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I noticed that a lot of the readers on Asianfanfics are more depressed than what I think. I'm not sure if many many of the readers on here really are down about their life or if its just a bad day, but from the readers and people I've come across, most of them had a rough time dealing with depression. My days get rough and stressful as well, so if you want to rant about something then you can PM me or message me on my instagram in the 'about me' section. I think I have depression and I think I don't. I think I'm just really sad sometimes then I think too much and put myself into a bad mood, so...I don't know.

Listen to some Kpop; It feels good. If Kpop was a drug, I would be on overdose. That's how much I love it.

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Twice Trash❤❤

Not very good at writing but like to do it! 

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