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about me
i'm a writer that gets inspired by her reality, when people are too afraid to face their reality i do and it surprisingly inspires me to come up with brand new plots you have never seen. but when i spread my imagination's wings i turn into a unicorn and take my readers to another magnificent world full of magic and happy endings. welcome to this dookong's world! i am also a roleplayer. i love to roleplay the idols pictured below. oh! and please do not advertise if those characters are not available. i will immediately delete if not available. and btw, i ing love kim taeyeon. that woman is my weakness, the reason i turned gay and i'm happy for being so.
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snsd taeyeon.
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guess what? i have a book for y'all nasties under the name of 'different'. aka some realy hot taeny oneshots. if you don't know what is, please do not google it. if you're a fan of taeny and , click that beautiful button next to that beautiful gif of taeyeon to read it! i also have a crackfic called 'snsd chatroom' featuring ot9 texting! if you love to laugh, click the second button next to our kid leader's gif!