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A series groups related stories to make them easier for readers to find together.
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Set in a post-apocalyptic world, this story is about Mark, who is the survivor of an epidemic. He is cast out of his clan because of that. He was supposed to die, but woke up, and now he is Damned. (NCT)


UnFaithful (1)

When Love turns to Obsession (1)

Count On Me (2)

Wolf - Primal Instincts (4)

This started out as a writing exercise using Exo's Drama Version MV, but it expanded and turned into a story. I tried to answer all the questions the MV didn't while sticking as close to the MV as I could. I hope you enjoy it enough to leave me a comment! I love constructive criticism, so if you think there's an area I could improve on please let me know. Happy Reading!

『influence為夜ー』 (1)

In a world where universes collide, 8 nobody's must stop it from happening before it's too late.

Khuntoria Series (4)

Myths Trilogy (2)

Universe - The cowherd and the weaving maid (牛郎织女) Archer - The archer and the moon maiden (后羿与嫦娥) Upcoming - Dream of the red chamber (红楼梦)

Missing Stories (The Case) (2)

Something, Nothing, Everything (3)

He... (2018 Birthday One-Shot Series) (2)

What if BTS lived in ancient Japan, not as idols, but as warlords and samurai? In the age where marriages within the higher-class families were normally arranged, would love prevail against family, expectations, war and sometimes themselves? Enjoy the 2018 BTS Birthday Series of seven one-shots and immerse yourself in BTS’ Japanese alter egos!

Superior Excitability (2)

The journey of Kim Hyejoon and Oh Sehun finding each other and falling in love.

Social Media Meet-Ups (3)

A collection of chatfics and messaging au stories wherein each bts ship meets through different kinds of social medias. 1. One New Follower 》YoonMin : Twitter 2. King of Blurry IG Photos 》TaeKook : Instagram 3. Look at His Snaps 》NamJin : Snapchat


'Started with love, ended with death.'

the five senses (2)

a reminder that we are all human and deserve love

My AFF Originals (3)

This series was all about my works since 2012.

Hello, Mr (3)

"Hello, Mr" series compromised of top!gyu fics, with arranged/forced marriage.

Potato (2)

PLatSA (4)

One (2)