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I only make¬†SanGi (ūü¶Ďūüéģ's Cho Sang-woo ūü§ď x ūüėĀ¬†Seong Gi-hun), and whatever I produce will be purely self-indulgent.¬†

All stories and chapters etc. will always be published first over at my main archive¬†‚ě°ÔłŹ SanGiūüęįūüŹľSarang¬†before I x-post it here.

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  Please introduce yourself (via PM) if your name is unfamiliar to me or if we haven't interacted before. (Just want to be sure you aren't hater-stalkers.) Thanks!  

Please do not copy, repost, download and share my work (sharing only the links is fine).
If you happen to see anyone who has plagiarised my work in part or whole, kindly let me know!


About Me

Former pseuds: EikoWest, lovemeartless, Arachay
Name: Marie
Professional occupation: Actor, voice-over artist, copyeditor (for fiction novels)
Hobbies: Pretending she's a doujinshika, collecting doujins, singing when (she thinks) no one is listening, copyediting (aka critiquing) her boss' fantasy novels (lol), true crime & mystery, detective stories, gothic art and literature, annoying her fur babies with overflowing affection, tennis, skating, skipping rope, taking really long baths, bass guitar, gardening, and daydreaming of, being in love with, and playing cupid to fictional characters (among other things)

Languages: English (native), Tagalog & Japanese (not fluent, lol); dabbling in Korean, Russian & French atm (for fun)
Fandoms: Squid Game, mainly SanGi (Cho Sang-woo x Seong Gi-hun); with the occasional Korean actor RPF (only Park Hae-soo x Lee Jung-jae or "2p!SanGi", as I like to call their dynamic)
Genres: (Modern) gothic  romance (from innocent fluff to really disturbing dark themes, but usually always NSFW, lol) 
Designation: Drawer, fanfictionist, creator, fangirl

Self-description: Pretty old-fashioned, hopeless romantic, gothic literature (mystery, romance, horror) is a favourite and early influence, introverted and awkward (loves the freedom of solitude; doesn't really socialise much unless through a common interest), extremely squeamish about certain things (due to hyperphantasia), critical thinker, jaded (hard-to-please, exacting, and uncompromising - according to friends,) bit of a monomaniac (sticks to an OTP for long and can't really multi-ship/stan). 

On my writing:¬† I write for different reasons, the main one used to be to express my views on and/or defend pairings I like, but since I've fallen in love with SanGi, I've shifted to writing for entirely selfish reasons: to feel good, for the fun of it‚ÄĒto hell with everything else, haha. Which is why most of what I post here¬†will be kept private: either Friends only or¬†Subscribers only.¬†

‚ö†ÔłŹūüĒ쬆By default, I obssessive-compulsively tag all my stories and chapters¬†"Mature",¬†"Trigger Warning", and "NSFW"¬†to be absolutely safe (doesn't mean there isn't¬†actually any mature and ideologically sensitive¬†content‚ÄĒmost of my stories have).
LJ: sangiphile (main archive)
AO3: EikoWest (plan to delete my untethered stories)
FFnet: EikoWest (deleted)

My other (non-Squid Game) accounts:
Hetalia (FrUK): LM_Artless (inactive)
Dragon Ball Z (HanP) & other fandoms: LilMissWest (inactive)

X-posted Stories:


"You Filled the Skies"
(Complete)(4 of 6 posted)
Chapters 1-4: Members only
Chapters 5 & 6: Friends/Subscribers only

"Didn't Know How Much I Needed This"
(Ongoing)(3 chapters posted)
Chapters 1-4: Members only
Chapters 5 onwards: Friends/Subscribers only


"Use Your Tongue"
(Ongoing)(1 of 2 posted)

Extremely explicit pwp!
Friends only