Behind the Façade

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  Lee Taemin is a single father taking care of his 7-year-old son.
Choi Minho, his boss doesn't think well of him as he is often late and doesn't turn in his work in time.
Then Minho looks Behind the Façade.


This story has been sitting completely neglected on my twitter account, split into 1000+ parts with bad pacing and lots of typos. I'll try to make it into a full fledged story over this summer because I think it deserves so much.

Posting the foreword is my promise that this will happen XD After all, the story just has to be revised, not written from scratch, I should be able to do that??! (right? idk)


Hope to see you here (even if you might already know the story from reading it on twitter)

Also, thank you so much to  @Mxnnie22 for drawing this adorable picture of Chanho and Taem!






I'll be updating this semi-regularly.
looking forward where this goes ><
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