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Hey everyone it's your favorite Author (lol) Jimminniee, you can call me Jimmie or Minnie. Hit me a request and lets get to know each other ^•^ (I am legit using shop Layout for profile lmao) I am 18 and chilling.

Stan BTS (Since 2015)~Forever and ever~~ Super junior(Since 2010)+And all fandoms-Ultimate bias -Park Jimin isn't it obvious + OT7 BTS (Can't choose TT_TT)Can you actually choose between them? I have to watch every video seven times '_' ...... I am PRETTY suRE lot of us do ;)---I use Wattpad , Tumblr, Blogspot --Ao3 is my favourite platform I may create one in Future.  About The Graphics ....*coughs* The covers in my fics which are solely edited by me (they are simple af I know)

I am the one with ongoing and almost neverending stories ^•^ ..... But THANKS for being patient with me ^_^ .I procrastinate alot can't help it.Thanks for the Love <333 I love my readers and call them marshmallows~ <33 .Even if I go on Hiatus I promise to complete my stories.Also I never get this Author /Writer block because I am constantly thinking I get this too many concepts to choose from . These stories of mine are completely my idea so please Do NoT copy or try to plagiarize the IT.
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Thank you cramps,thank you very much cramps grr
Spread peace, love and admire -My motto man

I love my friends And fam, the ones we talk daily, Love you ALOT A HELL LOT, THANKS FOR BEING THERE!!..
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Webtoons and Anime/Manga Lover

Naver Webtoon is life most of the comics I read are Fantasy,Drama,Slice of Life,Comedy,Romance -Noblesse,Small World (check my Feed),Girls of Wild,God Of High School,My Boo,I Love Yoo,Saphie One Eyed Cat,Yumi cells--Never ending list--Try Horror(Scream) and Thriller Genre(Chiller)
Nightcore Enthusiast
Like every typical Anime Lover -scroll-
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Apart from BTS flooding my playlist my music interests are Dubstep,Trap,Chillstep,Nightcore,Trance check out my feed and try my favourite ones

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Aug 04 Bodyguard and Lost bet 
Aug 05 Aren't We best Friends?
Aug 08 Whale and I Hate You (Re-writing) 
Aug 09 Deserted
Aug 10 Kiddnapping the Eye Witness 
Aug 12 Coming Of An age
Aug 13 Bite Me
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These dates are supposed to be my update schedule or at least I edit and Revamp my stories <3
 * God Homies*
. Two angels with Paws. ~ Tae and Ai (secretly hoes)(not even secretly hoes)( custards) (obsessed with nsfw) (soulmate, bestfriends unholy sinners, booked three slots in hell) (Double meaning humour) (too much for my inNOcent eyes) (ually frustrated) (we CALL OURSELVES  " GOD HOMIES") --*whispers* you will see some references below don't die, okay?

"Tae have you put your fingers in right Place" Ai 2k19
"Let me my hole" -Tae 2k19 
"Tae did the condoms break easily? " Ai 2k19
"Your Tik Tak"- Tae 2k19
"Tae you gonna die out of ual frustration. Don't choke yourself" - Ai 2k19 
 "Istg Minnie will be the first to faint in " Tae 2k19
"You thirsty " Ai 2k19
"I rather jump in the sea rather than ting my two best friends" Tae 2k19 || Also || "Let’s do ing" Tae 2k19
"I smell catworm" Ai 2k19 (and I smell shampoo)
" I buck my hope to Kim Taehyung so that’s reference" "*hip" Tae 2k19
"Why tf am i getting hyper over an extinct squirrel " Ai 2k19
AND MORE || P.S. :- I said nothing~
Basically Shipping Jimin with everyone 

Jikook•Hopemin Vhope•Vmin Yoonmin•JinMin NamMin•Vkook TaeGi•Vmon Chanbaek•Kaisoo
Kookmin/Jikook is my main OTP with Jihope and Vhope.

EunHae EunSiHae. ^•^ And Too Many Ships from Multiple bands to Ship Jimin with *cough*
Groups I stan


Super Junior
Red Velvet and many more
A Living Cat-Worm-♪♪~