Series (1,110 series)

A series groups related stories to make them easier for readers to find together.
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Seulgi is an up-and-coming racing driver, Irene is the veteran champion, and there's more tension off the track than on. 20 drivers, 10 teams, 2 hopelessly competitive romantics, and only 1 World Championship trophy.

Emotions (2)

Wenseul (4)

Lost Destiny (2)

Two people who falls in love, finds their happiness in each other and promises to stay together for lifetime are destined together. But, sometimes, even destiny and fate does not support their relationship leading them to separate... Forever!

Christmas with HunHan (2)

Twice Sugar Mamas (1)

Twice ships sugar mommy au's

Secrets (2)

The Perfect Bride (2)

The First Snow (3)

IPT (2)

Contest Entries (1)

Ye stories I've entered into contests I guess..

Simon Says Be Merry°18 (1)

Drabbles with a Christmas theme c: of NCT ships That I'll be writing all throughout December of 2018 :v probably...

Misericordiae Vita (3)

Jihyo's Harem (4)

Jihyo × Twice & other female idols

Yellow (1)

random one shot stories of Michaeng that focuses and softer,fluffier and happier plots for our delulu shipper minds

Jihyo & Got7 (2)

Jihyo × Got7. Mostly

Jihyo and BTS (4)

Jihyo × BTS. Mostly s. Other are just pure softness. Very few angst

Blues (2)

One-shots of stories connected to each other about satzu

A Divergence of 0.0037% (2)

A set of stories that takes place in the real world where Mina and Sana are in love with each other. Just a slight change from the real world we live in, a divergence of 0.0037%.


3 part story - Taekookseok, Yoonmin, Namjin (2)