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About Me

little guide to my completed stories (most to least satisfied with):

  1. of alienated body and soul (and one-night stands are all he needs) (2022) (Baekhyun x OC) - 7.3k: plot is the most creative craziest one i've come up with. i think the read will be a bit confusing because i keep trying to hide important stuff lmao but anyways, my precious child. my precious baekhyun.
  2. I Can't Stop Me (2022) (Taeyong x Yuta) - 3.2k: no real plot but I wholeheartedly enjoyed the Taeyong narration on his love for Yuta and the cheesy scenes they have asdfghjk
  3. we are no gods (an eye for an eye) (2022) (Jisung x Chenle) - 4k: a Death Note alternative version has always been my fantasy. so coming up with something similar in concept gave me the thrills to write! Basically my comfort bad-end original Death Note word vomit but who cares because i enjoyed writing it <3
  4. there's no wrong in loving you (there's no right in loving you) (2022) (Taeyong x Song Jihyo) - 9k: i love my boy taeyong in here. the struggles of loving someone he should not :(
  5. I'm A Woman Too (2021) (Taehyung x OC) (Baekhyun x OC version available too) - 30k: i'm pretty content with the plot (put quite some efforts into it ngl). had a great time developing romance. very little imagery however. mildly cringy. female lead-centric.
  6. you will never know (that thing we call love) (2022) (Irene x Woohyun x Johnny) - 2.5k: a bit rushed plot-wise but i enjoyed writing about miss korea joohyun bickering with businessman woohyun lol.
  7. Just a Cruel Game (2017) (Jungkook x OC) - 22k: to think i used to enjoy writing how bratty my female lead was appalls myself. you gotta be very paient with this girl to get through the end. jungkook is a sweetheart i feel bad for pairing him with the OC *cries. the fantasy elements are faulty af.
  8. it's a no this time (because i love you) (2021) (Winrina) - 7k: even for a popular pairing the readership it managed to gather makes zero sense. plot is simple yet quite messy how the heck; cringy but at least it's short. the start of my sharp change in writing style i might say.

aside from those i have this oneshot shop/ old story dump.. thing:

ORS Oneshot Request Shop (+Occasional Story Dump) (2015 - 2022) - 131k

IMPORTANT - TO GRAPHIC DESIGNERS: if you designed the poster for minah oneshot request or who says kai is cold? please let me know so i can credit because i lost you OTL

in respect to the designers for the following masterpieces i will try my best to publish completed stories for each one of these (also as a challenge for myself and lbr each one of these are too pretty to never be used it's simply a crime not to put them on display at least once in my crappy story list)