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A series groups related stories to make them easier for readers to find together.
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Beyond the Pitch (wenrene football AU)

Wendy plays for Canada, Joohyun plays for South Korea. Everything changes when they play for the same club team. Would they remain as rivals? Would they become friends? Or would they have something more than a friendship?

Submissive (2)

"Desiring you was never been a choice" -Desiring You "I've never regretted it... every single bit of it!" -Lookin' For You "Just tell me that you love me and I'll be yours" -Mad About You

I was bored. (4)

The "I was bored universe" It starts with Tiffany's and Taeyeon's love story, but then they had kids, and one of them happened to have a rather interesting story. In the same universe, Irene Bae is Irene Kim, and well, she too doesn't have it easy.

Backed into Marriage... (3)

Backed into Marriage... Thrown into bed... These powerful men don't play fair or try to make it easy for their unsuspecting significant others. For these men the rules to love are the exact same as the rules to life, But will it remain that way after a marriage contact has been made? Love does not come easy, but it does come...

elysian (1)

even in the world of the wealthy, you need some love too

agape (2)

loving someone is hard, but loving oneself is harder

A Universe for Us (3)

Broken Series (2)

What I Want For My Birthday (1)

The Birthday series for the Birthday fic For My Birthday, I Want A Husband and its sequel, For My Birthday, I Want A Child.

3 Years And A Miracle (2)

The Miracle series for the Xmas fic, Miracle In December and its sequel, For Life.

EXO's personal life au (7)

Fanfic & stories about EXO members' life... Starring Blackpink,Twice,Red Velvet,BTS,SNSD,etc... I highly recommend you to read "Troubles of having IDOL parents" at the end,so you won't be confused:)

The World of Arah (1)


Fate (2)

In a world filled with people empowered by supernatural abilities, nine girls try their hardest to survive the harsh realities that their fate will throw at them.

Harsh Kisses (2)

The N-CITY Series (11)

🐧🐻KaiSoo🐻🐧 (1)

A collection of all my KaiSoo fics for other KaiSoo lovers

🍒🍓ChanBaek🍓🍒 (3)

A collection of all my ChanBaek fics for other ChanBaek lovers


Christmas fics featuring my EXO ships


A series dedicated to birthday fics, platonic or not about my EXO ships. These are my birthday gifts to the boys. We are one. EXO Let's Love💗.

Collections (4)

One-shot collections, drabbles, or other series of short works that may be read as standalones.

Chaptered (3)

Full, novel-length stories. May be featured in Parts of Infinity (although this is not a guarantee for all fics).

Multi-Shots (5)

Two-shots and short stories with multiple chapters. May be featured in Parts of Infinity (although this is not a guarantee for all fics).

One-Shots (9)

Stories with one chapter only! Most likely will not be featured in Parts of Infinity but may get a bonus chapter within the story itself if I find it fit.

Miss Park Trilogy (1)

Scrap Pile (5)

"Recyclable stories" are story ideas I had, yet these plots are going to be taken and the characters will be changed from different people from other fandoms.

Lured - Sinned - Tainted (2)

The mass deems these boys as handsome, dangerous and filthy. These are the girls who know better. Lured - Sehun x Nara Sinned - Luhan x Ahri Tainted - Kris x Solbi (discontinued)

Stained Series (3)

Daydream in Hogwarts (2)

Daydream unit (Eunbi, Chaeyeon, Minjoo, & Yujin) Hogwarts series

The Light in the Night (3)

The Twice story was written first, but the characters who feature at the end of it were ones I really wanted to explore more. The first Loona story, The Lie of the Light, takes place before The Night and the Fae, and it focuses on all the members. The second story, The Shadow of the Light, is a Lipsoul-centred prequel.

ONS Series (2)

The World Of Haehyuk Marriage (2)

Let's follow the story of Lee Donghae and his Omega, Lee Hyukjae, after their marriage and pregnancy!

Oneshots (21)

For when you want to read, but you don't have much time.

This is Halloween (15)

All of my Halloween-inspired stories

Hybridverse (3)

All of my hybrid fics.

(You) Drive Me Crazy (2)

XiuChen being naughty in cacoc au!!

(G)I-DLE One Shots (6)

Heaven and Hell (3)

A demon AU series based on X-EXO. ♡ Straight to Hell: Demon!Baëkhyun x OC Straight to Heaven: Angel!Baekhyun x OC Ashes to Ashes: Demon!Kāi x OC

Loona The Tracks (4)

An ENHYPEN Christmas One-shot/Short Story Collection (3)

A collection of ENHYPEN one-shots and short stories for Christmas!

The Fortuitous Series (2)

A series of fiction where the story-lines are random scenarios that popped up in my head out of the blue. Stories revolves around Jeon Jungkook, Min Yoongi and Kim Taehyung as male lead. Each book does not relate with another. A book may contain one chapter or multiple chapters that are less than 5. Genres are mostly vanilla with a hint of sin.

The Melancholy Series (4)

A series of fiction where the story-lines are inspired by songs. Stories revolves around Jeon Jungkook, Min Yoongi and Kim Taehyung as male lead. Each book does not relate with another. A book may contain one chapter or multiple chapters that are less than 5. Genres are based on the nature of the song selected to be the inspiration.

Stories written for the Writers Club on GOT7Amino (4)

Stories written for the Writers Club on GOT7Amino

Space Pirate!AU (2)

Ateez members as Space Pirates in my Space Pirate Alternate Universe!

The Cosmic Vitruvian Obsession (4)

In Starship Medical Center, 13 different women will change your life as a doctor, and as a person. How will you cope? How will the drama ensue? And why is it that these women gravitate around you specifically?

Candy (5)

Yellow (3)

Little Monster (2)

Chaeyeon is a gangsta who fell in love with a monster

Kaisoo Politics (3)

Kyungsoo and Jongin are very active poli sci majors and Democratic Party supporters in the US. Enemies-to-lovers saga and their life after Trump got elected (and booted out after one term).

👄 KISS & MAKE UP 👄 (2)

❝ I feel like we about to break up. I just wanna kiss and make up one last time.❞ ❦ Anthology of BLACKPINK ROSÉ ღ male idols fanfics by yours truly which are either completed or ongoing one-shots/stand-alone stories ❣ ❦ 『Cringe Alert ❣ There will be few suggestive contents and explicit make out sessions that might make you uncomfortable ╰(▔∀▔)╯ Read at your own risk ❣ You have been warned anyway ╮(︶▽︶)╭ 』 Simultaneously posted on Wattpad ❣ You can read them all in one anthology bo

KwonChaeng (5)

clinquant (1)

in which the nct members live their own love stories

Infinity stories (3)

Stories that is not complete or on hiatus. Maybe i will make new chapter,maybe not

Continuing stories (4)

Unfinish story of my brother's that i will change a bit to complete the story(slowburn)

Succubus x Werebeast (4)

A one shot of every Succubus Mina and Chaeyoung werebeast stories

Mpreg Oneshots (3)

As of right now it's just a Jikook, Namjin, and Sope mpreg oneshot. I'm considering making oneshots of other kpop mpregs and then make them into stories later? Who knows? I like and mpreg so this will be fun for me of course ^•^

Once Upon a Time (2)

Fairytales starring EXO

My (G)I-DLE Oneshots (9)

(G)I-DLE Lime/Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Fluff/Angst Oneshots

LA, Too? (2)

Don't Sass Me (2)

The Beauty of Roses (1)

Flashing lights, dazzling smiles, shimmering gold and unforgettable nights – this is the world of influential men with more money than they can use and power wielded at the mercy of their hands. But behind all the beauty and deception from smooth words and a picturesque fairytale life, the beauty of roses can also be just as dark as it is tempting.

gp!seulrene (7)

collection of all of my gp!seulgi x gp!irene stories.