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A Farewell To Kim Jonghyun

A place for your messages to the late Kim Jonghyun. You can share your feelings here anonymously and find contact information of people with an open ear if you need to talk to someone. This is our way of saying goodbye. 




How to submit messages to this place: You can either leave it as a comment or send it to the author as a private message. The recieved messages will be uploaded anonymously (we upload them in batches on each 18th so you don't get constant update-notifications) You can message any of us at any given time though. We will do our best to answer as soon as we can.

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There might be letters/messages that include mentions of self-harm and/or suicide. I don't want to put up any restrictions to this story, so please if you are sensitive, don't read chapters marked with a "(W)"


AIMRWV's note

This is my way of dealing with his death. You are not obliged to read these letters. But if you want to share your grief here you are very welcome to do so. Crying is good. So read those, knowing you are not alone. Cry a lot. Also this is not a place to judge. I post whatever you guys give me. This is a place for your grief. So I do not edit anything even if I dissagree. And you shouldn't either while reading. Leave opinions standing. We are all in the same boat. We need each other right now. Even if we disagree over things. Share love. Share support


If anyone is looking for a way to help: you are more than welcome to randomly choose some comments (also older ones) and answer them, tell each other that we are not alone, give strength, interact and support each other. This would mean the world to many.

This is not a place for advertisement of any kind, but for sharing grief. Please accept that.



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If you or anyone you know is contemplating suicide, please reach out to one of the following helplines at the list of international suicide hotlines

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Months have passed but it's still hard to put in words exactly what I feel and it's difficult to grasp the magnitude of what has happened, if I'm honest it's strange when I think back to a few years ago, I never would've imagined this.
I love you Jonghyun and miss you, that's one thing I can say without hesitation.
Rest well.
Lioncub__6 #3
Chapter 719: If only he can hear us. But some how maybe he will. He worked hard all we can do is pray for him and SHINee
Chapter 1: Even though the news shocked me on the day of your passing and I cried so much, because I refused to believe it and told myself it was a lie, but as more and more articles popped up, I had to come to terms that you were gone. 4 months later and your songs still makes me cry and I can't even imagine what Onew, Key, Minho and Taemin still is going through.

But as I'm writing this and holding my tears back since I'm in class. I will from, this point, remember all the things you left behind, I will laugh at your funny moments and when I hear your songs, I will not cry but remember an amazing artist who could relate to many people in the world and an artist with a heart so big it could have the earth inside.♡

My mum once said to me, just beacuse you can't see it, the does not mean it's not there. You will always watch over us from the sky above and remain by your members side until the end of time.
It's never goodbye but see you later ♡

Since 2008, you introduce yourself as Bling Bling Jonghyun.
Now you are an angle that shines from above to down below and your wings spread warm light as a sunrise in summer.

Thank you for everything ♡
secretwish109 #5
stretching out from here to then,
days before us,
come and went.

someday we will meet again,
for now the end -
of days on end.

I miss you. rest well, beautiful soul
Can't say much dear one,

I love you
We love you
They love you
4 months are fast coming.

We're lonely here but we know you life somewhere in our hearts
yoyo13 #7
Jonghyun ah I never actually met you never saw you and i never will but you will forever be with me. When i got to know Shinee i was six year old it was 2009. My mother listened to your songs telling me each one of your names like they were the most beautiful thing a person can ever say. I actually didn’t get it then but later on as i grew up i found something for me in your songs that gives me peace. My mother used to tell me that even though she listened to groups as Beatles Jonghyun’s voice is the most amazing she ever heard. Later my sister was alo born she is now eight but i remember my mother singing Diamond sky to her when she was little. Then when I was eight my mother went to a shinee concert and she returned like a different person. She was happier. At that time my parents travelled a lot and didn’t have much time for us i was really sad and depressed as i grew up alone with my sister. When they returned from one of their big travellings to Japan they brought me an ipod with headphones. It had all of Shinee’s songs there. I was eleven at that time. Everytime when i was feeling sad i listened to the music when i couldn’t make friends in school because i was sick and didn’t came very often. I get sick really easy it’s a problem with me immune system. I listened to Shinee songs and i felt better. I grew up like this. When I turned 13 i started listening to other kpop groups like exo and bigbang but shinee was always my number one. My mother wasn’t with me most of the time but she was always there watching new shinee comebacks with me. Moments like this made me happiest. When we travelled we really liked to listen to shinee songs and Y Si Fuera Ella was always part of the tracklist. It was my mother’s favourite song together with replay and diamond sky. When i passed my exams at the age of 14 i went to high school where i made friends as i started to grow over my health problems that was april last year. Jonghyun’s lonely was my favourite song at that time. My life was becoming happier and in December it was the first time my parents brought me with them on a trip to Vienna. II was really happy. The 18th of December was our last day and we were having a walk in the center buying souvenirs.I couldn’t be happier. I was finally spending time with my family and i wasn’t lonely anymore so i thanked Shinee that day for helping me in hard times with their songs. But then my mother called me saying that i need to go with her somewhere immediately. I obeyed. When i met her she was with red puffy eyes from crying. I asked her what has happened but she just grabbed me by the hand and brought me into St. Stefan’s cathedral we sat there and she told me that Honghyun was in hospital dying. I was shocked. I started crying and i couldn’t stop i stayed there with my fingers crossed praying for my biggest idol and savior after all he has saved me so many times but i didn’t do anything for him. After 20 minutes we went out and we didn’t want to check our phone notifications. But we did. I screamed even tho there were so many people on the street but i screamed with my voice my mother fell on the ground crying and i followed her hugging her. It was the saddest memory in my life. God doesn’t always answer our prayers i thought. After that day my mother became sadder and i became more depressed we were like this till my father didn’t come saying that we are going to Japan I was of course happy since it was my dream and then he told me the dates it was Jonghyun’s birthday. I cried. When we went there i was really sad and even though it’s been almost four months i was still sad. It was the 8th of April and we went to have a morning walk we went on Shibuya and crossed the street Kibum’s message was just posted and i was really emotional but then all the buildings lit up in turquoise and i thought it’s just a coincidence but then at one of the buildings a Jonghyun photo showed up and Shinee’s From now on begun playing and i stayed there sobbing as my mother hugged me and we both cried. I was really happy. I believed thet miracles actually could happen. It was sad and really emotional day. Having my 15th birthday the same day was just a happy coincidence. My life is happier now. I started again. Life is for living. Death is part of it. But it’s actually only a new begining. This is my last message for you.Farewell Jonghyun. Thank you.
I just want to thank all those who are offering their love and devotion for the hurting fans left behind by such a great loss. I am grateful for your love and devotion and I know that Jonghyun and even Seo Minwoo are looking down in pride at how the fans are taking care of each other. The days of fans of different idols tearing each other apart are gone, thankfully, and we are all about helping and supporting each other. May BOTH our boys rest in peace and rejoice in Heaven!!

On a personal note, I watch and can envision the difficult emotions flowing through the remaining members, especially Onew. I pray healing for all of them and I know that going on is difficult, but Jonghyun's legacy surges them on through the pain and loss.
ahmedroshni15 #9
Its difficult to listen to your songs.
I see them performing but I don't see you. I feel bitter I am sorry I am pathetic. I still cant get over.
I avoid articles that hold you name I know I am being selfish. Please dont hate me. I am scared to hear your voice Jonghyung ah, I choke up everytime.

I hope you are resting in peace thats all I hope.
keybha #10
Chapter 720: Four months and I don't know, it doesn't still feel right you know. But we'll do good I believe. When people say you shouldn't have done something like that, it stings my heart cos I don't think you did any wrong because people only talk and they can't really feel what you had feel. I hope your doing good. I miss you. And thank you.