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A series groups related stories to make them easier for readers to find together.
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49th Day (SeulRene)

Kang Seulgi is a ghost, leaving a husband and a newborn daughter behind, she insisted upon staying on Earth for the past five years instead of being reincarnated. Seeing her husband move on and remarry a woman named Irene

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RED MOON REDEMPTION: A MAMAMOO Fanfiction set in the Wild West!

A gambler with a heart of gold and a few troublesome secrets. A law officer with a strong sense of justice and a dark past. A couple of ranchers who are deeply in love but are bound to lose everything. This is their story.


A series of short stories or one shots of an IDOL x YOU. Different situations, different stories and different settings. The only common factor is that it’s YOU! Read them and immerse yourself in a world where you’re the female lead of a romance book.

I Hate You Always (3)

Here's a collection of all the side stories and main stories of I Hate You!

Layers Of Love (3)

For this series, I tried a different approach. Normally, I have multiple genres in my stories with different topics that I use. But for this series, I want to have the main focus on the different kinds of love. There will be sweet love, first love, broken hearts that want to be healed but also jealousy or obsessions.

Past Midnight (2)

The original story (PM) and everything that belong in the same setting

Welcome to my Zone (4)

A series of NCT Fanfictions in their own little world. Each and every story a stand alone and not related to each other. This is the fruit of all the NCT FEELS overwhelming me the past few months. laidbacknewbie presents... Welcome to My Zone Series, starring NCT Members 1 - The Donor (starring Johnny) 2 - Blood Thirst (starring Mark) 3 - Do it Again (starring Doyoung) 4 - I hate that you're happy (starring Ten) and more to be announced! Stay tuned for more ^.^

Lawful and Just (1)

A series that follows Inspector Kim Yongsun and Inspector An Hyejin solve cases that they encounter as Homicide investigators. This will also follow their relationships with Moon Byul and Jung Wina, former criminal figures who are trying to live a normal life.

Private Insufferable (2)

Errands Secretary (2)

Tempting (Mis)Fortune (2)

Can't Close Your Eyes; I'm Takin' Over You (2)

Sisters Mira and Soomi are lucky enough to work for BTS. Sometimes the work is hard, and everyone could use a little stress relief, right?

Of Crime and Passion (2)

The books follow the story of Moon Byul, a successful CEO married to Moon Hyejin, a famous theater actress and their struggle for a happy marriage laced with lies, deception, crime and a love so deep that it becomes so wrong. Narrated partly by their loyal secretary, Jung Wina. The book gives you a glimpse of a fake marriage that may or may not have a happy ending.


A series with some of my fav ships...all of the stories here...will be omegaverse.

INFINITE Collection: Café INFINITE (12)

A collection of (mainly) short stories centred around INFINITE members. These stories may contain romantic pairings, and will be not limited to just INFINITE member/OC and INFINITE member/INFINITE member. This collection will also include ex-members and features a variety of genres. Be warned that some of these stories in this collection are old and therefore may not accurately reflect my writing today.

EXOversity (1)

All my stories involving an EXOxOC couple attending University.

Wheebyul Stories (1)

Everything featuring Wheebyul as the main characters/couple.

Moonsun Stories (6)

Everything featuring Moonsun as the main characters/couple.

The Fake Whisky (2)

Lol. Just found out about this feature so I wanna try out.

【双申】透明纽扣 (8)

The MPREG Factory (25)

All of my Mpreg Fics. New & old


Works inspired by Twice's 'SWING'. Neither works are related.