. I reach over the table to grab Jaemin’s hand. “He is not- we are not together! You have to believe me, this is not real! He’s messing with me!”


Park Jang-mi

When life gives you lemons, add a little vodka and soda. 

Dad says I have a gift. But I think it’s a curse. 

Having a gut feeling that’s impeccably never wrong has caused me too much turmoil growing up, and even now- as a sophomore in college, it still pisses me off.

Granted, having a deadly error-free intuition has landed me a spot in SM University’s criminology department, and my genius ability to accurately predict the weather means Mother Nature never gets the chance to rain on my fashionable outfits, sure- I get why Dad calls it a gift. 

Lee Jeno

When life gives you lemons, squeeze them into people's eyes.

Park Jang-mi is a brat with an attitude I want to spank out of her. Jeez, I thought medical school was hard enough. 

She's a handful, but it's alright, I've got two hands and a tongue that shuts her up. 



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Yes, they're that couple. 





                 Practicing dance moves that keep the ladies away               


              Ridin' n rollin w/ Jeno               




Hi guys! Please read the announcement :) It’s important. Again, I apologize for ruining the flow of this story, but as an author, this is something I have to do for myself. I hope you understand and I promise the rewritten version will be better.


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springrose #1
Chapter 18: I really want to know more about sungchan character hes still such a mystery to me he must be a secret admirer but I think there's more to it...
My heart's breaks for jangmi as a child she has suffer so much I admire still how she fight against it she's broken inside and I hope her special someone will mend it soon...
And I hope jeno will also open up to jangmi more just like she has put fate and has open her deepest wound to him
The ending the cliffhanger she's meeting her mother omg
springrose #2
Chapter 17: omg I have been waiting for this for so long.... Thank you for the update...
Ohh bow I want to scratch haewon face too.. she deserve that beating from jangmi huhu... It's hard between jeno and jangmi but the sparkles are still there can't wait to see what happens in their relationship
Chapter 16: I’m waiting for you ….. 🥹
jeno is squeezy squeezy lemon peasy -kills-
springrose #5
Chapter 16: Always here to read your stories.. it's totally okay you can take your time and no need to be sorry huhu you are doing a lot.. 💗💓
springrose #6
Chapter 15: I hope jangmi gets to meet her mother and have a talk with her she deserves that... but seriously why does jangmi and jeno think they can be friends like hellooo you guys head over heels in love with each other..!!!!!

whyyyy sungchan whyyyyyyyy you did that for!!!!!!!!
majimarklove #7
Chapter 14: ohmygod Jangmi was poisoned by Sungchan why oh why did he do that :( who is he & who instructed him to do that to her? huhuhu can't wait for the next update <3
ladykwonxiwu #8
Chapter 14: Now that I read this for the second time,I think she was poisoned by Sungchan.
ladykwonxiwu #9
Chapter 14: Thank you for the update! It’s a bittersweet update since you updated but I have more questions than answers instead. I love the dynamic of Sungchan and Jangmi,though I love her with Jeno more but I can understand that she’s hurt and Jeno is coz of that.
springrose #10
Chapter 14: thank god they talked even though jeno was drunk and all but they started a civil talk for once! get back already my bubus y'all down bad for each other
and how the she ingest cyanide... And the thing about her mom is so shocking... eager to find out more