Series (1,110 series)

A series groups related stories to make them easier for readers to find together.
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Seulgi is an up-and-coming racing driver, Irene is the veteran champion, and there's more tension off the track than on. 20 drivers, 10 teams, 2 hopelessly competitive romantics, and only 1 World Championship trophy.

I Am with RM (2)

This is a series for my RM fanfics, Last Night In L.A. and my new one, I Will Teach You A Lesson!!

Life on an undead musician (3)

A series of fics surrounding original vampire Kang Seulgi, her human love Bae Joohyun, and the world they have built together. Stories to also include Seulgi's vampire friends and fellow couple Park Sooyoung and Kim Yerim

EXO Kai - Kim Jongin (4)


Twelve girls, nine relationships, six stories, one universe.

Metronome (1)

A Minayeon series based on Kenshi Yonezu songs.

The Pagemaster [Eng.] (2)

Bliss (3)

A bunch of EXO stories dedicated to each of the nine beloved gems of EXO.

Bliss (1)

A bunch of EXO stories dedicated to each of the nine members

OURS (3)

VIXX (6)

All of my VIXX stuff

Pentagon (7)

All of my Pentagon stuff.

NCT (11)

All of my NCT oneshots or stories!

From Ten to Zero (Dystopian AU) (2)

Leave Your Mark (2)

A collection of oneshots that follows the lives of twelve different girls and the lives they share with each other, inspired by songs listened to.

The M/M Fic Directory (84)

These fanfictions are stories for those of you that love filled storytelling and/or themed plotlines.

The F/M Story Catalogue (49)

These fanfictions are Non- oriented stories for those of you that dislike filled storytelling and/or themed plotlines.

Moonstaar's Stories (1)

Lifetime journeys (1)

A Series of Cozy Stories (2)

A collection of stories that take place from the same AU in which Mina and Sana kiss for the first time at 9 years old and they fall in love with each other as they grow up together.

the thirdwheelers saga (4)

loosely connected stories following chaewon and hitomi's journey throughout their time in iz*one.