Series (1,022 series)

A series groups related stories to make them easier for readers to find together.

4419: Haven (2)

Ours - taekook (2)

The 'our' series.

Jungkook (2)

The Berry Good Agents (2)

Ttoodungie Series (4)

The Twice series of different genres of fiction for Twice! A series that May home me in making the characters more similar in real life but with a few twists,stay tuned!

Written in the stars (2)

Symptoms and Stages (3)

The biggest changes start with the smallest efforts. A veteran cop. A Rookie assassin. A corrupted system.

obsession. (2)

The Long Road Home (3)

A trilogy series of devotion, loyalty and love. The series details how they fell in love, and how circumstances pushed them apart. And how they ended up. It starts with, Spring. Followed by Reuniting Love and finally ending at Happily Ever After.

Magical Date Night Series (3)

A series of fics based on my magic date night universe with my magical couples Joyri (a witch and a vampire) and their best friends Seulrene (Werewolf and succubus.

A Family Forged In Blood (1)

Teenage Days (3)

Series of oneshots involving my favorite ships from various groups.

Universe (2)

School Days (2)

School days is a two-part one shot for all Wonho fans to enjoy! :)

1000% (1)

Hurt & Comfort (4)

Angsty WooGyu stories

Regular (1)

NCT one shots/drabbles memberxmember

Irregular (2)

NCT one-shots 19+ memberxmember

Empathy (2)

Uh straight fics that I tend to write from time to time.

Fonder (2)