What should he do?

  • Get back with his ex.
  • Stay with the one who actually loves him.
  • Leave both of them and start fresh.

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Credit to Sapphireskye for all of the lovely profile pictures!!
You guys know that I'm obsessed with Jeonghan and Renjun 😉


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You can call me Charlotte!  I'm a hairdresser outside Aff and a multi-fandom angst lover on Aff.  I work around the clock, so don't think I'm ignoring you if I reply late <3
    I don't mind advertisements, just saying: I don't do roleplays, but I understand how advertising works. ;)   
    I like boyxboy or boyxgirl.  I don't like girlxgirl. 
    Please do drop a message!  I don't mind to just fangirl.


Top Four Favorites

1. Super Junior (OT15)
2. Seventeen
3. EXO (OT12)
4. NCT

1. Kim Ryeowook
2. Yoon Jeonghan
3. Xiumin (Kim Minseok)
4. Huang Renjun

Top Two Ships
1. KyuWook | EunHae
2. JeongCheol | Verkwan
3. HunHan | KrisYeol
4. MarkHyuck | RenHyuck

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~My Fanfics~
(That I like)


Last Moon (Nct) - Mark x Haechan
Same Dream, Same Mind, Same Night (Svt) - Vernon x Seungkwan
Good Fortune (Svt) - Minghao x Jun
My Treat (Svt) - JeongCheol
Senseless Love (Svt) - Mingyu x Wonwoo
Chili Sauce (Svt) - Vernon x Seungkwan
Can I See You? (Svt) - Vernon x Seungkwan
Sacrifices for Love (Multi-fandom) - Multi-ships
Dream Run (Nct) - Multi-ships
(Mostly) JeonghCheol Moments (Svt) - JeongCheol
Wild Tingle (Renjun x You)
Through the Roof (Svt) - JeongCheol
Don't Talk (Svt) - JeongCheol
My Gift to You (Svt) Seokmin x Joshua
Obsessed with Experiences (Svt) - JeongCheol
Sudden Feelings (Svt) - JeongCheol
In My Sleep (Svt) - Seungkwan x Vernon
Room One (Svt) - JeongCheol
Practice Room Bets (Svt) - JeongCheol
Seducing You (Svt) - JeongCheol
This Feeling (Svt) - Mingyu x Wonwoo


After writing this list.. I feel like I'm a ert, and a maniac.  Cuz half of the stories has murder/abuse >.<'