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A series groups related stories to make them easier for readers to find together.
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A Dangerous Affair [Baekhyun x OC]

Baekhyun knew that helping Alice and her four years old son in the middle of the night was going to cost him his normal peaceful life. He knew that she was going to ruin him, but he decided to take the risk.

In the Wrong Bed... (2)

Poem by XOXOBlockMania_21 Poison Your love is like poison seeping through my veins, You drive me crazy and nothing is the same, Sweet drops of blood dripping down in red, Your acid touch playing inside of my head, Keeps me coming back to your bed. This poem was written to sum up this series. I hope that you guys like it!

Love Song (Her Monthly Love Story) (6)

That one love song changed her quiet life forever, with the endless rollercoaster of melodies, month after month.

TeacherxStudent Series (2)

Christmast Vacation Series (3)

Eye for an Eye (3)

The dreamcatcher eye for an eye series

College AU Series (2)

Scifi ft. Moonsun (3)

Moonsun in Sci-fi settings. Because I can.

EXO (2)

IZONE Through The Seasons (1)

4 seasons, 4 stories, 6 pairings. Kiss kiss fall in love.

Series With No Confirmed Titles Yet (2)

I have loads of story ideas but they don't have any titles, so I'll leave them untitled till I do.

Angel In Love Series (4)

Love or Nought (3)

A 3-part one-shot featuring the ghost ship of EunSaku. It's not necessarily a sad ending :/

HoneyBoy, BunnyBoy and BabyBoySehunnie (2)

All My DBSK Fics (4)

All My Suju Fics (12)

Sestal Collection (11)

Different stories of Sehun x Krystal here, angst, romance, humor, comedy, teenromance, high school, in one.

The Phobia Chronicles (5)

Indonesian Stories (7)

My stories in Indonesian. --- Cerita-ceritaku dalam bahasa Indonesia.

Can you sit by my side through the night and rain? (6)

My series of Junhao fluff. Can be read in no specific order :3

Love Has No Borders (2)